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The road girl

Yazan and the ghost of the road

By Mesloub IhebPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
The road girl
Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

Many are the dark roads that humans do not like to take, especially at night. These roads are either haunted by jinn and ghosts, or often filled with thieves and highwaymen. Today, we have a chilling horror story from a real-life stories website. Our story is titled "The Girl on the Road." We hope you enjoy it.

The story revolves around a young man named Yazen. He was on his way to his grandfather's village, located in a remote rural area. Due to work commitments, Yazen had to travel at night. He knew about a shortcut that would allow him to reach his grandfather's house quickly, so he decided to take this route. Little did he know what awaited him.

The road was extremely dark and lacked any infrastructure. Yazen decided to drive cautiously to avoid damaging his new car. Suddenly, a girl appeared in front of him, covering her face with her hands. The girl seemed terrified. She began hitting the window of Yazen's car, pleading, "Please open the door and take me with you. Please save me."

Yazen asked, "What happened? What is going on, madam?" The girl replied, "There's no time to explain. They will come for us at any moment. Let's escape before it's too late." Yazen didn't hesitate and let the girl into his car. She seemed extremely worried or might have witnessed something terrifying in that area.

As soon as the girl got into the car, four people appeared in front of Yazen. He used his car's headlight to have a good look at them. What he saw shocked him. The four individuals weren't exactly human. They had horrifying, distorted faces with sparse hair. They stared at the car, holding terrifying weapons in their hands.

One had a sword, another had two knives, the third had a chainsaw, and the last one held an axe. Yazen felt extreme fear and kept muttering, "Who are these people? Are they even human?" The girl urged, "Please, let's escape from here. If they catch us, we might not survive. We'll lose our lives. Please, move the car backward and let's escape quickly."

These words awakened Yazen, and he immediately reversed his car, fleeing from those strange beings. As the car moved, the creatures started approaching it. The sight of those beings moving towards the car was extremely terrifying, especially as each of them held a frightening weapon. Although Yazen was confident in his ability to escape, especially since there was no other way on the road, the sight of these creatures pushed his heart rate to its maximum.

Yazen managed to escape in his car and headed back. He decided to ask the girl what had happened to her and how she ended up there. The girl, still covering her face due to fear, explained, "My car broke down here, and these four people stopped me. I couldn't calm myself down, so I decided to leave the car and run away." Yazen reassured her, "Don't worry, I'll take you back home safely." The girl then told Yazen about some shortcuts that would quickly lead her to her house.

Yazan said, "Alright, no problem." The girl started pointing to strange and somewhat abandoned-looking roads. Yazan began to suspect something about the girl, but he calmed himself down and said to himself, "Perhaps this girl is in a state of shock, and this shock has made her unable to remember the way. All she is thinking about right now is escaping from this area and this specific road." Two hours passed, and the girl continued to point Yazan to creepy and deserted roads.

Suddenly, Yazan looked back and noticed that the girl still had her hand on her face. There was a part of her face that was visible to Yazan, but it appeared disfigured. He stopped the car and said, "Well, it seems like you've lost your way. I will drive you to the nearest police station, and they will surely help you to get home." The girl responded to Yazan and said, "No, we have already reached my house. It's right in front of you, to the right." Yazan looked at the house and was shocked.

The house seemed broken and abandoned, with no signs of life. Horror started to creep back into Yazan's heart, but he calmed down slightly when the girl got out of the car calmly and said, "Thank you, sir, for giving me a ride." She headed towards the house. Suddenly, Yazan heard strange noises coming from underneath the car. This wasn't the only disturbing thing as two peculiar and disfigured individuals appeared. They began forcefully banging on the car windows, which terrified Yazan and made him unable to focus.

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