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The Abandoned house on willow street

Uncovering the Haunting secrets of a neglected Home.

By AbibPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
Abandoned House

The Abandoned House on Willow Street

On Willow Street, There was a house nearby that was now empty. The locals said it was haunted, that strange thing happened there at night. But nobody knew the true circumstances behind the abandoned mansion., the story of the family who lived there, and the tragedy that befell them.

The property was was a stunning Victorian mansion., with a sprawling garden and a white picket fence. But now, the garden was overgrown and the paint was peeling off the walls.The windows had been barred,, but sometimes, in the dead of night, a faint light could be seen flickering from within.

Legend had it that the family who lived there, the Willows, were cursed. 50 years prior, they had moved into the home., a wealthy family with a troubled past. Mr. Willow had lost his job and his wife had fallen ill. They had invested everything they had into the house on Willow Street, hoping for a fresh start.

But the house had other plans for them.

It started with small things, like objects moving on their own and strange noises in the night. But soon, the Willows realized that they were not alone in the house. They saw strange apparitions, heard disembodied voices, and felt cold spots that chilled them to the bone.

Mrs. Willow was the first to go. She fell ill, her body wracked with pain. The doctors were unable to explain it, however, they thought there might be a virus. Unfortunately, the weirdness was, The rest of the family was unaware of it.

With Mrs. Willow gone, the family was never the same. Mr. Willow became more reclusive, spending all his time in his study, poring over books on the occult. Thomas and Alice, his two children, were left on their own.

Alice was the first to see the ghost. It was a girl with long, stringy hair who appeared pale and ill-looking. When Alice noticed her, she was watching her from the window while she was out in the garden.. But when she told her father, Being a figment of her imagination, he dismissed it.

But Thomas knew better. As he had also witnessed the ghost, he was certain that it existed.. He started to investigate, searching the house for clues. And what he found was chilling.

In the attic, he found a rusty old lockbox, hidden away in a dark corner. Inside, there were six locks of hair, each tied with a different ribbon. And beneath them, a yellowed piece of paper, with a list of names.

The names dated back hundreds of years and belonged to the home's previous owners.. And next to each name, there was a date of death.

Thomas knew then that the Willows had been cursed by the house. He also understood that the ghost was the spirit of a young girl who had passed away in the house many years earlier.. She was the one who had cursed the house, and she was determined to claim more victims.

Yet Thomas was not the type to give up easily. He started to research the occult, trying to find a way to break the curse. And finally, he found it.

He had to perform a ritual on the night of the new moon, a piece of hair from each member of his family and a particular incantation. It was dangerous,but he was aware that it was their only hope.

The night of the new moon arrived, and Thomas prepared for the ritual. He sat in the living room, Candles and incense present., and began to chant the incantation.

At first, nothing happened. The candles then started to flicker., and a cold breeze swept through the room. Thomas felt a presence in the room, a dark, malevolent force.

He pressed on, He recited the invocation as powerfully as he could.. And then, suddenly,There was an audible bang and a dazzling burst of light.

When Thomas opened his eyes, In the house, he was by himself. The curse had been broken but at a terrible cost. His family was gone, their bodies never found.

And so, the house on Willow Street remained abandoned, a dark and ominous presence in the neighborhood. And the locals knew never to go near it at night, for fear of what lurked within.

The end.


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