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The Silence


By CompyBlancoPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

It was a normal night just like every other day anyone else would have with coyotes howling, owls hooting and the wind blowing but for me it was going on two-thirty in the morning. I sit there in the living room playing on my phone as my family is asleep the faint voice of a child whispering can be heard heading down towards the hallway "He's Here", not knowing what I have just now experienced.

I shrug it off thinking that I was just imagining things considering that it was really late at night but then the noise came back again "He's Coming" with chills going down my spine I grab my dog as im slowly approach the kitchen which leads to the hallway, my brothers room is straight down which can easily be seen just from standing by the fridge. I stand there confused and all of a sudden his door slowly cracks open and the faint voice has came back "He's In Here". The phone I was just holding drops to the ground while im in a state of shock as I turn around as fast as I could and make my way back to the living room panting and hearing my own heart beating, legs shaking and anxiety kicking in.

The antique deer statue my mother has always adored slid off the fireplace that's not many feet away, glass gets tossed around everywhere form the height of the impact, the sound of a chair being dragged with force can be heard from the kitchen. Not knowing what to do I hid myself under a small child sized blanket on my couch with my knees close to my face to where I could see a small gap between my ankles, what then could be seen was a shadow figure of legs that looked crooked and damaged with injuries. The child's voice has become deeper then before, it sounded as if she grown into an adult just then but the voice was so haunting that i started shaking "HE WANTS TO PLAY" the blanket felt as if it was being pulled off of me slowly as if someone or something wanted it from me.

I close my eyes once the blanket came off of me and as my courage to open my eyes came nothing was there, but just after I let out a sigh of relief "Ring..Ring..RING" the sound of my phone ring coming from the kitchen. Still clueless to what to do I stand up and head back to the kitchen but something terrifying stops me from taking another step, a man about eight feet tall can be seen but in a split second he evaporates into the air. I bend down slowly while making sure the figure doesn't come back as I grab my phone but when I'm only a centimeter away from grabbing it my phone slides away heading directly towards the creepy room.

I let the loudest scream that I've ever made before and my brother door slammed shut on its own, scared once again I dart to my moms room and violently shaking her telling her to wake up. No matter how hard I tried nothing worked, the noise of humming can be heard coming from her bathroom. With her not even having a door I peak over and can see the this woman with a pale face and long black hair, her dark eyes that are wide and pitch black and the creepy and long smile coming from her face.

Just the expression terrified me enough to the point that I couldn't move, as I stand there petrified from the weary sight the lady that's wearing a long white dress starts to crawl towards me like as if she was doing the crab walk. The fear thats doing down my viens gets me back to being able to move I dart out my moms bedroom while the lady in white hums a demonic song. When I got back into the living room the tall man that I seen earlier was crawling onto the wall and screaming, the little girl that was once heard can now be heard from my moms room.

Since I was clueless to what to do I run back to the couch, cover my head and force myself to sleep, just then I get violently shaken and when I look up my mom and brother were surrounding me screaming at me to come to my senses. It turned out that I was asleep the entire time and that they been trying to wake me up for over a hour as I screamed while I was deeply unconscious.


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