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The Forgotten Room

A Haunted House Mystery

By junaid mughalPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
The Forgotten Room
Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash

The old house had always been shrouded in mystery. Located at the end of a long, winding road, it stood alone among the trees, its windows boarded up and its front door creaking on rusted hinges.

Most people avoided it, preferring to keep their distance from the rumors of hauntings and ghostly apparitions that surrounded it. But for Mia, the house held a strange fascination, drawing her in with an irresistible pull.

One day, unable to resist her curiosity any longer, Mia decided to explore the old house. She slipped through a gap in the fence and made her way up the overgrown path, her heart beating faster with every step.

The front door groaned as she pushed it open, revealing a dark and musty interior. Mia shuddered, feeling the weight of the house's history pressing down on her.

She moved slowly through the rooms, each one filled with decaying furniture and long-forgotten trinkets. But as she climbed the stairs to the second floor, she heard a sound that sent a chill down her spine.

It was the sound of someone crying.

Mia hesitated, unsure of what to do. But as the sound grew louder, she found herself drawn towards it, unable to resist the pull of the unknown.

The crying led her to a small room at the end of the hallway. The door was slightly ajar, and Mia could see a faint light shining through the crack.

She pushed the door open, her heart racing as she stepped inside.

The room was empty, but she could still hear the sound of someone weeping. It seemed to be coming from behind the walls themselves.

Mia searched the room, her hands trembling as she moved a pile of old books aside. And then she saw it.

A small hole in the wall, just big enough to peer through.

Mia peered inside, her eyes widening in horror at what she saw.

There, in the darkness, was a small figure huddled in the corner. It was a child, dressed in old-fashioned clothes, its face twisted in pain and sorrow.

Mia reached out, her fingers brushing against the rough stone of the wall. She could feel the child's pain, its sadness and despair.

And then the child spoke, its voice a whisper in the darkness.

"Help me," it said. "Please, help me."

Mia didn't hesitate. She ran from the room, her feet pounding on the stairs as she raced down to the first floor.

She searched the old house, calling out for help. But no one answered her calls.

And then, in a moment of desperation, she remembered the old legend about the house.

They said that a family had once lived there, but that they had been cursed. They had all died under mysterious circumstances, their bodies never found.

But some people whispered that the family still lived on, trapped inside the walls of the old house, doomed to suffer for eternity.

Mia knew what she had to do. She raced back up the stairs, her heart pounding as she pushed open the door to the forgotten room.

The child was still there, its sobs growing louder as she approached.

Mia reached out, her fingers closing around the edge of the hole in the wall. And then she pulled, feeling the stone give way beneath her touch.

The hole widened, revealing a small chamber beyond. And there, in the center of the room, was a small coffin.

Mia hesitated, unsure of what to do. But then the child spoke again, its voice urgent.

"Open it," it said. "Please, open it."

Mia reached out, herhands shaking as she lifted the lid of the coffin.

Inside, she found a small skeleton, dressed in tattered clothing. It was clear that the child had been dead for a very long time.

Mia felt a surge of sadness and horror wash over her. This poor child had been trapped in this forgotten room for who knew how many years, never to find rest.

But as she looked closer, she saw something glinting in the darkness. It was a small pendant, a bright red stone set in a gold chain.

Mia knew what she had to do. She carefully lifted the pendant from the skeleton's neck, feeling a weight lift from the room as she did.

And then she felt it. A rush of air, a gust of wind that seemed to sweep through the room, carrying the child's spirit with it.

Mia watched in awe as the ghostly figure of the child appeared before her, its eyes bright with gratitude and joy.

"Thank you," it said. "Thank you for freeing me."

And then it was gone, leaving Mia alone in the room, feeling both relieved and overwhelmed by what had just happened.

From that day forward, the old house was never the same. The rumors of hauntings and ghostly apparitions faded away, replaced by a sense of peace and tranquility.

And Mia? She never forgot the forgotten room, the place where she had freed a lost soul and laid a curse to rest. It was a moment that had changed her life forever, a moment of bravery and compassion that she would never forget.

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