I'm Alone

by Laksh Gosain about a year ago in fiction

This is not the world I was supposed to wake up in.

I'm Alone

I have learned over the last 5 days that internet is my only connection to the actual world. The world you are in at the moment. The world where I was but not anymore. This happened exactly five days ago if I'm correct. I changed my clothes after a long day at work and I was ready to just fall asleep. And so I did. I fell asleep after texting my girlfriend good night.

I woke up the next morning, and felt different. I mean, I wasn't different but my surroundings were. Usually I would see the sun glowing and a few people walking on the sidewalk. That day, all I could see was yellow. I walked out on the street with no human in sight. No birds. Just me. Every house on my street including mine looked like they had been abandoned for years. There was a foul odour in the air. I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. I thought it was a dream and pinched myself. It was then I realized that it wasn't a dream. I went back inside my house to think. To make sense of all this somehow. That's when I received an iMessage from my girlfriend. It was a good morning message like nothing had changed. I texted her, "Are you looking outside? What happened?" She replied, "What are you talking about? I'm almost leaving for work."

I walked out again and started walking to the nearby grocery store in hopes of meeting someone who could explain what I was looking at. My phone battery was 100%, I had no cellular reception, but somehow my phone showed an LTE connection. I couldn't make a normal call and if I called someone using FaceTime, all they could see was a black screen but they could hear me. I thought of not trying to call people anymore in order to preserve my phone's battery. I explained everything to my girlfriend who then told me she was on her way to my house to check up on me. I thought I was going crazy.

After failing to find anyone on the streets, I went back to my house and waited on the front porch for my girlfriend to arrive. It may have been about 10 minutes when I got a text from my girlfriend. She told me she had been ringing the doorbell for a couple minutes but I wasn't opening. How could that be? Is that even possible? The entire time I was on the porch waiting for her. If she had arrived I would've seen her, right? I was looking around my house to see if I could see her or her car anywhere, thats when I saw a person, well I thought it was a person. He was coming up street. And even though I couldn't see his face, I knew he was looking right into my eyes. It was as if he wanted to take my soul.

I keep staring at him as he makes his way up to my house. Now standing not more than 10 feet away from me, he spoke. His voice was harsh, low pitched, un-human like. He told me he could explain everything. He could answer all my questions. But every question would come at a cost. The cost would be to sacrifice contact with people in the real world. Every question would cease contact with one person from the real world. This was the moment I finally accepted that this wasn't a dream and it wasn't my imagination. Scared, I asked him, "Where am I?" "This is a reflection of your world," he said. "Everything you see is real here, and everything is dangerous." And as he answered my question, my girlfriend's contact vanished from my phone. I couldn't contact her anymore. I asked my questions, and he answered them all.

From what he told me, this is a world that was sent to. By whom, that's not known. There is no way back to the real world. My questions caused me to lose contact with all my loved ones. My phone is now at 3%. I've been restricting myself from using my phone for the last few days. I've tried charging it but there's no electricity here. There's no water for me to shower. I've been drinking the water that was in my fridge. There's nothing in any of the houses I've searched. I'm left with probably enough water for another day or so.

This is account is my last ray of hope. I'm writing this to reach out to whoever was responsible for sending me into this world. Please. If there's a way, get me back. I'm out of food. I'm out of water. I'm scared for my life. Bring me back.

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