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The DarkRoom

by Dylan-Quinn Harris 11 months ago in fiction · updated 11 months ago
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when the lights go out, there's no telling what would happen.

It's dark, and I can't see anything. My mind keeps wandering to things I never knew I knew; is this what insanity looks like? The room is so cold I can't even feel my fingers on my cheek. Every bit of me is numb, and I don't understand. " hello? Is anyone listening to me?" I have to keep calm, " hello is anyone there!?" What is that noise? I'm scared! " HEY! IF YOU'RE OUT THERE SAY SOMETHING!" I feel sick. I don't know what's going on, but I can just feel it; someone is in here. I have to get out of here, I have to run, but there's nowhere to go! How long have I been here? It feels like forever. "twinkle twinkle little star. Haha haha" why is this funny to me? Why am I laughing at a time like this? I don't get it! When's my birthday? How old am i? Do I have a family?

"How long has he been in there?" a man sitting in a room watching a tv screen asked

" half an hour. He's really losing it there." they took sips from their coffee cups, and continued to watch.

" Should we let him out? He's really going crazy." one man said with concern.

"We can't do anything until he makes the first move. He's got to leave the room or turn the lights on."

" Do you think he's going to do it? The results from past experiments show that only one person turned on the lights by accident."

"I know, but this is what they agreed to do. They signed the papers, and they walked into the room. After that, it's out of our control."

This is scary. My mind feels like it's in a cage with no doors. I wonder what will happen if I leave without asking? Will they even let me go? Will, they put me back here? Will they kill me?! I can't let that happen! I'll make sure they don't get me. " YOU HEAR THAT! I WON'T LET YOU GET ME!" I've got a plan, I can do this. The only way to keep from being killed is to kill me. I have no family, no friends, so there's nothing to lose, right?

" What's he doing? He's just crawling around the room? you think he's trying to leave?"

"I don't know? Just watch, if we see anything wrong then we'll report this to the higher-ups, okay?"

"Fine." The two men sat and watched the experiment crawl along the floor until he reached something in the dark.

What's this? It feels like a bed, and this... a sheet? Perfect!

The men watching looked closely, but still had no idea what this guy was doing. One of the men kept his hand on the phone, it gave him this uneasy feeling. " Don, I don't know about this." The man in the darkroom started to pull the sheet off the bed and started to twist it like it was some kind of rope. Slowly turning it into a noose. " Don, I'm callin' it in man." don leaned over the other guy's shoulder and says

" go for it Mal, i don't like this either." Mal starts to dial the number to the office of the manager running this experiment.

" Hello? This is Robert speaking."

" Sir, I think we might have to call this one-off."

" why? Is he sick, is he trying to leave, why?"

" No sir, it's just we think he might be trying to harm himself."

" Well, I don't see why he would do that, he can leave anytime he wants to. Just leave him for ten more minutes, if he goes any further then call me again, but other than that I don't want to hear from you again, got that?"

"Yes sir." Mal hung up the phone, and continued to watch the screen; as the man in the darkroom fell deeper into his insanity.

"I want to leave this place so badly! I have to get out of here." he took his man to make a noise and felt his way around the room to find something to hang it upon. Standing on the bed he raised his hand to feel for any bars to tie the sheet to. When he found an open ledge he tied the sheet to it then tried to wrap it around his neck.

"We have to all in! This guy is going to kill himself!"

"Right." Darrell picked up the phone call, but no one picked up. "No good, he must be busy."

"Call again! Keep calling until you get someone. I'm going down there to stop him."

"Got it." Mal got up from his seat and Darrell continued to call the boss, but was unable to reach him. Meanwhile, mal frantically ran down flights in the 5 story building. He was in such a rush he took a misstep and started to fall, nearly killing him, but aside from the numerous fractures that he sustained he kept pressing. He was almost there when he got a call from his walkie-talkie, "hey Mal it's me, i can't get a hold of this guy. It's like he's dead or something."

"Just keep trying him, okay. I'm almost there."

"Roger, hurry back. Over and out."

This is finally it. I'm finally getting out of here. The end is finally here. The man walked to the edge of the bed and started to say something that caught Darrell's attention. "My name is-"

", hey mal you should listen to this. He's saying some weird stuff."

" Let me hear it?" Darrell put the walkie-talkie to the speaker so that Mal could hear it, and i was surprised to hear this.

"-My name is Malachi, my friends call me mal. I had two kids; who died in a car accident that I caused. I was drunk and careless; after the death of my children my wife and I got divorced, and now I live alone."

" Why is he talking about me? Why is he telling my life story!?" Mal was confused, and couldn't even continue. He started to tear up as the man on the edge of death continued to recite Mal's entire tragic story as if it were a manuscript for a play.

" Mal, Mal? Mal!" over and over he could hear his name, and all he could see was a light flashing in his face from the cop that night he lost his kids.

" Mal! Are you okay? What happened to you man? Wait formal, have you been drinking?" he couldn't move. He tried so hard to fight it, but he couldn't stop seeing it; looking into the rearview mirror, seeing his two angels covered in each other's blood. The bones popped out of their skin in different places while their heads leaned against each other's as if they were trying to find comfort in this tragedy. The oldest girl's hand was extended as if she were reaching for her father. Almost as if she knew they were going to die. Their faces were emotionless, and somber mal could feel the pain of not only a car part stuck in his stomach, but in his heart from the sight of his flesh and blood skinned, gutted, and broken in the back seat of his car.

" Mal, I'm so sorry. I know what those girls meant to you, but what were you thinking!? Driving like this. You're completely drunk. You're my friend, and I hate to do this, but it's my job. Malachi Dougal, you're under arrest for drunk driving, and manslaughter." an officer took a step back to allow the medical professionals to pry him out. Mal began to weep not only for the loss of his children but for the mistake of being a fool. Almost in the blink of an eye, Mal was sitting in a cell with tear-stained cheeks and blurry vision. Looking at a wall with a small picture of his family tapped to it. Mal began to speak these words,

"My name is Malachi, my friends call me Mal. I had two kids; who died in a car accident that I caused. I was drunk and careless; after the death of my children my wife and i got divorced, and now i live alone.-" over and over he would say these words until one of the wardens got tired of it, and decided to put an end to it.

"MAL! DON'T DO THIS!!!!!" Mal had taken his last step. There hung Malachi in a cell, alone, and afraid, and now lifeless.

" What was his name?"

"Malachi Dougal, he was sentenced to 25 to life for drunk driving, and manslaughter. There were reports of crazy talk and other things. His evaluations show a huge decrease in brain function."

"So, you are telling me that he has gone insane?"

"Yes sir, just this morning he hung himself. Many of the other prisoners say that he was talking to someone before he stepped off Almost as if he had different personalities."

" Well, I guess we'll never know."


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Dylan-Quinn Harris

living my life and doing me things.


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