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'The Walking Dead': 6 Times Aaron's Kindness Was An Asset To The Group

The show wouldn't be the same without him.

By Kristy AndersonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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From his debut early in season 5, Aaron quickly became one of The Walking Dead's most important characters. He is the character that introduced Rick and the Gang to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and is now only three original Alexandrians left standing.

In episode 1x05, 'Out of the Ashes', Aaron takes a dark turn, torturing a Whisperer for information, until Carol manages to talk him down, and he instead offers mercy. In exchange, the Whisperer reveals that Connie, missing since the cave collapse last season, has been seen alive.

Here's six other times Aaron's kind nature has proved an asset to the group.

1. Inviting Rick and the gang to Alexandria

After supervising the group from afar for a few episodes, Aaron reveals himself to Maggie and Sasha, with an invitation for Rick and co to join his walled community, the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Though understandably wary at first, the group ultimately accepts Aaron's invitation. Aaron supports the group when tensions begin to rise, becoming a bridge between their old life and their new one.

Some may argue that admitting Rick's group was not the best choice for Alexandria, considering all that followed. But for the group, on the verge of being outside civilisation for too long, Aaron's decision probably saved their lives.

2. Befriending Daryl

As the rest of the group slowly find their place in Alexandria, Daryl Dixon struggles to fit in. He is feeling increasingly on the outer, when Aaron invites him to help track Buttons, a semi-wild horse roaming outside Alexandria's walls. Though the trip ends in tragedy, with Buttons consumed by Walkers, Aaron and Daryl bond. Aaron invites Daryl to join he and his partner Eric for dinner, gifts him a motorcycle, and offers him his first job in the community, as a member of Alexandria's recruitment team.

His new friendship with Aaron shifts Daryl's view of Alexandria, leading him to believe that they can work with the people to improve the community, rather than the hostile takeover Rick was leaning towards at the time.

3. Helping Maggie search for Glenn

On a run gone wrong early in season six, Glenn goes missing. Many in Alexandria assume he is dead, but Maggie refuses to accept this, and mounts her own search attempt. Aaron, unwilling to let Maggie go alone, insists on accompanying her.

Eventually realising that she is dragging Aaron into danger for what will likely be a fruitless search, Maggie calls it off. However, for his kindness in this tough situation, Aaron becomes the first to learn that Maggie is pregnant with Glenn's child.

4. Adopting Gracie

Early in season 8, Rick is shaken after killing an attacking Saviour only to realise that the man was simply protecting his baby daughter. At first, he plans to have Tobin deliver the baby, Gracie, safely back to Alexandria, but Aaron, desperate for a reason to keep going after the loss of his partner, Eric, intervenes. He says he will take Gracie to Hilltop, where he and Eric were planning to go after the battle.

At first, it appears that Gracie will be raised at Hilltop, cared for by Maggie. However, after the first time jump following the battle with the Saviours, it is revealed that Aaron has adopted Gracie officially, and is raising her in Alexandria. She has been the centre of his world ever since.

5. Bringing Yumiko’s group to Alexandria

In the first scene after the show's second time jump, following Rick's disappearance, Judith Grimes comes to the rescue of a new group, consisting of Magna, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, and Luke. Aaron, part of a group of adults who clearly weren't doing a great job supervising Judith, is annoyed with her for making contact with strangers. However, he agrees to bring the newcomers to Alexandria, at least temporarily.

While the group do not ultimately stay in Alexandria, Aaron's decision to help eventually leads them to citizenship at Hilltop. They have all been loyal, valuable members of the wider alliance ever since.

5. Befriending Mary

In season 10, Alpha sends her newly promoted follower, Gamma, to contaminate Alexandria's water supply and seek information on the community. As part of this mission, Gamma begins meeting with Aaron, and the pair eventually develop a fragile friendship, with Gamma eventually revealing that her real name is Mary. Aaron later encourages contact between Mary and her baby nephew, Adam, who had been adopted into the Hilltop colony.

While Aaron was not the reason Mary turned against Alpha, he was one of her main supporters during her tragically short time with the group.

If Aaron can balance his new dark tendencies with his kind heart, he could prove a valuable force in the rest of the season.

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