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(not for the faint of heart)

By Huyu HuPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

“A Little Help”

He placed his strangled girlfriend in the back seat, intending to drive out of the city and dispose of her body. Once outside the city, he found a desolate and remote place to park. He waited for half an hour, and no other cars passed by. He felt relieved that no one would discover this place. A cold wind blew through, and he thought to himself that this eerie place was really creepy. At this moment, he shivered and sneezed several times, his face covered in snot. A piece of tissue was handed to him from the back seat: “My dear, here you go.”

“Breaking From Within is Life”

She made a wish to the mirror, wishing to transform from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. She noticed that her unattractive self seemed to be changing gradually in the mirror, becoming increasingly refined and delicate like a porcelain doll. She was amazed and couldn’t resist touching her image in the mirror with her hands. Suddenly, cracks appeared on the surface of the mirror, spreading rapidly, and she recoiled in fright. “It’s okay, it’s okay, just an accident,” she comforted herself, placing a hand on her chest. Her reflection in the mirror smiled, but she didn’t. She realized that the mirror had cracked from the inside.

"Magic Trick"

On stage, the magician was performing a magic trick where a person was being transformed from something inanimate to alive.

The assistant climbed into a box, and the magician lifted up a chainsaw.

The audience's gasps and cheers almost drowned out the sound of the chainsaw.

The performance, so far, appeared to be perfect.

However, it's unlikely that this magic trick had used any fake blood as a prop.

"A Story about Facial Recognition"

A famous tech company developed a new facial recognition software, which I used to collect facial information of myself and my partner and applied it to an electronic anti-theft door. One evening after work, I was surprised to discover that my partner was not at home. The anti-theft door had two failed facial recognition records, marked as "suspected coercion" and "suspected incompleteness." Feeling anxious, I contacted the tech company for an explanation.

"Hello, Suspected Coercion is our patent. Our system detects the unlocking person's facial expression to determine whether they are being coerced. If our system judges that the unlocking person is being coerced, facial recognition will automatically fail, and we will immediately report it to the authorities." During a pause in the conversation, I heard the sound of a police siren getting closer, which slightly calmed my nerves.

"Hello, Suspected Incompleteness is also our patent, but the details are sensitive. Do you want me to explain further?"

"Yes, please explain."

"Providing only facial information is also not enough to pass our recognition system."

"Can you explain more clearly?"

"I'm sorry, this is as far as I can explain."

The person hung up the phone, and the police arrived at my door looking grim. They discovered my partner's headless body.

"Tomorrow's Sunny Day"

Little Zhang's face was livid as he rushed home in his car. He was the youngest of the three Zhang brothers, and his two older brothers were married and living away, while he remained living at home in their ancestral house with their elderly mother, who relied on him for care. She was suffering from rheumatism, and with the onset of the rainy season, she constantly cried out in pain, unable to take care of her bathroom needs, leading to an unbearable stench in the house. Little Zhang had put up with this for half a year, increasingly impatient.

On this particular night, he made up his mind and tied up his mother, who was writing in her diary on her bed, with a rope. He drove her to the outskirts, dug a hole and buried her alive. Returning home, Little Zhang smoked an entire pack of cigarettes, and finally calmed down. The house was quiet, and for the first time in half a year, he slept peacefully.

When he woke up, it was already noon. Suddenly, his eldest brother called, and asked about their mother's situation. Five years ago, their mother had secretly given the ancestral house to Little Zhang, causing his elder brother to be so angry he had not contacted the family in five years. Now, his eldest brother suddenly called, and Little Zhang felt taken aback. Fortunately, his eldest brother was easy-going, didn't dwell on the issue, and the two simply exchanged some pleasantries before hanging up.

Suddenly, someone knocked on Little Zhang's door, it was the mailman. Little Zhang cautiously opened the door slightly, and the mailman handed him a letter from his mother. After opening the letter carefully, Little Zhang read it. Surprisingly, it was a greeting letter from his mother's pen pal, who she had lost contact with for twenty years. Little Zhang threw the letter into the trash can, then lounged on the sofa and turned on the TV. He had forgotten that it was actually his mother's birthday today. The night before her birthday, his mother had written down four wishes in her diary. The first wish was to be free of pain. The second wish was that her eldest son would care for her. The third wish was to find her pen pal, with whom she had lost contact twenty years prior. The fourth wish was to wish for sunny weather so that Little Zhang could take her out for a walk. The TV was showing the weather forecast, and it was predicted to be sunny tomorrow, as the rainy season had come to an end.


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