The Black Eyed Children

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The Black Eyed Children

What are the black eyed children, are they real or are just a myth? The black eyed children are supposedly paranormal creatures who are the ages between 6-16 years of age. They are creatures who roam the streets and go to houses and knock on people's doors to let them in. Why do they ask to be let in to people's homes? Is it because they want to kill you or just do bad things to you? What do the black eyed children do to people, do they put thoughts in your head to make you do bad things like Slender man does, or do they kill you? No one knows what they do to you, or if they are real or just a myth.

The black eyed children have supposedly been around the 1990's. Some people supposedly let them in their homes because they don't want to leave kids outside. Those people don't know that they are paranormal creatures, until they start getting sick from the kids. The people might think it is because of something they ate or drank, but it is really just the black eyed children that they get sick from. The black eyed children probably don't stay long or do they? No one knows if the black eyed children stay in the person's house or go to another person's home after getting the first person sick.

Black eyed children are like demons or spirits because they can make you unexpectedly sick. A black eyed child is not a spirit because you can see them as a normal human, but they might be a demon in disguise as a human. Black eyed children are pale with black eyes, so if you see one don't go near it or let them in your house. Blacked eyed children might be a rare sighting and might be easy to spot in the morning because of their black eyes and pale skin, but not at night because it is hard to see them.

In conclusion, if you ever come in contact with a black eyed kid, stay far away as possible. A black eyed kid will get you sick if you come in contact with one and you probably would die. Black eyed children are basically demons that look like humans. Black eyed children are dangerous, so stay away from them at all cost.

Why is a black eyed kid so dangerous? Black eyed children are so dangerous because they can make you unexpectedly sick that can kill you. Black eyed children are called demon children sometimes because they are demons. Black eyed children encounters happen mostly in the upper and lower states like Oregon and Texas. Most of the time ghost hunters will investigate the sights of black eyed children.

One question still remains, are the black eyed children real or are they just a myth? The answer to that is they might be real because of the encounters that have happened in the 1990's, or they could be just a myth because a movie was made about them. Still that could be based on a true story. The black eyed children encounters might be a myth, but ghost hunters are trying to find out if they exist or not. Scientists believe that black eyed children may be just a myth. But it might not be a myth, until it is confirmed that it is real or a myth.

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