The Figure

The Night I Saw Someone or Something I Couldn't Explain

The Figure

As a kid, I had a very active imagination and I daydreamed a lot. But who didn't as a kid, right? One early morning I saw something I still can't explain till this day. The year was 1996 and it was the summer, my siblings were gone this particular night. Which is weird, because stuff like this always happened when they weren't around to see.

It was just me and my mom, my dad was more than likely at work overnight. I had family on the other side of town. So me and my mom, after being at home all day, doing god knows what, decided to go out that way in the evening.

We had a white van and she drove it there across town. I remember not wanting to leave the house, but I was not given a choice, we stayed over there all night. My mom had a few and decided for us to leave around 5 that morning. I was very tired but had not been asleep at all! Our house back then was on the corner, and we had a field next to it.

We also had train tracks next to that field and a diesel plant, that was about 2 yards away. For some reason when my mom pulled into the driveway, she decided to back in so the passenger door where I sat was facing that field. We sat in the car for a minute while the radio played.

I waited impatiently until she was ready to go in the house. I turned my head towards the field for about ten seconds, and that's when I saw it. Some figure, it looked like a person in all black just in the field. I never saw a face and by this time the sun was rising so it was light enough to see. It moved a little but pretty much in the same spot.

I felt like we were being watched but I was too scared to say anything to my mom. So I tried to rush her into coming into the house. Once we got to the door, I wasn't in the right position to see the field anymore.

So I don't know what happened to it, I just hoped it wouldn't bum rush us on our porch. Once finally in the house, I couldn't shake the feeling that we were in danger. That we were still being watched and were helpless. It was hot the day before so my bedroom window was opened, so I quickly closed it once I got back in the house.

And just kept my blinds open so I could see out. As tired as I was from being up all night, this made me stay up a couple hours until I finally fell asleep. I never told anybody, and I don't think anyone would have believed me. Nothing ever came of it, so I didn't think about it much anymore. There was so much more happening in that neighborhood honestly, that seemed dismal in comparison.

The field next to our house, felt kind of big at the time. Also that wasn't the first time I felt like something was over there or watching us. My mom used to tell us not to go too far over there, because you go in too deep and no one could see you. It didn't help that rattlesnakes and possums, lingered over there as well.

I have a few more stories that are similar to this one from when I was kid and I'll more than likely tell them. This one was more sited for the Halloween season that's approaching. Afterwards I always asked myself, "Was this all in my imagination?" After years of asking myself that question I come to realize that no, this was real. Now a better question would be is, "What did I see? A person or an animal of some kind?" To that, I also say no, so there you go.

It's just one of those things that happens to you, that you can't explain or have any answers for. Thanks for reading!

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