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The haunted reflection

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By Janita KhalidPublished about a year ago 3 min read

There was a mirror that had been passed down from generation to generation in a small family. It was an antique, with a beautifully carved wooden frame that had intricate designs etched into it. The mirror itself was old and slightly warped, but it still had a clear reflection. The family had always treasured the mirror, but little did they know the horrors that lay within it.

One night, the family was gathered around the dining table, enjoying a pleasant dinner. The mirror hung on the wall behind them, and as they ate, they noticed something strange in its reflection. The image in the mirror was not their own, but that of a dark figure standing behind them.

At first, they thought it was just a trick of the light, but as they looked closer, they saw that the figure was real. It was a shadowy, ghostly apparition that seemed to be reaching out to them from within the mirror.

From that day on, strange things began to happen in the house. Objects would move on their own, doors would creak open and shut, and strange noises would echo through the halls. The family began to feel as though they were being watched, even when they were alone.

They soon realized that the mirror was cursed, and that the ghostly figure they had seen was trapped inside it. The more they tried to ignore it, the more powerful it became, and the more it terrorized them.

One night, as the family was sitting in the living room, they heard a loud crashing sound from upstairs. When they ran up to investigate, they found that the mirror had shattered into a thousand pieces, and the ghostly figure was standing in front of them, free at last.

The figure was a vengeful spirit, seeking revenge on the family that had kept it trapped in the mirror for so many years. It began to haunt the family relentlessly, tormenting them in their dreams and in their waking hours.

The family tried everything they could think of to rid themselves of the spirit, but nothing worked. Eventually, they were forced to abandon their home and leave the mirror behind, hoping that it would never haunt another family like it had haunted them.

By Gwendal Cottin on Unsplash

To this day, the mirror remains in the old, abandoned house, its haunted reflection waiting for another family to fall victim to its curse.

By Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Months had passed since the family had fled their home, and the town had grown increasingly curious about the abandoned house and its cursed mirror. Some brave souls decided to investigate, hoping to unravel the mystery of the mirror.

As they entered the house, they felt a chill run down their spines. The air was thick with an eerie silence that seemed to suffocate them. They searched the house for any clues to the mirror's curse, but found nothing.

Just as they were about to give up, one of the investigators noticed a small diary on a dusty shelf. It was written by a member of the family, who had recorded their experiences with the haunted mirror.

The diary revealed that the mirror had been passed down from generation to generation, and that each family member who had owned it had suffered a similar fate. The curse seemed to be tied to a vengeful spirit that had been trapped inside the mirror centuries ago.

As the investigators were about to leave, they noticed something strange in the shattered remains of the mirror. It was a faint glow, emanating from a single shard of glass that had remained intact.

Suddenly, the ghostly figure appeared before them, its vengeful eyes fixed on the shard of glass. It seemed to be drawing power from it, becoming stronger with each passing moment.

The investigators realized that the shard was the key to the mirror's curse, and that they had to destroy it in order to break the curse. With trembling hands, they reached for the shard, but just as they touched it, the ghostly figure lunged at them, its terrible scream echoing through the house.

In a frantic struggle, the investigators managed to break the shard, and as it shattered into pieces, the ghostly figure vanished into thin air. The curse had been broken, and the mirror was no longer haunted.

From that day on, the abandoned house was left alone, a reminder of the horror that had once lived inside it. The cursed mirror was never seen again, but some say that its haunting presence still lingers in the town, a warning to those who dare to delve into the mysteries of the unknown.


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