Haunted Places #2

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These are fun.

Haunted Places #2

Dienger Building or Boerne Public Library is in Boerne, Texas. It was Joseph and Ida Dienger in 1887 as a dry-goods grocery store with the family living quarters upstairs. The city purchased it in 1991 and all the paranormal things started happening. People report seeing lights going on and off in the empty building at night, voices were heard in empty hallways, books fell off the shelves, and a spirit of a woman appeared beside the staircase. As the story goes, the ghosts here are the spirits of Ida and Joseph Dienger.

Moundsville Penitentiary is located in West Virginia, was one of the most violent correctional facilities for 100 years, and housed about 1,000 criminals. There was several riots because the inmates lived in cramped quarts. A lot of people died here because of hanging, in the electric chair or killed by other prisoners. It closed in 1995 but spirits can be heard or seen on tours done in the prison.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, once known as Weston State Hospital, is also located in West Virginia. It housed people starting in 1864 and the hospital closed in 1994. During the time it was open there were thousands of people that were housed there, hundreds died there and the spirits are said to haunt it to this day. The asylum served as a military base during the Civil War era so some of the spirits date back to the civil war. They actually offer paranormal tours, if you are interested in those. They offer a 2 hour tour, an 8 hour ghost hunt, and an overnight ghost adventure (I know what I want to do for Halloween). There is one little girl named Lily who shows up on the tours, she was born and died there. Now Lily haunts the first floor near her room and makes herself known by the holding of hands, tugging on clothing, giggling, stealing candy, and invisible games of ball. One person said you can also encounter a woman named Ruth who was an angry sometimes violent older lady who did not like men. This person didn't say what would happen if you encountered Ruth though, but they said you could encounter her on the first floor near her room. There is also a voice you will hear near or in a room that a double suicide happened in on the second floor, it is reported that the voice will say "get out." Also on the second floor you may feel someone on your pants, that is the spirit of a murder victim. Doors are left open by the spirit of a nurse who is still trying to do her rounds.

Villisca Axe Murder House is located in Iowa and is the scene of the 1912 murder of Josiah B. Moore, his wife, their 4 children, and 2 young girls who were overnight guests in the house. The murder was never identified which is sad and terrible. People actually tried to live there after the murders and report seeing a man with an ax. They also report hearing girls crying and other paranormal activity. In 1994, the house was restored to it's original condition with no indoor plumbing or electricity. A lamplight tour is available from April through November or an overnight experience is available also by reservation for groups.

Jerome, AZ, has one famous ghost, although it is hard to pinpoint a specific location in Jerome where you can find her. Her name is Sammie Dean and she was a prostitute. She was strangled by one of her clients or Johns (whatever you want to call them), now her spirit wonders the streets and alley ways to find her killer. This town has many spirits due to the gunfights and mining accidents back when the town was booming, but Sammie was the most famous.

If you have an experience at any of theses places let me know by emailing me, my email is on my page.

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