Pale-Skinned Succubus

A short story with a nightmarish succubus.

Pale-Skinned Succubus
Photo by Jeffrey from Flickr

She appeared in front of him with flaring red hair and pale skin that made it look like hardened milk. She was very beautiful in her gothic creepy sense, as she had this white skimpy dress with cleavage staring right at his wandering eyes that were scanning her beautiful pale arms and legs. Her eyes, thought, were bright red as she greeted him with an enticing smile across her face and her tongue moving exotically upon her upper lip.

As he retreated from her, because his spirit told him to back away from this entity, she held her right arm up at him and laughed with her wicked smile that started drooling a hint of blood from it.

He started flying backwards like he always does when he gets in trouble in his dreams, and she, surprisingly and powerfully, followed him in the air with equal speed. Her hair beautifully flowing in the wind as her smile became more sinister. His arms and legs keep paddling for more thrust in the air, but she just kept creeping up towards him with her disgusting bloody smile and her beautiful pale milky body.

She suddenly brought out a hatchet with her left hand, from behind her back, as it dripped black old blood from it, and she said, “You’re next, Joe!”

As he flew backwards blindly, he asked himself, “How did she know my name?”

The question echoed in his head. Suddenly, he woke up in a cold sweat right when her right arm almost gripped his left ankle.

It was five in the morning and still dark. He got up to get a glass of water. When he got to the kitchen sink, he heard someone outside his kitchen window and decided to look out and see what the noise was about.

There, in the dark morning, he saw his new neighbor who was young and beautiful chopping down a small, bushy tree that somewhat obstructed the view between the two homes. She stopped and saw him looking at her. He froze for a bit and felt cold blood running through him like lighting ice.

She was almost a silhouette in the darkness of that morning. Her smile lit her face as she pointed at him with the hatchet. He backed away from the window. The light coming into the room through the window dimmed, and he expected her to suddenly flash her creepy face through it. As he backed away, he bumped into something and turned. There she was with a huge smile filled with bloody teeth. Her bright red eyes dimmed and turned into two old eyes infected with evil cataracts.

Suddenly, he woke up with the television blaring a couple of hours after sunup with light shining into the room, starting to blanket everything underneath it with warmth.

Joe was almost naked and felt like he had been touched and caressed all night long. He tried to get those ugly eyes out of his head by thinking about her pale, beautiful skin.

He stood up to go look out the window. Right before he got to the window, he realized that he didn’t have a neighbor.

“Why was he looking out the window?” he thought.

He turned to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth. On his way there, he remembered the woman clearly cutting that obstructive tree.

“Who was she?”

He started brushing his teeth and saw his gums bleeding. He started brushing harder.

When he was ready for work, he grabbed his things and walked out the door. He got into his car. He started coughing and wondered what was happening to him. As he drove into the street, he felt the cough getting worse. He saw blood in his palm from the cough.

“Next time, I’m not running from her!” he told himself infuriated.

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Bazooka Teaches
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