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The Runcorn Headless Horseman

A True Legend

By Joseph Roy WrightPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
There is another!

As a resident of Runcorn, Cheshire; I, Joseph Roy Wright, have heard many dark rumors about my remote home town. There are many myths and legends hiding within this unsuspecting town. I have already written about the haunted house in Bryon Street, yet there is another horror far greater, that you must know of. That is The Headless Horseman of Stockham Lane. Now the legend of this mysterious knight may sound familiar to you, but be-headings in medieval England, especially during battles, were incredibly common. Runcorn has it's history of knighthood, there is even an ancient castle that still stands to this very day. Some residents of Runcorn have seen strange sightings at this so called Halton Castle, past the time of midnight and especially around the season of Halloween. It is here where people have seen ghostly knights or other medieval warriors, along with un-explainable shouts and unseen battles, booming from behind the castle walls. Like these long forgotten wars are still going on. Echoes of medieval times still haunt this castle deeply, it is from this myth that many believe the headless horseman comes from. As the headless knight has been spotted atop the castle's roofs, staring down upon the living, before vanishing at dawn.

It is on Stockham Lane itself, where the most terrifying sightings have been witnessed. At first you'll hear the thunderous steps of hooves, but no horse will be seen anywhere in sight. It is only until it is too close that the fierce, skeletal horse comes into sight, fading into our reality. The headless horseman soon appears too, with a huge javelin aimed directed for your head. You'll run away in terror, if you're lucky, you'll escape unscathed. However, others have not been so lucky. Many have claimed that this mysterious entity has actually reached out and attacked them, scarring or bruising them with it's weapons. It has been spotted without it's horse too, threatening to stab passers-by with it's huge long sword, Axe or daggers. Children have often mistaken him for a treat or trickster, during the night of Halloween, only to realize this is a ghost of a far more insidious nature.

Those who have unfortunately gotten too close to this dark spirit, have witnessed it's grotesque zombie-like appearance for themselves. It stands roughly 9 feet tall, despite it being a ghost from medieval Britain, many believe it can stand higher than it did because it is actually a demon. The armor is rusted over, but beneath that, you can see that it was once silver. The armor has missing pieces, revealing the skeletal remains of the man beneath, whose bones are now green. Loose flesh still hangs from his body like wet tissue paper, his skin is a hideous red color. Yet, it not just the sight that is vomit inducing, but the stench too. Like that of a million corpses. Some have claimed to see maggots and flies, feast upon his body, like the ghost still wears it's rotting corpse. Others have claimed to see it's detached head, a rusty old knight's helmet, sitting in the mud. Those who see this, are at first excited, believing it is an ancient relic worth millions. However, upon close inspection, it is revealed to have a bludgeoned head within it. The zombie's face would smile, then vanish in a puff of green smoke! This headless horseman, he sounds like a terrifying sight. One that you'd be best to never witness for yourself.

If you ever find yourself in Runcorn, England. I'd seriously advise you to skip Stockham Lane during the late night, especially on Halloween. You never know who lurks within the darkness!

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  • Raymond G. Taylor2 months ago

    Oooh telling me to avoid Stockham Lane just makes me want to visit 😀 Terrific tale well done

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