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The Beautiful Ghost Train

A Pretty Omen

By Joseph Roy WrightPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Beautiful yet deadly!

This is a fictional tale about a strange, yet wonderful ghost train. It is a bizarre story of horror, intrigue and mystery.

A long time ago, there was once this train, it was an old steam engine to be precise, titled the Royal Lanister. It was covered in a metal that shone like silver, painted a beautiful teal colour that made many men, woman and children smile with delight. It was first built in 1924 and it was one of the last of it's kind. It had seven different carriages of various classes. The top two (closest to the front) were first class, the middle three were second class and the last two were third class. Although, this train was so fancy, there didn't seem to be much difference between classes, save for more seats and room for leg space and luggage. This train became a legend of sorts, many would even go out of their way to make sure they got a ride upon this beauty. However, 1924 was a very long time ago and this once gorgeous piece of engineering, unfortunately was involved in a terrifying crash that killed almost everybody onboard in the year of 1926, the sixth of June. Some have brought up the fact that this date contained three sixes, it was on the sixth day of the sixth month, during a year that ended with six. It was a cursed number of 666. Much like the flight of 666, the Royal Lanister also befell a cruel end. All that was left, were metal debris from the crash, it had become an ugly, grotesque horror show of tragedy and chaos that nobody would ever truly recover from. The many deaths went on to affect multiple lives, of the loved ones who missed those who perished in this terrible, cruel and devastating accident. Sons and daughters were suddenly without mothers or fathers, parents had lost their children too and there were even a few famous actors, writers and singers who had died onboard that train. However, almost a hundred years later, nobody talks about this tragedy, it is miniscule compared to the Titanic disaster or many others throughout history. Yet, on the sixth year of every decade, during the sixth of June around the times of 6-7am, it is believed that this shining relic rides once again! In this modern industrial world, where every train is an ugly diesel engine, within the city of London (where this tragedy took place); all you see are grey skyscrapers and repetitive architecture, all blending into one dull, ugly and sad dystopia, it often rains and the sky is black with air pollution. However, you may see the teal steam engine for yourself this upcoming 2026. It will draw everyone's attention and put a smile on all those miserable faces yet again. Perhaps the sun will briefly shine, during the sixth hour of June sixth. Beware though, for some believe this is not an omen of good fortune! As there have been a few train crashes upon this journey throughout the decades. Always on the sixth of June in the years of 1946, 1966 (which was the most horrifying and deadly of them all), 1986 and 2006. Nobody truly knows why this curse happens every twenty years, but in two years time, when it is 2026, the train may just reappear. So, if you ever find yourself travelling through London by train and you see the Royal Lanister, shining bright blue and wonderful, it might be best to exit at the next stop. No matter how far away your final destination may be, It's better to be late than dead.


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Joseph Roy Wright

Hello there!

My name is Joseph Roy Wright, the British author of 12 Independent novels!

I like to write about movies, pop culture, fiction and horror! I review all the latest films (and classics), I also like to write short stories.

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