Story 1: The Blade

by Paul Zheng 2 years ago in fiction


Story 1: The Blade

In this world, there will always be things that seen way too... supernatural. For example, the Loch Ness monster, lost city of Atlantis, Hope Diamond, etc.—what I am about to tell you is one of my many adventures and first one of all about how I obtained a forbidden power, and now I'm serving the light from the dark. Here's the deal: I was on the sidewalk when some armored vehicle crashed into a nearby pole. The front of the vehicle exploded and some shrapnel almost hit me. There were about 3 people heavily armored and armed that came crashing out from the back. One of them had a large long case with him. They all looked worried and scared. Also, there was some weird swooshing sound coming from everywhere. It finally came to a stop when a guy came out of nowhere, facing the three scared soldiers. In that ominous-looking guy's hand was a large saber-like thing. His face was covered with a hood and mask. He looked at me with his red eyes. I backed up against a wall, thinking he was about to kill me. But he looked back at the three and made a weird stance. I blinked and he was gone, but so were the heads of two of the soldiers. The other one with the case wasn't moving at first but then he looked at his fallen comrades. He made an angry face and started aiming at the saber-equipped guy. There was big shockwave and I saw the soldier's right arm flying to the side, the saber man's weapon streaked with blood. The soldier fell on his knees, gripping his right shoulder. He looked at me with a determined yet unsure expression. He threw the case at me and told me to run for it, but before he can finish his sentence, he was decapitated. His head landed a few feet away from me, the expression imprinted on it was a sad one. I looked at the man standing there with his bloodied weapon. I don't know why but I was very angry. So angry that I gave out a loud roar, and then the case bursted open with a purple-black aura that surrounded me. I looked around and saw nothing until some sort of sword appeared in front of me. It asked, "Do you want power?" I stared at it, saying nothing. "I am a cursed blade forged by many and used by many. I carried the souls of those who utilized me and those that I slain. I possess forbidden power, power that you can use against the one before you. Now, choose!" the sword boomed. I looked down, contemplating the decision hard.

I gritted my teeth, balled my hands into fists, and with determination I said, "I accept." The darkness vanished and I was on the street once more, with the blade in my hand. The man with the saber started at me and got ready to strike. Quickly, I unsheathed my weapon, and then blocked a blow from that guy. It all happened so quickly, I barely had time to breathe. That guy looked very surprised and angry. He moved away with such inhuman speed. I steadied myself too, exhaling and inhaling calmly. I cleared my mind, readied my muscles. I don't know if it was just me hallucinating but the weapon I was holding looked like it was giving off a dark aura. I felt strange as well; it felt as if the blade was gifting me more power. The sword felt lighter, my senses become more toned, and I was no longer fearful. Then suddenly... time stopped — at least for the things around me. I can see the guy running towards but like in some sort of slow motion. I reacted quickly, ducking under from the incoming saber and struck the guy with a swift slash. Time moved once again. My sword covered with blood. Behind me, the man fell on his knees, grasping his stomach and sides. I looked at him and to my surprise, his skin was blackening as if he was diseased. He fell forward and did not move an inch. I looked at the weird weapon in my hands. I had obtained one heck of a power, a forbidden dark one. But I was not afraid. I accepted it and I'm going to use it for purposes that protects. Such dark power should be seen in the light, therefore I serve the light from the shadows. That's the story. The end.

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