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By Kim tyrePublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

Li Chong was naughty when he was young, and his mother had no way to discipline him, so she sent him to the Hidden Mountain to train and study under the Master of the Hidden Mountain. Li Chong was very intelligent and at the age of eighteen, he was able to learn from his master.

In the early years, I heard that he was doing well, in the county capital to buy a large house, silk and silk wear endless, maids and servants countless. But three years, back home but became paraplegic, miserable to the eyes.

Li's mother sobbed and pounded her chest, asking Li Chong what had happened. Li Chonghungd his head, completely lost his energy ,and only muttered: "Master harmed me, master harmed me ......"

Motherliness remorse, after the placement of her so,n picked up a wooden stick and went to the mountain, vowing to give her son an account.

However, Li's mother came back more downcast than Li Chong, and even can not speak, only shaking his head every day, as if he had an evil general.

One day at night, the villagers heard the Li family heard the sound of mournful cries, like female ghosts crying at night to complain of injustice. The crowd was horrified, worried about Boudoir's mother, gathered to a piece rushed into the Li family, but saw Li Chong has died, manliness mother ignored the child, actually holding a mirror mournful crying, persuasion can not persuade. Asked her what had happened.d? Li's mother has not said a word, as if she could not hear anyone speak. Then look at the mirror and, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, the mirror is not an ordinary bronze mirror, dotted around are skeletons, horrifying.

The villagers wanted to ask hat but were blown out by the mother Lee.

The next day, the people did not see the Li family mourning, the heart of doubt, with the palace gold knock on the door. Li's mother had changed her appearance, her face was not half sad, and said her son was not dead and sent the people away.

A good person reached into the house and saw Li Chong sitting on the bed and eating, but nothing happened. That person was about to congratulate Li's mother, but something hit his forehead, reaching out to wipe, "wow" a cry out, "blood - ah - "

The words came out in an uproar! The crowd looked up and found the door frame hanging on the horrific bronze mirror, the blood is dripping from the mirror.

"What is this? Why is it still bleeding?" Someone asked.

Li's mother panic explanation, "not blood, not blood, just red water drops. You smell, there is no half fishy smell is not?"

"Even if it is not blood, this thing is still strange and scary, why do you whole this evil thing, is not doing something bad?" Some people are suspicious. "Hanging mirrors in front of the door are bad, who are you trying to harm?"

Li's mother anxious, "I can harm who? This mirror is to my own house, to harm only myself, you do not need to worry."

But if the matter is not explained clearly, how can the people feel at ease? To Li's mother's ambiguous answer, no one is satisfied, with the daily anxiety. For this reason, the whole town began to alienate the Li family, saying that the mother Li's kind face and heart, were not to be associated with.

By Ajay Lakshman on Unsplash

People daily avoid Li mother, day after day, staring at the mirror on the door frame of the Li family, watching that mirror day and night dripping like blood liquid, the heart is tangled to a piece, can not help but beware. Even, someone wanted to knock down the mirror. But the mirror is as long as the door frame on the general, thunder and lightning, as stable as a mountain.

One day, the mirror on the door frame of the Li family appeared strange image, I do not know where thousands of bean-sized red ants, the whole day without eating or drinking, only around the bronze mirror to play around, as if someone manipulated general.

A knowledgeable merchant took a look, and blurted out: "is the harness ants, yes, I saw in the ravine in the early years, there are old man blowing caveman, harness ants row words, teach children to read, very strange and interesting."

People listen side ,a heard the sound of the cave pipe, such as complaints, such as mourning, such as sobbing, and bring people to tears. Follow the sound, actually found the sound from the Lee family ......

Suddenly, "ban", the bronze mirror and red ants fell together. Within a few moments, the ants have died, and the bronze mirror fell to battleground t water, completely unable to see the original mirror.

Immediately after, the Li family came out of the mother's mournful cries, crying out to the sky, resounding through the clouds. That Li Chong once again died and never came back to life.

What happened? The villagers were all curious, and all kinds of sensational rumors were spread around. In the end, the Ups had to summon Li's mother to find out the reason ......

The matter had come to this point, Li's mother could not hide it, so she had to tell them all: "The bronze mirror is not an evil object, it is a divine mirror that saved my son's life. The Buddhist monk from Hidden Mountain told me that hanging a mirror on the door frame can steal my life. ......"

Euphrates was puzzled: "Your life? Then why do you need to steal it?"

Li's mother was in a trance and mumbled, "The judge is in charge of life expectancy, how can a person make his own decisions?"

The Euphrates asked, "What about the red ants?"

The corners of Li's mother's mouth suddenly showed a smile, seeming to laugh and cry: "The red ants were driven by my son with a magic formula, he wanted to destroy the divine mirror ...... he, repented ...... my son's heart was not right, harming people for money, was punished by his master The son is still resentful after returning home, resentful, and finally, even life can not be saved. But he is my son in the end, not to teach, mother's fault, I would rather use their lives for his life. But he couldn't bear it, he said he wanted to be the one to do the job, harnessing the ants to destroy the mirror, his own life will be lost. He, repentance ah, but no chance to change ......"

So it is, the matter is bizarre, but not evil, Eu order people to post notices to restore the reputation of Li's mother, to quell rumors.

The people were silent and felt that Li's mother loved her son so much that they always took care of her and finally let her have a worry-free old age.


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The water stirs the stone, and the man stirs the will.

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