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The Haunted Bus Ride in Ooty

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By Renuga kannanPublished about a year ago 3 min read


Ooty, also known as Udhagamandalam, is a picturesque hill station located in the southern part of India. It is a popular tourist destination for its pleasant weather, scenic beauty, and rich history. However, along with the beauty, the town also has a reputation for being haunted by spirits and ghosts. The haunted bus ride in Ooty is one such eerie experience that is still talked about by locals and tourists alike.

The Mysterious Bus Ride

It was a dark and chilly night in Ooty when a group of tourists boarded a local bus to reach their destination. The bus was old and rickety, and the seats were uncomfortable. However, the tourists didn't mind as they were excited to explore the town's scenic beauty. The bus was full, and there was hardly any space to move around. As the bus started its journey, the tourists noticed that the driver was driving quite fast, even on the narrow and winding roads of Ooty. They felt uneasy but didn't say anything, thinking that it was the driver's way of reaching the destination quickly.

The Unexplained Stop

As the bus climbed higher up the hills, the tourists noticed that the atmosphere around them was getting colder and eerier. Suddenly, the bus came to a screeching halt in the middle of nowhere. The driver got off the bus and disappeared into the darkness. The tourists were bewildered and scared, wondering why the driver had stopped the bus at such an odd place.

The Creepy Passenger

After a few minutes, the driver returned and got back into the driver's seat. However, the tourists noticed that he was not alone. There was a passenger sitting next to him, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. The passenger was an old man with a pale face and white hair. He was dressed in old-fashioned clothes and looked like he belonged to a different era. The tourists were frightened by his appearance but didn't dare to say anything.

As the bus started moving again, the tourists realized that something was not right. The bus was moving slower, and the driver's face looked tense and worried. Suddenly, the bus started shaking violently, and the lights went off. The tourists screamed in terror, not knowing what was happening. After a few seconds, the shaking stopped, and the lights came back on. However, they noticed that the old man sitting next to the driver had disappeared. The driver was sweating profusely and looked terrified. He told the tourists that the old man was a ghost who haunted the bus and that he had been trying to get rid of him for years.

The legend goes that the old man was a bus driver who used to work in Ooty decades ago. One night, he was driving the bus with a group of passengers when the bus met with an accident and fell off a cliff, killing everyone on board. Since then, the old man's ghost has been haunting the bus, causing accidents and scaring drivers and passengers. It is said that the only way to get rid of the ghost is to perform a ritual that involves sprinkling holy water on the bus and reciting prayers.

The haunted bus ride in Ooty is a spine-chilling experience that has left many tourists terrified. Although there is no scientific proof of the existence of ghosts, the locals believe in the legend and take precautions to avoid the haunted bus. Whether it is a mere superstition or a true ghostly encounter, the haunted bus ride in Ooty remains a mystery to this day.


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