The Vampire In My Dreams

by Angel Schooley 2 years ago in fiction

Short Story

The Vampire In My Dreams

I was in his full control. I had no mind of my own at this point. As he drained the blood from my wrist. I felt my soul slipping away. I kept my eyes locked with his as my body again to weaken. He watched my eyes as the blood poured into the goblet.

I felt it dripping from me just like a slow steady stream of water. His control over me was more powerful than my will. He knew he had me now, forever in his clutches. He moved his hand from my wrist as my weakened body fell on to the bed. He smirked as he picked up the cup from the table.

He held the cup up to his lips as began to drink my sweet warm blood slowly. He smiled as he could feel the power growing inside him. He knew now that he could never let me go. He would never turn me like him, but he would keep me as his source of food. He would always take just enough not to make me pass out.

He moved me to the other side of the room. He stripped me of all my clothes. Then he locked my hands above my head and spread my legs apart. He put each foot inside each cuff and locked them too. I was his prisoner now to do whatever he wanted.

My mind was racing as he walked out the door. I was there alone with my thoughts. I thought about how I had gotten myself into this mess. Three days ago I was in the States. I was planning my first trip to Europe. I was just very excited, I wanted to film some old castles in England.

I got on the plane the next day headed for England. I knew it was going to take me ten hours to get there. So I brought a few books to read about some old castles I heard about in England. I was on the plane and I noticed someone staring at me. He couldn't take his eyes off of me.

I felt it as I continued to read my book. It felt like his eyes were burning clear through my soul. He wasn't like a normal man. He had coal black hair and wore a black trench coat with black sun glasses over his eyes. Now keep in mind this was the middle of summer. It had been hot for the last few days in New York.

He was completely dressed all wrong for the weather. I did think that was kind of odd. I'm not one to judge people so I just put it out my mind. The plane started its descent into the air. I slipped my seat belt on as the fasten seatbelt sign came on. I was ready to relax until we got to Europe.

I was reading my book as noticed I was starting to get tired. My eyes were getting heavy as I kept reading. I still felt his eyes on me watching me. I think he was trying to decide when he should make his move. He lifted up his sunglasses as I turned around to look at him. I saw his ice blue eyes and they were glowing.

Well at least I thought they were, but then again I was very tired. I turned back around shaking my head. I was not going to let this guy ruin my trip. I laid my seat back and began to fall into a deep sleep. Two hours had passed and I woke up. He was still watching me.

I wanted to tell him off, but I didn't want to make a scene on the plane. So I just sat there saying nothing. I was hoping that we would get to Europe soon so I get rid of him. I noticed the flight attendant going around asking people if they wanted a drink. She came to me and I ordered a Jack and Coke.

I thought the drink would calm my nerves. As noticed he did not get one. He had his own drink; it looked some what like a Bloody Mary. Although the tomato juice looked darker and the faint smell of blood filled the air. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

I guess shouldn't have watched that vampire movie before I went to Europe. I thought to myself that had to be it. I got scared because of the movie. I undid my seat belt and stepped out into the aisle. I walked towards the back of the plane. I was walking towards the restrooms.

I didn't look behind me, but I thought he was following me. I could feel his eyes on the back of my neck. I started to rush towards the restrooms trying to get away from him. I was in luck there was a restroom that was open. I hurried into it closing and locking the door behind me.

I was breathing heavy by the time I closed that door. I could feel the fear running through me. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I hurried and did what I had to do. Then I peeked out the little hole in the door.

No one was out there so I slowly unlocked the door. I opened it with a little caution. I walked out and headed towards my seat. I looked in his empty seat before I went and sat in mine. He was not there finally I had a few moments peace.

I began to read my book again. I was really getting excited the closer we got to Europe. By then we only had two hours to go. I was starting to get tired again. I was a lot more relaxed now that I had my drink.

I started to drift off to sleep. My body was becoming real relaxed. I felt so tired as if I had no energy at all. I couldn't fall asleep though, but I felt like my body could not move. The guy that had been staring at me had come back.

He was standing over me with a big smile on his face. It was like as his ice blue eyes pierced through my whole body. He had done something to me. I was completely in his power under his control. I could not speak or move all I did was stare back into his eyes.

He put my seat belt back around me as we started to pull into the London Heathrow Airport. He knew that he was carrying me off the plane. People began to get off the plane. He was waiting until everyone was off. Then he picked me up and started walking off the plane.

No one suspected anything. No one asked any questions as he walked out of the airport with me in his arms. He flew into the night to his castle by the water. I kept looking at him wondering what he was going to do with me as he carried me to his bedroom. He stood me up by his bed. I was in his full control.

I had no mind of my own at this point. Here I am now in chains and no way of getting out of this. I made a mistake by coming to Europe. I will never see my family again. I am forever his slave. I heard the door open slowly.

He walked in smiling. He never said a word. He just stared at me. It's was like pure agony waiting for him to strike again. As he walked closer to me I felt his warm breath on my lily white neck. He raked his fangs across it, toying with me.

He bit into my flesh as I screamed out in pain. I felt myself slipping away as the blood rushed into his mouth filled it. He couldn't help himself. He wanted more as he drank. I felt my soul leaving my body.

I saw the light above me. My soul went to it. I let out one last scream so loud that I woke myself and sat up on the bed. It was a dream nothing more than a nightmare. I was back in my bed in New York.

The End.

Angel Schooley
Angel Schooley
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