Skin Walkers

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Skin Walkers

Skin walkers are a Native American legend. They are witches that can turn into or possesses any creature or animal that it wants to so that it can do bad things. It can never be used by a healing witch. The animals that these witches morph into, become, or inhabit are the troublemakers—or the ones that are associated with death and darkness such as foxes, coyotes, eagles, and crows. The most common way they are described as is a hollowed out dog-like creature. But some may also see them as a goat or dear like creature. There is also a belief that there are some skin walkers that can take on the form of someone you know. Back in the day, Native Americans defended skin walkers and actually turned into them because they believed they were good. Now the Native Americans see the bad that can come from skin walkers. Some people believe they can hurt people who deserve to be hurt, so in turn they are good, while others believe that they are bad because they can hurt anyone. Some people believe that they aren't bad at all.

A lot of people who know about skin walkers don't dare speak about them because there's a belief that they are always listening. There could be an animal outside the house that you think is normal that is really a skin walker. Then, in the other sense of skin walkers, you can also be in a conversation with someone you think is your friend or anyone you know, but they are actually a skin walker. So be careful.

Another belief or fact about skin walkers is that they can run super fast. This isn't like fastest man in the world, it's faster than that. They can use this speed to do a lot of harm.

Some people believe you can kill them by knowing their actual human name and calling the walker by it. It's the same as a priest learning the name of a demon to rid someone of the demon or lessen its power.

Now on to some stories people have about their encounters with skin walkers. One person tells the story of staying with their grandma, and while she wasn't religious, she did believe in the paranormal. So in the story the writer says there is really nothing of note except their grandma keeps the blinds closed and will peer out from time to time. When asked what she was doing she replied with "Yenaldlooshi is watching me." This went on for the whole visit until a few days before the trip was over when the youngest of the grand kids and the grandma were planting flowers in the evening. The writer then remembers hearing their grandma yelling, and when they headed out to the front yard, they saw their grandma holding the young boy while a Great Dane-sized dog with yellow eyes stared intensely at the grandma. When the creature saw that there were more people in the yard it went away. The grandma said, "Yenaldlooshi has found me." She moved two weeks later.

One man was driving home one night and saw this little old Navajo woman walking on the side of the road. The guy slowed down and asked the woman if she needed a ride and the woman took off with inhuman speed into the plains. Not that everyone who denies the offers of a ride from a stranger is a skin walker, but they might be if they run faster than any human ever.

There isn't a lot of info out there because people are so afraid to talk about them, but I did what I could with finding information; there isn't much out there. If you want more stories of skin walkers let me know.

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Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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