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The son returned to the soul for his mother's birthday

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By Kim tyrePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The son returned to the soul for his mother's birthday
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Zhang's partner passed away early, and she raised her three sons alone, which was not easy. The good thing is that the three sons are very filial to Granny Zhang, which makes Granny Zhang happy.

In a flash, the three sons married their daughters-in-law, and after that, they bought a house in the city and settled down with their skills.

The sons and daughters-in-law did not feel comfortable with Granny Zhang living alone in the countryside and asked her several times to move into the city to live with her sons, but Granny Zhang refused to go, saying she was in good health! After living in the countryside for most of her life, she is used to living there and doesn't want to go anywhere.

The son returned to his mother's soul for her birthday

Seeing that Granny Zhang insisted on staying in her hometown, her sons and daughters-in-law stopped persuading her, and every ten days and a half months after that, her sons and daughters-in-law would always take time to come back to visit Granny Zhang, often accompanied by her sons and daughters-in-law, who always had a smile on her face.

One winter day this year, it was Zhang's birthday. In the past, her three sons always accompanied her on her birthday, and after her sons married their daughters-in-law, it was even more lively, as her sons and daughters-in-law gathered around her and sang birthday songs for her, and Zhang was overjoyed.

However, on this year's birthday, Zhang Granny waited and waited, but waited for the phone call from the eldest son and second son, they said that on this year's birthday, can not go home with his mother, because these days work is too busy, the couple can not leave, and so a few days must go back to visit his mother ......

Hearing her son's words, although she was a little disappointed, her mouth was full of concern: "It's okay! Son, you do a good job, do not think about Mom, Mom's birthday to receive your blessing phone, it is satisfied!"

After answering the phone calls from her eldest and second sons, Granny Zhang looked at the clock on the wall and couldn't help but mutter in her heart, "The eldest and second sons are not coming back, I wonder if the eldest two will come back?" With this in mind, Zhang went to the street on her tiptoes and stood at the entrance of the village, waiting for them.

Finally, near noon, Granny Zhang waited for the third son. The third son said the third daughter-in-law was also busy with work and could not leave, so he came back by himself to celebrate his mother's birthday.

The third son could come back, Granny Zhang is happy from the bottom of her heart. After that, she took the third son's hand and happily returned home. When she arrived home, she made a table of good food, and mother and son ate and talked, so happy!

By Terra Raponi on Unsplash

After finishing the meal, the third son reluctantly took his mother's hand and said with tears: "Mom, my son is going to a very far away place to work, I'm afraid you will never see me again, my son is not around, you should take care of your health ......"

Hearing the son's words, Zhang granny's tears immediately flowed down, and then she pulled her face and said, "What are you saying? Don't say that! Even if you go far away, you have to come back to visit mom!"

The words fell, and the third son heaved his head, and then turned to leave, while Auntie Zhang wiped her tears and sent her son to the door.

Under the warm winter sun, the third son walked in the village streets, but Zhang A's granny suddenly found that the third son did not have a shadow. After that, she shouted her son's name like a madman and chased him, but he walked farther and farther away as if he didn't hear her until he disappeared.

In the cold wind, Zhang granny sat down on the ground and stared blankly in the direction of the disappearance of the third son, tears like rain, heart like a knife ......

Later, Zhang Granny learned that the day before her birthday, the third son died unexpectedly at work, the reason why the first and second sons did not come to her birthday, in fact, in the city for the brother's funeral. Fearing that their mother would not be able to bear the shock, the brothers decided to hide it from her.

But I never thought that such a strange thing would happen, and finally, the brothers had to tell their mother the truth ......


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