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The Wrong House

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By Rina Abigail CarterPublished 6 months ago 8 min read

A group of friends consider buying a foreclosed house from a real estate agent. They meet the agent and get a tour of the house and the surrounding 70-acre property. Later on, the agent approaches one of the men privately, offering him a place to escape the world. The man is a bit skeptical but intrigued nonetheless.

A family drives by a seemingly abandoned house and their curiosity gets the best of them. Despite missing the open house, they enter the house anyway only to find themselves meeting a nice old man who warns them that they’ve entered the wrong house. After their departure, they realize they left their phone inside the house and return only to find the nice old man has become someone completely different.

A group of individuals hit a woman with their car and bring her to an empty house to help her. Despite suspicions among the group that something is off, they decide to stay in the house for the night. However, strange occurrences such as the speaker system turning on by itself and the discovery of a strange video indicates that something sinister may be afoot. As the group becomes trapped in the house due to being out of gas, tensions rise and they begin to suspect that the woman they hit may not be as innocent as she appears.

A group of people discuss what to do with a sick woman who they have brought into the house. They talk about putting her upstairs and preparing a bedroom for her. They also mention that she has tried to leave multiple times and speculate about why she is so desperate to leave. Meanwhile, tensions rise between some members of the group as they struggle with being stuck in the house and waiting for someone to come help them.

A group of strangers find themselves stranded in a mysterious house, only to realize that someone or something is watching their every move. As they explore the strange surroundings, they begin to uncover clues about the previous inhabitants, including fresh shaving cream and a bulletin board featuring a creepy welcome message. Tensions rise as they discover that the house may not be what it seems, and they must work together to survive the night.

The group finds themselves stranded in a house and face several difficulties. The dad and son encounter a man who told them about the house, while the daughter shows off a deer she has killed, leading to some tension among the group. They struggle to stay warm and make contact with the outside world, with the son's attempts to find a way out becoming increasingly futile. The tension among the group continues to escalate as they face the possibility of being trapped in the house.

Two people are shown having a conversation about their night. One person mentions that they couldn't sleep at all, and the other asks how their night was. Later, they discuss their reasons for being in a certain house and how they weren't supposed to be there. The scene switches to a man going outside to gather kindling, but he is warned not to go too far because "it" is watching. It is hinted that the people in the house are not meant to be there, and the question is raised about whether or not they foreclosed on the previous owners.

A woman is visited by her daughter, and they spend time together fixing the daughter's hair. As the daughter prepares to leave, she pleads for her mother not to send her away, but the mother insists that she must go. Later on, the family sits down to eat despite the son's dissatisfaction with the meal, and tensions rise as they discuss their living situation.

A conversation between two characters reveals their tense relationship as one of them struggles with the death of a loved one. The other character criticizes the grieving character's attitude and suggests they need to move on, causing a heated argument. The scene then shifts to an unknown man showing a couple a house, which they seem to be interested in. However, the ominous music and disturbing images suggest that something sinister is lurking ahead.

A group of people are in a strange house and are trying to figure out how to escape. One of them finds a flyer for the house and wonders why they were given it. They eventually find out that only one family can have the house and whoever was kicked out wants them gone. As they argue and try to decide what to do, someone takes a can of food. Despite protests, Leslie decides to leave with her son and tells the others to stay. As they walk through the house, Leslie is attacked by a ghostly figure, and it is implied that she couldn't handle whatever was happening.

The main characters are shown conversing about their family and experiencing flashbacks of their past while walking through a house they are interested in buying. The son asks his father about a possible divorce, and the father uncomfortably reveals that his wife was seeing someone else. The scene then cuts to the outside of a house for sale, where they are given a tour. However, the scene then jumps to a traumatic event involving a man with a white face, who commits murder and causes the characters intense distress.

The dialogue is a series of disjointed phrases and sounds that do not provide much context. The main character visits a house with big steps and a great big hall that does not have a garden. He meets a woman and implies that they are there for the same reason. The conversation hints at the possibility of a tragic event that involves a woman who was once stable and sweet. However, no further details are given.

Two men are discussing their predicament while out in the cold. One believes that their adversaries are playing dirty, and that they're in it to win it. The other man appears to be hitting on the mute girl they have with them, suggesting that he could keep her warm. Suddenly, they hear a commotion, and a man returns with a log embedded in his thigh. The man who was hit explains that he was following the mute girl because he thought she was trying to leave. The group then argues about who hit whom and tensions continue to escalate.

A group of people are gathered around a man with an injury who needs care. The group discusses what needs to be done to treat him, and tensions rise as they argue about who is the bad guy and what their next moves should be. They try to figure out how to get out of the situation, but it becomes clear that some members of the group are keeping others hostage. The injured man is helped up, but his wife expresses concern about leaving him with the group.

A man tries to leave the house where he and several others have been held captive by violent criminals. However, one of the criminals taunts him, saying that he won't be leaving. Another captive tells of a previous encounter she had with one of the criminals, in which he hit her with a car. The man and the other captives eventually make it out of the house and to the road.

A couple argues about their situation after being chased into the wrong house. The woman is worried about their lack of food and their chance of escaping while the man seems to have given up and lost any sense of hope. They also discuss the daughter's belief that her mother left them and the guilt that the man feels for his past decisions.

The characters are having a conversation about an unknown dangerous situation they find themselves in. One character is instructing another to hide something in their jacket and not move without it. The other character expresses concern about their safety, but the first character insists that they must go out to find help, promising to return. The conversation takes an abrupt turn as one character reveals a secret about the other's mother, which the other character does not take well.

A tense conversation between several characters reveals some disturbing secrets about a recent death in their family. It seems that someone was killed in what appeared to be a suicide, but the other family members actually conspired to make it look that way. Now, another family member named Susan is threatening to tell the truth about what really happened, and the other characters are worried that this will destroy their family. Meanwhile, they are also dealing with an unknown girl who has shown up in their house, and they are not sure if she is a threat or not. The tension is high as the characters try to figure out what to do next.

Tension builds between two individuals who seem to be discussing a killing. The father seems to be making dangerous decisions and forcing his daughter to go along with whatever plans he's made. His daughter seems to be more compassionate and worried about other people's safety. Later we see the father struggling with another person and hear someone yell "we're all right now" implying that there was a struggle.

There is no dialogue and only background music is playing. The scene shows a house and its surroundings. We see a woman walking by a river and some scavengers walking around. The house seems to be on a beautiful location and the music gives a calming effect. However, the eerie music and the jump scares create a juxtaposition of beauty and horror

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