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Terrifying True Story of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro Veronica

Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro

By Dalip SinghPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro

Today's story is that of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro. Estefania was born in 1973 and lived with her parents in Vallecas, south Madrid. Estefania also had a younger brother and a younger sister. Everything was going well in their lives, but then one day, something happened that Estefania's parents got upset. The reasons for this were none other than Stefania herself.

Estefania's behavior suddenly changed. Estefania makes strange sounds and sometimes even attacks her brother. Not only this, she used to scratch the walls of her house. Estefania's family members were scared and worried about her antics.

Estefania's parents talked to Estefania about this and tried to ask her why she did this. Estefania replies that she doesn't know why she does this. Estefania also mentions that she sees a shadow in the middle of the night, and whenever she sees it, she starts acting weirdly. After all these things, the nervousness of Estefania's parents had increased. They were also worried because Estefania's health was deteriorating day by day.

Estefania's Death

When Estefania's parents did a little more investigation, they found that Estefania reads books related to occultism and ghosts. The parents felt that perhaps these books affected Estefania, so they removed those books from Estefania's room. But despite this, there was no change in Estefania's situation.

After that, Estefania's parents ask Priest for help, but it doesn't help Estefania. They also took medical help, but all Estefania's reports were ordinary. Doctors said that Estefania is completely fit mentally and physically. But still, Estefania's health was deteriorating continuously.

They kept Estefania in the hospital for a few weeks. Estefania's parents also used to come to visit her, and then one day, Estefania died mysteriously in the hospital. No one understood the cause of Estefania's death. The doctors were also surprised. When the post-mortem report came, they said that Estefania had died due to cardiac arrest. Everyone in the family was deeply saddened.

After this, Estefania's parents buried Estefania's body with Catholic rituals. Estefania's parents loved their grown daughter very much, so they kept everything Estefania's belongings in her room exactly as they were. Estefania's mother cleaned the room and locked the room. For a few days, everything was fine.

Paranormal Activities Started In The House

But one day, when Estefania's mother opened Estefania's room, she was surprised to see the condition of the room. Everything inside the room was scattered, and nothing was in its place. At first, Estefania's parents thought it might be a neighbor's doing.

All this went on for a few days, and then it all started getting scarier. The noises begin coming from Estefania's room. The voices also sounded as if Estefania was calling her mother. When Estefania's parents opened the door and went into her room after hearing these sounds, they realized that there was a lot of cold air blowing inside the room, but there was no air outside the window. And the condition of the room was in bad shape.

Estefania's parents noticed that there were fresh scratches on the walls. These marks were the same as when Estefania was alive and started behaving weirdly and scratched the walls. The whole family was very scared due to all these incidents, due to which they decided that they would close Estefania's room firmly so that no one could enter that room. But then the exact opposite of his expectation happened. The next night, all the same sounds again, and even the door of Estefania's room opened on its own.

Estefania's family was now so scared that they decided that they would now tell their neighbors about this. Although they were worried that who would believe them? But still, Estefania's parents dared to talk to their neighbors about this, and the neighbors also said they also heard strange sounds from their house at night. And the neighbors also saw all those incidents that night with their own eyes that how sounds are coming from Estefania's room, everything in the room is upside down, and cold air is blowing in the room.

Estefania's Teachers Come Home

Then one day, some teachers of Estefania's school came to Estefania's house, one of them who was also a nun. She tells some such things to Estefana's parents, due to which they understand to a great extent the reasons for the happenings in their house. She reveals that Estefania had a very close friend who had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was killed in a bike accident, after which Estefana's friend became very sad. Then one day she went to the back of the school where she saw four girls, one of whom was Estefania and one of her friends whose boyfriend had died.

She saw that all four of them were sitting around a wooden box, and glass was on the top. After that, she immediately went there and broke the box, and she saw that when she a white-colored smoke came out from it and went inside Estefania from her nose and mouth.

She talked to Estefania and her friends about this. She found out that Estefania read books related to ghosts and occultists. She believes that she can talk to ghosts and spirits, and that is why she wanted to call the soul of her friend's boyfriend and get her friend to talk. After which, she sent all four of them from there.

Parents Discovered the Reason Behind Estefania's Death

All this happened 7-8 months before Estefania's death, and around that time, there was a change in Estefania's behavior. Estefania's parents understood the reason behind all those incidents.

Estefania's parents thought that Estefania could talk to ghosts, but now she is roaming the house like a ghost, perhaps even trying to talk to them. After which, she goes back to Estefania's room and sees that the picture of Jesus in the room is upside down on the wall, and Estefania's photo was also lying on the ground below.

Estefania's mother begins to pick up her picture, and as soon as she picks it up, drops the photograph back on the floor. When Estefania's father sees this, he does not understand why his wife dropped the picture back. So he bows down to pick up the photo. When Estefania's father picks up the photograph and turns it, he is scared.

Estefania's picture starts burning on its own, and Estefana's father also drops that picture, and both of the parents come out of the room.

In the morning, Estefania's parents call a plumber, and they ask the plumber to close Estefania's room tightly. Apart from this, they put a lot of furniture in front of the door of Estefania's room. So that door cannot open at all. The same thing happened. This time the voices were louder than before. And it seemed as if someone wanted to come out of the room. The lock of Estefania's room opens unnaturally, and then the same thing happens that night.

Police Came in The Story

Lazaro's family thought about leaving the house because these incidents were not stopping and how many nights they would spend in fear like this. However, they were only thinking about all these things but had not decided anything yet.

Then something happened that night that had not happened till now. That night, when Estefania's mother was sleeping, she suddenly felt that someone was on her chest and strangling her. She tried a lot to remove her hand, but she could not remove it, but then somehow she was able to handle herself.

Following this incident, the family called the police the same night. The police reached Estefania's house shortly after the phone call. When the police came inside the house, they saw that the whole family was scared, so they asked them. Then Estefana's mother tells them everything to the police chief.

The police were feeling very strange in the house. They felt cold inside the house. And then, when they heard those voices, they asked if there was anyone else in the house? Estefania's mother tolls them, no one else in the house, but these voices are coming for many months.

Estefania's mother then told the police the whole story, after which they said that they wanted to see Estefania's room. When they went to the room, they saw that all the pictures were upside down. All the things in the room were scattered. Suddenly, a strong wind started blowing in the room.

But when they opened the window, there was no wind outside. After which, the police did not understand what to do? Then they leave from there. The cops come again and listen to all the stories from the family. Estefania's father tells them that the room where their younger son sleeps has two beds. They make him sleep on one bed, but he reaches the other bed like a football.

The police did not believe his words. They come to know that all these incidents happen only during the night. So the cops decide to stay there for the night. It is night, and Estefana's father takes the police to his son's room, and after a while, they see all this happening with their own eyes.

Everything starts happening in front of the police. The same scary sounds start coming. After which, the police write all this in their report. The police reported the same what they saw at the house. After which, this incident came into the eye of the media. It remained a topic of discussion for a long time. There was a lot of investigation on this, but they could not find anything from which they could say that some human being is behind these incidents.

After this, the police also advise Estefana's family to leave this house. Then something might change. Although, they were already thinking of leaving this house. Eventually, they decided that they would leave the Louis Harijn 8 apartment. After that, they shifted somewhere else, and all these paranormal activities stopped happening. This story is still famous in Spain.

Apart from this, it is also such a paranormal incident that has a government record. There is a movie on this, Veronica.

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