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The Pit of Sacrifice

A Shapeless Horror Unleashed by an Ancient Ritual, Devouring Everything in Its Path

By Anonymous ShadowsPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

The Deep Pit

On the night everything began, a group of young university students was walking in the woods on the outskirts of the city. As they walked, their cellphones began to lose signal, and they found themselves in an area that seemed to be cut off from the rest of the world. That was where they saw it: a deep pit that seemed to have been dug by someone or something absolutely enormous.

As they approached, a cold wind began to blow, and the atmosphere immediately became eerie. One of the boys, driven by curiosity, decided to throw a stone into the pit. Several seconds passed before they heard the sound of the stone crashing against the bottom. But then, another sound began to emerge: a haunting and agonizing moan that came from the depths of the pit.

The Pit Awakens

After that night, strange things began to happen in the city. People disappeared, animals were mutilated, and eerie noises came from the woods. But the worst thing was that pit, which seemed to pulsate with a life of its own. One night, a young couple decided to go on a picnic in the woods, but their romantic evening was ruined by the same moan the students had heard.

But this time it was much louder, much closer. As they tried to figure out where the sound was coming from, the ground began to shake, and the pit suddenly opened, releasing a horrible creature from the depths of the earth.

The Creature Spreads

The creature turned out to be a terrifying and shapeless being, with agile and sharp tentacles that stretched out to tear its victims apart. Strange symbols began to appear all over the city, signs that seemed to evoke the essence of the creature itself.

In no time, the city turned into a battlefield, where the creature fed on human lives, while the inhabitants tried to resist and survive. But every time the creature killed, its tentacles stretched out and spread even more, until it became impossible to resist its advance.

The Pit Cannot Be Contained

The city's inhabitants tried to repel the creature, but every attempt failed. It was only when they realized that the pit itself was the origin of the creature that they understood that there was no chance of stopping it.

The survivors organized themselves into groups, barricading themselves in their homes and trying to find a way to repel the creature. Some tried to flee the city, but the creature caught up to them and mercilessly killed them. Tension grew day by day as the creature continued to expand.

Finally, a local scientist proposed a desperate solution. He had discovered that the creature had been summoned by an ancient ritual, but to contain it, something of incredible value had to be sacrificed: the life of an innocent.

The city's inhabitants were not willing to make such a sacrifice, but the scientist claimed there was no other choice. The creature was becoming stronger every day, and the city was in shambles.

In the end, an innocent child was found, a victim sacrificed to contain the creature. It was brought to the pit, where the ancient ritual was evoked. The earth trembled, the wind blew violently, and the creature screamed in pain.

But when it was all over, the pit opened even wider, swallowing everything around it. The entire city sank into its depths, while the creature spread even more, beginning to search for other cities where it could continue its quest for victims.

The entire city was destroyed, sacrificed in the name of a creature that could not be contained. The fate of the creature was still uncertain, but one thing was clear: its destructive hunger had not been satisfied. It would continue to ravage and consume until it had satisfied its insatiable appetite.


About the Creator

Anonymous Shadows

This horror writer is a mysterious enigma, famous for his dark and terrifying works. His true identity is unknown, and he avoids public appearances.

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