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The Walking Dead: 6 Characters Who Will Be In The Most Danger In 11x09

Will we see a death?

By Kristy AndersonPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Credit: AMC

The first part of The Walking Dead's extended final season has come to an end. 'For Blood', the finale of part 1, left many characters, both on the road and at home in Alexandria, in rather serious trouble. Maggie and Negan are left facing a dangerous Reaper weapon, while the group back in Alexandria are dealing with a herd of Walkers in the middle of a raging storm.

Things are definitely looking bad for our heroes. But who is in the most danger of losing their life when the season 11 returns in February with its ninth episode?

1. Father Gabriel

Out of the team currently taking on The Reapers in Meridian, Father Gabriel would appear, on the surface, to be in the least danger. After all, he was not in the firing line of the Reapers' makeshift rocket launcher. However, this may be a clever misdirect. While not in the path of the weapon, Gabriel is currently in the belly of the beast, so to speak, roaming alone through Reaper HQ. In a preview clip for 11x09, Gabriel is seen climbing multiple flights of stairs before coming upon a makeshift chapel, and confronting the Reaper Reverend he chose to spare a few episodes earlier.

In the comics timeline, Gabriel dies during the Whisperer War, after he falls from Alexandria's watch tower and is gutted by Beta. This death has been teased a number of times in the show, first with a gutted Walker dangling from one of Negan's watch towers, and later when Gabriel stays behind in an abandoned hospital known as 'The Tower' to hold off the Whisperers and allow his fellow survivors to escape. The Tower was teased again in the Season 10 bonus episodes, when Gabriel and Aaron head towards an abandoned water tower on a supply run. Characters who survive in the show beyond their comic book death rarely survive long afterwards, so Gabriel has had a good run. Some fans fear his decision to spare the Reaper could lead to his demise.

2. Rosita

With Maggie and Gabriel away and Aaron and Carol out in the storm leading a team trying to repair the wall, Alexandria's remaining survivors, including all the children, are left under the care of Rosita Espinosa. The survivors are huddled in a rundown house, trying to keep the dwelling secure against both the storm and the invading Walkers. At one point, Rosita heads outside to clear some of the Walkers and buy the group more time. She appears to make it back in one piece, but is she really?

In the comics, Rosita was an early victim of Alpha, appearing as one of the heads on the pikes the Whisperers used to mark the boarder of their territory. So, like her current love interest Gabriel, Rosita has outlived her comic book death by a rather wide margin. Some fans fear that Rosita may have been bitten when she went out to fend off the Walkers. This would give her a similar fate to the comics Andrea, who was bitten on the neck when Walkers swarmed Alexandria during to the Whisperer War.

It may be worth noting that if either half of the Rosita/Gabriel pairing dies, the other could have a greater chance of survival, depending on whether the writers are willing to completely orphan Rosita's baby daughter, Coco.

3. Leah

In season 10's bonus episodes, we learned that during the timeskip, while searching for Rick's remains, Daryl met and had a relationship with a woman named Leah. Leah, the original owner of Dog, had an argument with Daryl over where he belonged, and disappeared before he could make things right. In season 11, things become complicated when Daryl discovers that Leah is one of the Reapers. He briefly joins the group, perhaps hoping to convince her to leave with him.

Leah turns on Daryl soon after he reveals his true loyalties, and he is forced to flee when she contacts her comrades and blames him for the death of their leader, Pope. Leah is last seen firing the Reapers' weapon on Maggie and Negan. Could Daryl be forced to make a tough choice to save the lives of his people?

4. Virgil

While Virgil didn't have the best start on The Walking Dead, drugging Michonne and briefly keeping her hostage, he seems eager to atone for his past sins. This is seen by his willingness to give up his own life for Connie in 11x06, and his offer to join one of the teams fixing Alexandria's walls, an offer the group rejects as Virgil is still recovering from the injuries he suffered at the hands of the Ferals.

In 11xo8, Virgil shares a sweet bonding moment with Judith, telling her that she reminds him of her Mother. In the closing scenes of the episode, Judith and Gracie find themselves trapped with a group of Walkers. Could Virgil redeem himself for his actions against Michonne by giving his life for her daughter?

5. Kelly or Magna

Early in 11x08, two teams of Alexandrians, one led by Aaron, and the other by Carol, venture out into the storm in the hopes of repairing the biggest breaches in the community's walls. Despite being reunited with the group only recently, Connie insists on joining Carol's team. So, it makes sense that Connie's sister Kelly, and close friend Magna, agree to go too.

Connie, Kelly, and Magna, along with their friend Luke and Magna's then-girlfriend, Yumiko, in season 9's mid-season finale. Surprisingly, two full seasons after their debut, every member of their group is still alive. Unfortunately, it stands to reason that their luck will run out eventually. Luke is tucked away with his new girlfriend at Oceanside, and it seems unlikely that the writers would kill off Connie when we've only just gotten her back. Meanwhile, Yumiko is currently in the middle of a rather important storyline at the Commonwealth. This leaves Magna and Kelly on the chopping block. Magna seems more likely, as she is not currently involved in any major relationships or storylines, but if the show wants to go the tragic route, then Kelly may be the one to go.

6. Gracie

As mentioned earlier in this article, Judith and Gracie end the episode trapped between a herd of Walkers and the house's flooding basement. It's not looking good, but surely someone will show up in time to rescue the kids, right?

Well, not necessarily. While it is, admittedly, a rare occurrence, The Walking Dead is not afraid to kill off children. Judith is unlikely to die, as depending on how the series handles it's final story arc, she probably have a role to play in the eventual ending. However, if the show makes certain character choices, Gracie might do more to move the story along dead than alive. Aaron's storyline has deviated significantly from The Walking Dead comics, and if the show wishes to explore his dark side further, losing his daughter may be just the tragedy needed to push him over the edge.

Our questions will be answered when The Walking Dead returns in February 2022.

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