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The Doll in the Crate

horror, comedy

By CompyBlancoPublished 10 days ago 3 min read

It was there, in the corner, all alone, deformed, bitten by dogs, and torn at the hands by the kittens. Top crate with a latch that didn't like to latch laid to rest the Doll. The doll lays on its side while its head tilts my way. The eyes no longer blink due to how long the doll has been around. At least I was kind enough to put a blanket down before I threw it in there.

Why you maybe wondering is the doll in the crate? That one dark spooky night I was alone I saw the doll walk. Not just a normal walk either, but a slow dragging there foot walk. If I would look the dolls way it would stop and freeze. At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But than I heard the foot sliding and gave me chills up my spine. The doll eventually made its way across the room very slowly. I tried to ignore it, but I just could not. I do not know what its intentions were that night, but get to the door. The doll never got out that night because I sleep with the door closed.

The next few nights were quiet and the doll stood in the corner. Watching my every move. I could feel those beady eyes watching me and staring. I finally asked the doll, "What do you want from me? Where did you even come from?" This was not my doll and this was not my kids doll. Was this doll here before me I wonder. Was this a left behind doll. I finally turn over away from the glare of the doll. Before I know it its daylight out and my alarm blaring.

I decided to ask my neighbor if she knew who lived here before me. Shelby said that a single mom with two twin girls once lived here. That the place had been vacate ever since the girls and there mom were in a car wreck. None of them survived it and no one would live in that apartment after. Looks like I was the lucky one who took the place without knowing. Than again I just moved to this city and didn't know. Now I know why the place was so cheap to rent.

I asked Shelby if she knew if this doll belonged to them. Shelby looked shocked and scared. Asked me how did I retrieve the most horrible thing. I told her it was here before me. Its not my doll and not my grandkids doll either.

Shelby told me the night of the car wreck the twins were holding the doll. There mom had expressed the doll was trying to kill her and she was headed to the lake to be rid of the doll. The mother never made it to the lake. The girls had been making chants with the doll and the mother lost control of her car. The car swerved and hit the grate as to where they drifted off the cliff. The doll made its way back to there place slowly with the leg dragging behind it from the wreck.

I got back to my apartment and into my room. I see the doll on the bottom of the bookcase with a small knive in its hand. Oh no you dont doll your going to the crate. I grabbed a pillowcase and stuffed the doll inside it. I could hear it moving around inside fighting for its freedom. I open the metal old crate and threw the pillowcase in it with the doll. I than lock the crate and put my old shed bolt lock on it. The kind you have to have a number and spin it.

The doll now sits in there watching me all the time. I look over and see the doll can not get out. I eventually throw a blanket over the crate so I can no longer see it and its beady little eyes. I finally can sleep at peace at night.


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