Slayer Savvy

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Generations and what they are

Slayer Savvy
a vampire slayer by Andrii Shafetov

Name's Sascha. I'm not as well-known as the male resistors. Yes, we're all made and resist the strain itself. We rebirth into our next lives with no memory of being made, but a strong sense of duty to our last left purpose as we died. We can't remember that unless we Awaken, which is the process of remembering all our lives. I'm reborn from Ileana, not Illona, Jusztina Szilagyi Tepes.

There are firsts. They're Plutonians. They've been Whisperer/Shaytan djinn. They're also the strongest vampires other than sixths. They are only killed by merrick (au-ai) blades or shittim stakes.

Sixths are daywalkers. You know that three-day trial in Dracula: Untold (Shore)? That. They are only resistors who have not been reborn into slayers or hunters or, worse, Frankensteined or Bride of Frankensteined.

Frankensteined or Bride of Frankensteined is when you have all your parts, but you don't know they're yours because they're dissociative astral to physical forms. You have to regain them all, then remember who you were. The Trephining (astral level) is fun to deal with too. It means you had your mind or astral brain drilled into by Angiers.

Angiers are angels who are really dissonant but Niced into following the rules of Heaven, if only literally. Only Watchers are good and not just nice. Nice ones have silver eyes and good ones have blue eyes.

There's good and there's decent. They are both consonant concepts. Consonant is for the balance of the world and dissonant is for its imbalance. Good is Heavenly. Decent is Hellian.

There are Watchers, Archangels, Hell Knights. Those are the astral fighters, sometimes physical, though the ensuing chaos is prevented from being literally manifested, for the most part.

Back to the generations. The seconds died out years ago because they burned in lava.

The thirds are resistant to sun unless they look into it. The fourths are just the females.

The fifths are Beareds. They've been made into defaulting with bears as pure forms. The females are still fourths, but a different kind than the vampiric fourths.

Pure forms are the only forms in which beings are consonant-bound.

Sevenths are scorpioned. They default to wronging true women, not femaled mids, in their sexual maturations.

A sexual maturation is the declaration and premiering of a woman or a man. It is the process of the applicable members of the world declaring them viable/attractive.

True women are women on every level, astrally or physically. They can give astral birth as well as physical birth, whereas femaled mids or chicks (men shapeshifted into females) can only give physical birth.

Femaled mids are the default other bodies of men. They were made by the removal of astral parts of men and astrally contain them. They are stung-ins, meaning they are dissonant because they are animated by a dissonant sting.

A dissonant sting will make or dissonate any real person. This does not mean that the inner person is dissonant, just that their bodily system is. A real person is called a main if the femaled mid is out.

Shapeshifters exist. They are not necessarily dissonant.

Aliens are likely explained by a shapeshifter's being found during their change.

Back to the generations. Eighths are spidered/krakened men. Ninths are the women.

Tenths are the earthly version of the first strain, but weaker. They are also prone to holy water, three splashes. That or silver.

Holy water can be made by a Watcher's spitting three times into regular water and swirling it until thoroughly mixed.

Regarding werewolves, they are also prone to silver since weak dissonant is prone to it in general. Their hearts can also be torn out of their chests by vampires.

Regarding vampires, the garlic thing isn't true and the cross thing isn't true. Dissonants in general cannot enter a church or holy ground, especially if it's Watcher warded. Dissonated ones have the same problem.

Changelings are the physical forms and hungry ghosts (found in Buddhism) are the astral forms. They are the children, insofar as they can be, of the dissonants. Dissonants cannot breed. They can make children dissonated or have femaled mids be children.

True people are the ones who have been dissonated or Sundered. This means they've been stung or had their astral parts removed and put into a femaled mid. Diseases allude to previous life Sunderings that did not get completed as evolved past. One must first Awaken to a sting or Sundering, then evolve past it. Once one has Awakened and evolved past all of them, one is complete and fully Awakened.

Alexandra F
Alexandra F
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