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The mistress of the cursed apartment

by Julia Njord 2 months ago in supernatural / psychological / interview / how to
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Something terrible was happening in this apartment and no one still knows the reason...

The word "mysticism" came to us from Antiquity. Then it meant "a secret that is hidden from everyone. " Today, mystical knowledge is no secret to anyone and people are immersed in it with their heads. And only one thing still remains unknown: what awaits the daredevil beyond the dark threshold of the other world.

It happened when I was about 17 years old. My friend's grandmother died. Sue was assigned to look after the apartment: watering the flowers, pouring water from a bucket that stood under a leaky pipe, dusting. The first time she was afraid to go into the apartment, so I went with her.

I must say that I really like to make fun of my friends. While my friend was dusting on the sideboard, I decided to scare her a little and, silently approaching the window, slammed it shut. Sue jumped up and "affectionately" told me everything she thought about me. Then I followed her into the kitchen, where we put the kettle on and sat down to wait for the water to boil. When suddenly we heard the balcony door slam.

Sue said it wasn't funny anymore and that it was all set up by me. I refused, but she didn't believe me. Then I, already pretty scared of myself, took her hand, and we entered the room.

Believe it or not, but the balcony door was tightly latched.

We exchanged glances and returned to the kitchen. While Sue was pouring tea, I was washing my hands in the bathroom and, looking at the bucket, told her that she should not forget to pour out the water and that it would also be nice to change the bucket itself – it was plastic, and there was a crack in it. She turned off the water and calmly went to drink tea.

After tea, Sue started hurrying me to get out of here as soon as possible. We went into the bathroom, and right before our eyes, water poured out of the tap . My friend started screaming at me in shock, but after a few seconds she realized that I was standing next to her, and the water turned on ITSELF.

Having plucked up the courage, I went to the faucet, turned off the water and bent down to take a bucket to pour the water out of it , but there was no water in it. The bucket was completely dry! Then we shouted loudly together, grabbed our bags and sandals and rushed out of the apartment. Sue frantically searched for the keys in her pocket , I held the door open. Something was pushing her out and not letting her close.

With two fragile bodies, we leaned on it, but barely allowed it to open. After about 2 minutes , the resistance from the apartment was stopped, and we closed the damn door. Then my hands were shaking for another 20 minutes.

We stood silently in the entrance a little away from the apartment and smoked one cigarette after another, squinting at the door.

It was the first and last time my friend and I went there. When she returned home, she gave her mother the keys , without explaining anything, and said that she would never return there again. The fate of the apartment is unknown to me, but I remembered this terrible story until the end of my life.

Something terrible was happening in this apartment and no one still knows the reason ...

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