That One Dream

by Laksh Gosain about a year ago in fiction

Was this a nightmare or is it reality?

That One Dream

It was windy. Twenty-three degrees on my weather app and just perfect weather to walk outside considering how hot and humid the past few days were. It was just another regular day. I started by making myself a cup of coffee with a smoke on the balcony accompanied by gushes of cool wind. I did what I usually do, which is plan the rest of my day in my head and stick to the schedule. But today was going to be different.

The day went by fast as usual, but there was one specific thing that was unusual. So unusual it was the first time I had ever felt it. This feeling of uneasiness. Even when I was surrounded by my classmates, professors, and friends, there was this eerie feeling that I couldn't attribute to anything around me. I shrugged it off thinking maybe I had problems sleeping last night. School was done, and so was my short shift at work after which I headed straight home.

Now, most people know how it feels when your brain is telling you something is wrong but you can't see it. I couldn't see it either and I thought nothing of it because I was in my home, my safe place. Turns out, I WAS WRONG.

It was 12:20 AM. I remember exactly because I sent a text message to my friend right before I went to sleep. All my life I have been dreaming but I cannot recall any dream perfectly. I may remember bits and pieces of a couple but not a complete dream. Except for this one. The only reason this dream is so vividly present in my brain is because this wasn't actually a dream. It was my subconsciousness telling me in my sleep that there's something going on. Something that's dangerous. In that dream, I saw myself and another person I do not recognize. It was late at night and I was sitting on a bed with a laptop neither of which were mine. Looking around I realized that the only source of light was the screen of the laptop which only displayed a screen, like an old TV without signal. No sounds except for one. I heard glass shatter. This was in my dream and I was unfamiliar with the place so I couldn't figure out where to look. I only tried one thing, to turn off the laptop because even in the dream there was a feeling of dread and I wanted to not be seen. That's when I look up and see a person standing at the very end of my bed. I do not recognize him but he looks harmless until he stretches his arms all the way from the end of my bed to my neck without moving his body an inch.

This was the moment I woke up. Breathing heavy like I had just finished running a marathon and sweating like a pig. On top of this all, I could feel a presence. Human or supernatural, I couldn't tell but I knew there was someone or something with me in my one bedroom apartment. Trying to be as silent and still as humanly possible, I heard a chuckle. Someone could see me in the darkness and they laughed. This is when you realize that this might be your last minute alive. My phone started ringing, I saw this as an opportunity, calmed myself down as much as I could and picked it up. It said 'No Caller ID', still I answered the call and walked out of the bedroom pretending it was a friend on the other side of the phone. It was a man, who said, "Sir, there is someone inside your apartment. Be as calm as you can be and tell me your position," I replied,

"Dude, please stop calling me every night. I only answered your call because I wanted a glass of water and I got up to go to the kitchen."

"I hear you. We're right outside your door. Walk to the other side so that we can kick the door in," was the man's last words before I heard three loud bangs and men shouting "Police! Keep your hands where we can see them!" The last one to enter my apartment was the officer on the phone with me. He pulled me outside while the rest of the team searched my house. This only took them a few minutes because of the small size of my apartment.

When they were finished, they started exiting. Before the last officer came out, I saw a man. Normally you would expect someone like that to be dressed rather shabby with a mask or something. This guy was dressed as if he was going to a job interview. I had seen this guy once previously but I couldn't recall where. The police questioned me and took the man away. Something that made my blood run even colder was what they found with the man. Seven knives, ropes, plastic bags, and duct tape.

To this day, I have no idea who this guy was, why he was inside my apartment or what he wanted. I do not even know how the police knew that there was someone in there who wasn't supposed to be.

It's been four years. The only way I'm able to sleep is with all the lights on and a screen beside my bed showing cameras spread across every inch of my new place.

If you ever get that creepy, eerie feeling, ACT ON IT.

Laksh Gosain
Laksh Gosain
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