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The Cursed Tree: A Chilling Tale from the Hills of Gurez

The Curse of Khooni Nala: A Terrifying Tale from Kashmir

By Leo JamesPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

"The Cursed Tree: A Chilling Tale from the Hills of Gurez"

The hills of Gurez, nestled in the valley of Kashmir, were known for their scenic beauty and peaceful surroundings. But there was one spot that stood out from the rest, a tree that looked strange and ominous. This tree was the source of many tales of terror, and people whispered that it was haunted by evil spirits.

The legends surrounding the tree stated that if anyone dared to touch it on the night of amavasya, a night of half-moon, they would be possessed by evil spirits. Many brave souls had tried to test the legend, only to disappear into the night, never to be seen again.

Despite the danger, there were still some who were curious enough to venture out on the night of amavasya. One such person was a young man named Rizwan, who was a skeptic and didn't believe in ghosts or evil spirits. He was determined to find out the truth about the tree and its legends.

As he approached the tree on the night of amavasya, he could feel a strange energy surrounding it. The branches of the tree seemed to reach out to him, and he could hear whispers on the wind. But Rizwan was not one to be easily deterred, and he reached out to touch the tree.

As soon as his fingers touched the rough bark, he felt a jolt run through his body. The whispers grew louder, and he was enveloped in a strange darkness. He could hear the sound of footsteps and saw shadows moving in the distance. Suddenly, he was confronted by a ghostly figure, a woman dressed in white, who beckoned him to follow her.

Rizwan was frozen in fear, but the ghostly figure seemed to be leading him towards a hidden path. He followed her, not knowing where she was taking him. As they reached the end of the path, they came across a small cottage, where the ghostly figure disappeared into thin air.

Inside the cottage, Rizwan found an old book lying on a table. He opened the book and was shocked to see that it was filled with tales of terror and legends about the tree. He learned that the tree was the site of a grave injustice, where a young woman had been wrongfully accused and hung from its branches. Her ghost was said to haunt the tree, seeking revenge on those who dared to touch it.

Rizwan realized that he was in grave danger, and he quickly made his way back to the tree. He tried to retrace his steps, but the path was no longer there. He was lost, and the whispers of the ghostly figure echoed in his mind.

Days passed, and Rizwan was never seen again. The tales of the haunted tree and the young man who disappeared without a trace continued to spread, fueling the legends even further.

The tree still stands to this day, a dark and ominous presence in the hills of Gurez. People still whisper about the evil spirits that haunt it, and the night of amavasya is still considered to be a time of great danger.

So next time you're on the road to Gurez, be sure to steer clear of the cursed tree. For those who dare to touch it on the night of amavasya, the consequences could be dire.

"The Curse of Khooni Nala: A Terrifying Tale from Kashmir"

The scenic beauty of Kashmir was renowned all over the world, with tourists flocking from far and wide to bask in its serene surroundings. However, there was one stretch of road that marred this idyllic image - the infamous Khooni Nala.

Legend had it that the Nala got its name from the numerous road accidents that had taken place there over the years. People whispered about seeing a woman, draped in a black saree, holding a baby and asking for a ride. Those who ignored her and continued on their journey would soon meet their demise in a road accident.

Despite the warnings and the eerie feeling that surrounded the place, many travelers still chose to take this route, thinking that it was all just a myth. Little did they know, they were putting their lives in grave danger.

One fateful evening, a young couple, Amrit and Nida, were traveling on the highway and were approaching the dreaded Nala. They were excited to reach their destination, but as they entered the Nala, their car began to slow down and strange things started to happen. The radio flickered on and off, the engine sputtered, and the headlights dimmed. Suddenly, a woman appeared in front of their car, dressed in a black saree and holding a baby.

Amrit and Nida were paralyzed with fear as the woman approached their car, asking for a lift. Despite the danger they felt, they couldn't bring themselves to leave the woman stranded, so they reluctantly let her in. As they continued on their journey, strange and terrifying things began to happen. The woman started to mutter strange incantations, and the car was thrown into darkness. Amrit and Nida were terrified, and soon the woman disappeared into thin air, leaving them alone in the dark with no means of escape.

From that night on, their lives were never the same again. The curse of Khooni Nala had taken hold of them, and they were doomed to suffer for all eternity. The woman's ghost continued to haunt them, causing them to relive the horrors of that night again and again.

Years went by, and the tale of the curse of Khooni Nala spread far and wide. People stopped taking the highway, and the Nala became a place to be avoided at all costs. But even to this day, some brave souls still venture onto the road, only to be met with the same fate as Amrit and Nida.

So next time you plan a trip to Kashmir, think twice before venturing down the Khooni Nala. The curse is still very much alive, and those who ignore it do so at their own peril.

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