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The Abyss of the Old Circus

When the challenge turns into an endless nightmare

By Anonymous ShadowsPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The Old Circus Game

In the city of Brooksville, there was an old abandoned circus that had been closed for decades. The building was a monument to decay, with peeling walls, broken roofs, and rusty doors. But that didn't stop a group of teenagers from entering and challenging their fears in the game of the old circus. The interior was even darker, the windows were darkened, and the floor was covered in dust and debris. The air was heavy and oppressive, as if it had been impregnated with the same darkness that the circus had attracted in the past.

The Circus of Shadows

The kids entered the circus arena, only to discover that reality exceeded their expectations. They moved through the dark areas of the circus, trying to avoid the creepy shadows that moved along the walls. The dust raised by their movements rose in the air like a curtain, creating a mist that enveloped their steps. The sound of their footsteps echoed in the air, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere. They felt a cold wind blowing from the darkness, leaving behind the whistle of the clowns. The kids were stunned when they saw a display of colorful lights emanating from a central light. But these were not normal lights; they seemed to emanate from the shadows themselves, creating sinister and frightening clown shapes. The lights flickered rapidly, creating the illusion of creatures moving and dancing around the kids.

The Circus Maze

As they tried to leave the circus, the kids entered a maze of corridors where every passage seemed to lead them deeper and deeper. The corridors stretched as far as the eye could see, like tentacles that clung to their feet, preventing them from escaping. The circus animals suddenly appeared, but they were different from those they had seen in the old circus shows. They were shadows, ghostly animal spirits whose only objective was to make them lose their way. They moved in an unsettling way, with eyes that seemed to follow them as they passed. A masked figure suddenly emerged from a corner, scaring the kids, who tried to escape. But the maze seemed to change shape and tear them apart.

The Price of the Game

In the end, only one of the kids managed to escape from the cursed circus. But it wouldn't be easy to forget what he had experienced. He lost his friends in that maze and would always be haunted by the memory of their tragic end. That night, after leaving the circus, he tried to sleep, but couldn't. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw the shadows of the circus animals chasing him, felt the breath of the masked spirits on his neck. He woke up repeatedly, sweaty and trembling, until morning.

But things got worse when he started seeing the shadows even during the day. They began to follow him wherever he went, to school, to the gym, even at home. He couldn't shake off the fear that overwhelmed him and began to see his dead friends in every corner, talking to them as if they were still alive. He knew he was going crazy, but couldn't stop himself.

Shortly after, the boy was found dead in his bedroom. Investigators couldn't explain the cause of death, but the boy's father found something strange. A note with the logo of the old abandoned circus was placed next to his body. It read: "The price of the game is your soul."

From that day on, no one ventured into the old abandoned circus in Brooksville again.

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  • Serenella Mianoabout a year ago

    intriguing story

  • Salvatore Ficcaabout a year ago


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