The Homeless Lady with the Evil Eye

Running into an old curse sucks! Find out how Joe deals with it!

The Homeless Lady with the Evil Eye

Joe was delivering a package out in the San Fernando Valley one day and got the evil eye from a homeless lady. Yes he did! The evil eye was shot towards his direction for just being at the wrong place and time. It was quite evil since it had no purpose. It came from what Joe thought was an insane person. Still, after all the crap that went down, Joe thinks that the evil was alleviated with positive praying when the actual curse was being cast at him.

So, Joe was on deliveries that day since he did not feel like dealing with people with his rideshare gig. Joe decided to deliver packages all day and listen to music in his car while making easy money. Well, the easy part seemed to not have been true since he did encounter an evil person.

He was listening to good old grunge music in his car when driving uphill to some damn house in North Hills delivering some fancy sushi from some fancy restaurant from Ventura Blvd. It was quite a drive, so he knew the delivery was going to pay decent. He hit a steep street and decided to gun it a bit to give his car some uphill power.

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As he gunned his car a bit, a homeless woman came out from behind a parked car on his right side. He didn’t come close to hitting her, but the woman seemed to have reacted to his slight speeding. She looked very dirty with semi-short hair that was knotted up in a fro-like style. It made her look like a skinny microphone while her arms looked strangely long. She was a homeless person who was malnourished and looked very mad. Yes, her behaviour was of the typical mentally ill and homeless person in which she was displaying absolute lunacy.

Joe caught a glimpse of her and kept driving uphill with the same fierce momentum. He kept the foot a little heavy on the gas to keep the car from not losing any grounds against the steepness of the hill. He quickly looked at his rearview mirror, and saw the lady raising her lanky arms about and seemed to be talking to a person next to her. The only thing with the rearview glance was that the lady was by herself. Again, a homeless person who was showing the traits of having lost the sense of reality. The other option is that there was someone there, but Joe could not see the lady’s ghostly friend.

Joe did not think of anything about this incident as he carved into the hill with his car and wanted to deliver the sushi to his customer. Once he reached the top of the street, the house was on the left. It had a big gate and a young woman came out to receive it.

No tip.

Joe was wondering if a tip was going to appear after he finished the transaction on his cell. He waited a minute and nothing.

No tip.

He turned the car around to get back into the city where there is action and money to be made. In this part of the valley, it was dead, and he knew he needed to drive for at least 20 minutes in order to get another call. Joe turned into the steep street and started rolling down the hill. Somewhere in the middle of it, he could see the homeless lady walking up the street. She was in the middle of the street and could see her dirty curly hair from afar and talking to her imaginary friend.

As he got closer, she did not show signs that she was going to move to the side. She was not quite in the middle of street, but she was disturbing his car’s trajectory a bit. Joe had to slightly steer to his left, going on the oncoming side of the street, to avoid her. As he passed, he stared right at her eyes. They were very light grey, almost like they had cataracts.

Her eyes were wide open, and she was speaking something at him as he passed. Joe heard her raspy voice as he passed. The hair on his arms raised and he was spooked. Immediately, he thought that a curse has been cast. He was the target. Joe immediately started praying. It was an improv prayer because Joe was out of tough in that department. He looked back in the rearview mirror again, and saw the homeless lady who resembled Mrs. Roper from the 70s sitcom “Three’s Company," dancing and laughing. She was celebrating something in the middle of the street while looking back at him. He could see those pale eyes from afar.

Joe thought he was in the clear with the prayer he improvised right after she gave him the eye. However, Joe was almost in two accidents the next day. On top of that, he got two parking tickets and a moving violation within the next three. He knew it was that homeless witch with her greyish eyes. She was probably insane and homeless because she surrounded herself with negative energy. It most likely consumed her like the ring did to Gollum. With that, she had plenty of evil to give out, and Joe got a taste of it.

Thank goodness, his prayer eased some of the malicious vibes quite a bit. He did almost see death twice the day after, but was still doomed with financial burdens by getting traffic and parking tickets. Still, good vibes kept Joe going and overcame the evil eye. He was proud to have overcome evil forces once more in his life. For him, evil forces attacking has become mundane.

No biggy!

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