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The Biology Teacher of the Apocalypse

Igniting a Beacon of Hope in the Darkness of the Undead

By Turan KaynakPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

In the heart of the ravaged city, a solitary figure, John, huddled in the remnants of a once vibrant diner. The plague had swept through two years prior, leaving desolation in its wake. The cities had become the playground of the undead, and humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction. John, a former biology teacher, had one improbable goal: find a cure.

He had acquired an unlikely companion, an undead named Zed. Somehow, Zed had retained a fragment of his former consciousness, a docility that set him apart from the other brain-hungry monsters. John hoped to understand why, to find a way to replicate it in others.

One morning, John set out to forage for supplies, leaving Zed chained securely in the diner. He navigated the eerily quiet cityscape, every creak and rustle magnified in the stillness. He found an abandoned pharmacy, its shelves ransacked but with a few remaining items of interest. He gathered antibiotics, bandages, a dusty medical textbook, and a flask of saline. A hint of hope fluttered in his chest.

Returning to the diner, he found Zed where he'd left him, staring blankly out the window. He didn't respond to John's return, but then, he never did. His blank gaze was a constant reminder of what was at stake.

Days turned into weeks as John delved into his research. He drew blood from Zed, observing it under a makeshift microscope, comparing it to his own. He noted the differences, hypothesized about potential solutions. At night, he'd read from the medical textbook by the light of a flickering lantern, his mind whirring with possibilities.

One day, while John was immersed in his studies, he heard a soft thump. Zed had fallen to his knees, an unnatural whine escaping his lips. His skin, previously a sickly gray, was now a mottled black, and a feverish heat radiated from him. John’s heart pounded in his chest. Was Zed dying, if that was even possible? Or was this some new phase of undeath?

John, filled with a mix of dread and scientific curiosity, took a new blood sample. He noticed a new strain of cells, more aggressive, more voracious. Panic gripped him. Was this the end for Zed, his only hope?

In desperation, he decided on a reckless course of action: a transfusion. He reasoned that his own unaffected blood might slow or halt Zed's deterioration. With grim determination, he prepared the saline solution, the tubing, the needles. He could only hope his biology teacher's knowledge was up to the task.

The process was painstaking. Zed’s low groans filled the diner, an eerie background to the steady drip of the transfusion. John watched, filled with trepidation, as his lifeblood mixed with Zed’s.

Over the next few days, John watched Zed intently for any changes. His condition seemed to stabilize. The fever subsided, the black mottling faded. The monster seemed to regain some of its former docility. John dared to hope.

But then, the unthinkable happened. John woke one morning to find Zed standing, not just docile but alert. There was something different in his gaze. It wasn't the blank stare of before, but something more… human. He turned to John, and for the first time since they'd met, it seemed like Zed truly saw him. Then, with a voice rusty from disuse, he spoke a single word: "John."

The sound of his own name, spoken by the once mindless creature, sent shivers down John's spine. He had done it.He had found a way to bring back the consciousness of the undead.

In the months that followed, word spread. Other survivors found their way to the diner, bringing their own undead companions in tow. John shared his knowledge, his method, and one by one, the undead began to regain their humanity.

In the heart of the ravaged city, a solitary figure, John, no longer stood alone. The diner was filled with laughter, tears, stories – the sounds of life. It was a beacon of hope in a world of despair, a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

The cities were no longer the playground of the undead, but the birthplace of a new humanity, a humanity that had faced extinction and had come out on the other side. They were survivors. They were fighters. They were the cure.

And John, looking at the faces of those he had helped, felt a warmth spread through him. He had done it. He had brought hope back to humanity.

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