Vik: A Vampire's Tale (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2: Blood Haven

Vik: A Vampire's Tale (Chapter 2)

Vik ran to the nearest railroad that headed towards the City of London. He could just as easy have run there, but he needed to be swift and unseen. He noticed a train pulling out and he quickly jumped onto one of the box cars. He climbed in and found a dark corner to hide in, until he reached his destination.

The smell of the city pierced his nose like a knife. It wasn't a pleasant smell. The mix of smoke shops, sewage being poured into the Thames, and rotten flesh of the dead from the overcrowded graveyards filled the air. His sense of smell was ten times that of a regular human. He knew he was close once the smell had dissipated.

Blood Haven was a tavern, unlike the other taverns. This tavern held a secret library of past vampire history. It had even included Vik's story of a past life. Not only did this tavern possess this library, it was ran by an ancient vampire known as Sarius. Sarius was the keeper of this library and if anything should have happen to it, certain death would come to those responsible.

Vik stood outside of the tall clock tower. People began calling it Big Ben, he didn't know why nor did he care. He walked across the street to a building. He entered and was confronted by a store clerk. Skinny in nature, his deep dark eyes looked Vik up and down. Once the clerk realized who he was, his eyes grew wide.

"Cei care cunosc calea," Vik said, in a deep Romanian accent. This translated into "Those who know the way."

The clerk nodded and went behind the counter and pulled a lever. A door to the side of Vik opened that revealed a stairway to a lower level. Candlelit, Vik walked down the stairway, almost like he himself, owned this place. He walked through an opening, which was the entrance to Blood Haven.

Everyone that was in the tavern looked Vik's way. Their conversations became silent. They watched him as he walked over to the tender behind the bar.

"What will you have, sir?" the tender asked.

Vik looked at him,"I told you never to call me that," he said, his voice almost a whisper, "I am here for Sarius."

The tender looked at him, eyes wide. No one for nearly a century had asked for Sarius. Normally, when one asks for him, there is usually a big event about to take place.

"As y-y-you w-wish," The tender stammered, handing Vik a key.

Vik nodded, taking the key. He walked over to the door behind the bar and went through it. It led to another stairway to which Vik climbed down. He came to a door, where he inserted the key and walked in.

"YOU BETTER HAVE GOOD REASON TO BE HERE!" screamed a man, obviously not close.

Vik closed the door behind him. When he turned, there stood a man, well into his elder years. Long white hair which went to the middle of his back, his grey eyes grew wide with the the visitor. He stroked his long white beard.

"Hello, old friend," Vik said, smiling.

The old vampire started to laugh. "Vik, my boy, it's been centuries," he laughed a hearty laugh.

"I know, I haven't been a good friend to you, Sarius," Vik answered.

"Nonsense, I know how busy you must be. Ever since the war, the world needed to thrive," Sarius said, his smile fading, "But if you're here now, something must be coming," He said looking off.

Vik nodded. "I am afraid so, Sarius. I am going to need the book."

Sarius's eyes grew wider with every word. "You told me to never give you that book, unless it is a dire need," he said, worried. "That book is under a deep lock down."

"I know what needs to be done and you have to trust me, I am having ghosts of the past show up, the only explanation is in that book," Vik said, more concerned.

Sarius nodded. "Very well, I will return shortly," he said, turning and making an exit.

Vik waited. He didn't want to resort to this, but it was the only option. Something in the book will have the answers he needs. This could potentially start a whole new war, but not ones with humans. This could be something much bigger than that.

"Here you are, Vik," Sarius said, holding a big leather bound book that had a chain around it.

"Thank you, my friend," he said taking the book.

Sarius looked concerned. "Whatever is coming, I hope you will be able to handle it. I fear that time is coming, where even the demons may shudder in fear."

Vik nodded as he took his leave. He headed out of the tavern and back out of the shop. He went down a street to a near abandoned building where he took refuge for the day to to come. He opened the book to the front page.

The front page read, "Here are the accounts of Vikcious Valerous, Prince of Vallerian." Vik was about to open the book that was his history, the accounts of what happened when he was merely a boy. This book was something he swore to never read, for this held the most vile, the most awful events of his past. This was the Book of Valerous.

Luke Wolfe
Luke Wolfe
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