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Short tale 'A Haunted House'

I read Virginia Woolf's short story A Haunted House.

By Sha AyeimanPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

I read Virginia Woolf's short story A Haunted House. This story is extremely intriguing, however it is quite short. A Haunted House follows the narrative of a ghost couple residing in the place of a wedded couple (alive), the spooky pair are looking for something in which they lost. They search the house going to the garden, the loft, and opening and closing entryways to find what they have lost. The couple as of now residing in the house realize that there are two ghosts meandering about their home. The mere fact that the couple know there are ghosts meandering about their home, yet they are unafraid is mind overwhelming. Most of the people out there if they had realized ghosts were possessing their home would be scared and freaked out. For what reason is this couple not even slightly feel scared?

As the search for this obscure object continues, the reader can't help the urge but become a bit restless, attempting to sort out what this object is that has been lost that the ghosts are so resolved about finding. So it just happens, the object wherein they were looking for was their hidden joy. They were looking for their emotional treasure in the storyteller (the wife) and her spouse.

Something that is fascinating is truly fascinating is the house having a heartbeat, yet this isn't simply a normal heartbeat, the house's heartbeat is "safe" however it is repeated so that it is rhythmic. I can't help thinking about why the creator picked this word as the heartbeat. Might it at some point that the house is attempting to let the ghostly couple know that their treasure is protected? Besides the fact that the house has a heartbeat, yet, it can talk, it lets the ghosts know that there is treasure concealed inside it's rooms. Could this be what the ghosts are after?

I find it fascinating how the author interwins the story of how the ghosts become ghosts, and give that information to the one who is right now residing in their house.The woman had passed on first many years earlier. At the point when the wife had kicked the bucket, the house was sealed, and the rooms were not generally filled up with light, and the husband went out from the house and voyaged from one side of the world to the other. At the point when he died he got back to the house to become rejoined with his wife. The storyteller then, at that point, realizes that the man unable to find what he was looking for during his excursion, since what he needed was the delight of a loving relationship, something that could only come from his beloved wife.

The author involves stream of consciousness as a method for making a fluid/smooth progress that captures the subject's thoughts as they drift between past experiences and memories to introduce sensations and moments. This how the storyteller can convey the subtleties of the lives of the people in whom she doesn't have the foggiest idea. Because of the subtleties being introduced through another person's eyes, the author can take ordinary objects and give descriptions of them however the descriptions care substantially more emotional weight.

For instance, the sheet of glass that the storyteller looks through is symbolic of the invisible barrier to understanding the various stages/sorts of lights that are being addressed. The glass keeps the sunbeam, the light of revelation from reaching at the storyteller. This sheet of glass then, at that point, turns into a symbol of the death that has kept these to lovers seperated for a long time.

Themes of Death and Love. I truly love the author's twist on this. The permeance of love even in death, the connection between all spirits both living and dead. The author making demise and life a place where love can prosper and flourish, Kingdoms of the Heart. The intricacy of this story is astounding to me, it was just ten paragraphs, but it is such a lot of meaning and profundity was packed into this story. In any case, I think what stood apart to me more than anything was the way that the author showed that even in death, the love where you lost can be found again whether that be in everyday life or in the after life as the author proposes.

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