Tick-Tock Drip-Drop

by Sabrina Le 2 years ago in fiction

Part 1

Tick-Tock Drip-Drop

It was the day before Halloween and I was stuck working until 10:00 pm. Though no one ever comes in after 9:00, since it is just a costume store. I was getting ready to clean up the place and close up, when this guy in his mid twenties came running in the store and ask if we were still open. I looked at him and then looked over to the clock, and said "Yes, we are still open for another 10 minutes. Is there anything I can help you with sir?"

The man looked at me and just stood there. At this point, I wished that I wasn't working alone. He just kept on standing there and staring at me. I asked again, "Is there anything that I can help you with sir?"

He just stood there looking at me, and then he took a step forward. I was so scared, I stepped back a few steps. He just stood there again, but this time, he was looking at the clown section of the store. "Sir, do you want to buy a clown costume? The store will be closing in just a few minutes."

He continued to stare at the clown costumes and slowly walked over to that area. As he walked closer to the costumes, he walked father way from me. I took that chance and ran to the register, putting my finger under the counter next to the emergency button. I looked over to see what the man was picking out. There were only a few minutes left before I had to lock up the store. "Sir, if there is anything that you would like to purchase, I would be happy to ring you up, right now."

He picked out a bloody clown costume with chains and a fake knife. He was walking over to the register mumbling something, though I couldn't really hear what he was saying. As he got closer to the register, I could hear him say, "tick-tock... drip-drop... tick-tock... drip-drop..."

He said that over and over, and as I was ringing up his costume he stopped. He looked at me and asked how much. I told him it would be $25.95. He reached to his back pocket and took out his wallet. He handed me his credit card, I swiped it and gave it back. He looked at me and then began walking out the door, but as he was walking out, he said, "tick-tock... time stop... drip drop... all gone..." I ran over to the doors and closed it as fast as I could. Even with the doors closed and locked, I could still hear the man's voice. " Tick-tock... time stop... drip drop... all gone... tick-tock... you're next."

Hearing him say those words sent chills down my spine. He seemed like a decent guy, but when he started singing that creepy tune. It seemed like he was a mad man. I quickly finished cleaning up the store, and headed home. By the time I had finished it was already 10:37 pm. I headed out through the back door and made a run for it to my car. Maybe it was that creepy guy or something, but I had a bad feeling. I ran to my car as fast as I could, got in and locked the doors. I started my car and turned on the radio. As I was flipping through the stations, I heard a news broadcasting about staying in doors at night for the next few days. I continued to listen, as I pulled out of the parking lot. The more I listened to the broadcasting the more worried I got and the more I kept thinking about the man from earlier.

"It just might be best to cancel Halloween this year, for the safety of the children. There have been many sightings of people in costumes holding bloody weapons. We don't know if it is real blood or fake blood, but it's best to stay off the streets at night no matter what. We don't know who or what could be out there waiting for a person to walk past, or drive past. Remember to lock all your doors and windows, don't leave them open when you are not home. We don't know what these crazy might be capable of doing. If you or anyone you know have seen these people, report them to the local authority right away. Do not and I repeat Do Not hesitate to call the police when you see these people out on the streets. Be safe and watch out."

This sent chills down my back, I was only a few minutes away from my house, but I was still so scared. I had a feeling that the man from earlier was one of those people out on the streets. I pulled into my drive way and had a bad feeling. I looked around, but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I got out of my car and ran to the door. I was so scared I couldn't find the right key to open the door. I managed to find the right key and opened the door. I ran inside and slammed the door behind me and locking it. I said to myself, "If I was I horror movie I'd probably be dead by now." I turned on all the lights and headed up to my room. I threw all my stuff on the sofa and went to take a shower.

It was such a cold day, that I never opened a single window. I ended up wearing long fuzzy pants and a long sleeve shirt. I was so tired I went straight to sleep. I went into my room and locked the door behind me. I was always terrified that someone would break into my house in the middle of the night and murder me.

*Clock 3:01 am*

I looked at the clock, and went back to sleep.

*3:38 am*

I woke up to a strange sound, I usually never hear any noise at night.

*Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Tick-Tock...*

It was the sound of a clock, but I only have digital clocks in my house... I brushed it off as nothing and went back to sleep.

*3:50 am*

There was another sound, and I woke up right way.

*Drip Drop Drip Drop Drip Drop Drip Drop...*

I brushed it off as the shower head dripping, as it always drips after I shower. I went back to sleep as soon as I closed my eyes.

*4:55 am*

*Tick Tock Drip Drop Tick Tock Drip Drop... Drip Drop Drip Drop Tick Tock Drip Drop Drip Drop.....*

*5:30 am*

I woke up screaming, I had a nightmare. I dreamed that there was someone in my house. That they were slowly climbing up the stairs. I could hear their heavy boots on the hardwood floors. Then there was a knocking on my bedroom door. The door knob was shaking, but luckily I always lock the door. The knocking became faster and faster. The faster it was the louder it became. But even with all the knocking, all I could hear was, the ticking of a clock and water dripping.

The dream had felt so real, it was so hard for me to go back to sleep. I was scared I would have another dream like that, so I pulled out my laptop and went on Facebook. It was Halloween, and all over Facebook I saw my friends posting warning pictures, of people off in a distance holding weapons. There was one picture that really stood out to me. It was a picture of a guy wearing a clown costume with chains and he was holding a knife. What scared me the most was, the picture was taken a few hours ago, only a few blocks away from my house. The time stamp on the photo was at 2:30 am. I was so scared, it was only a few hours ago. What if that person was still out there? What if he was still walking around? I was so scared, I didn't know what to do.

*5:55 am*

"9-1-1 what is your emergency?"

"Hi can you please send someone to 3546 Sally Drive. There was a sighting of someone holding a bloody knife, and I have a feeling that they are right outside my bedroom door."

"We will send someone there right away, are you in a safe place? Are you hurt at all? What is your name?"

"My name is Yuni, and I'm stuck in my bedroom on the second floor, I haven't left my room yet."

"Stay calm Yuni, the police are just a few minutes away. If you haven't left your room yet, how do you know that there is someone outside of your bedroom?"

"I was going to go to the bathroom, and when I was about to open the door. I stepped on a piece of paper."

"Was there anything written on the paper, Yuni?"

"Yes, there was. It was written in what seems like blood."

"Yuni, what did it say?"

"It said, Tick Tock... Time Stop... Drip Drop... All Gone... Tick tock... Drip Drop... Door Locked... Tick Tock... Now Blocked... Drip Drop... How So ... Tick Tock... You Know..."

"Yuni, the police are at your front door now, are you able to open the door for them?"

"No, I'm too scared to leave my room. Can you have the police come up to the second floor and see if there is anyone outside of my room?"

"Unfortunately Yuni, we can't send anyone into your house just yet. I can assure you that you are safe."

"Why can't you send anyone in? They are the police, they should have guns. If you can't send them in, how is it safe for me to leave my room then?"

"I understand we are working on a way to getting you out safe and sound. Please stay calm."

I walked over to the window and looked outside, there wasn't a single police car to be seen.

"How many police men did you send over?"

"We sent over 3 police, in 3 different cars. You didn't hear their sirens when they pulled up?"

"No... not a single siren."

"They must have wanted to catch the person off guard."

"Oh... No... I think... I'm los.. recep.... tion..."

*Call ended*

*Phone Ringing*


"Zack, look out of your window over to my house, and tell me what you see."

"Hey Yuni, why are you calling me so early in the morning?"

"Just do it Zack!"

"Okay, okay... There's nothing outside of your house Yuni. It's just your car outside."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah there's nothing outside of your house other than your car."

"Zack, I need you to call the police and tell them that there is a murder in my house, and he is still here."

"What are you talking about Yuni? This isn't funny."

"This isn't a joke Zack, goddammit. Call the cops Zack!"

"Okay, okay. I'll call you back then."

"Wait Zack, let's have a code word so that I know it is safe to come out of my room."

"Pancakes, the code word is Pancakes Yuni."


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