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A Purposeful, Bloody Accident

By Amber FiercePublished 3 years ago 23 min read
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As a shade in The Land Of The Dead, I am constantly looking for color in my eternity. I'm kind of in limbo right now. It's called The In-between and that's been my fate for... Oh Grim. I don't know how long I've been here like this... Excuse me.

"Reaper! Grim! Mr. Reaper! I need a word with you sir!"

Chapter 1: Bloody Hell!

Levi, (an older gentleman who is aware that his days are numbered). Grabbed a special book from his desk drawer. The book was small, black, and had an embedded design of flowers and skulls in the corners. He opened the book to the second page, it read; My Manifestation Book. He sat for a moment to reminisce in the many things this book has done for him. He started stitching the front page and the title page together, each stitch representing something the book had given him. He thought of his big house, and the loan that was approved for him to buy it. (Despite his low credit score at the time). He thought about his three children, one son and two daughters. He thought about his siblings and his niece. He thought of invisible things such as health and safety for him and his family.

Levi stitched the pages together with a shiny red ribbon, to symbolize his blood. Of which is on each page to start the growth of his manifestations. He thanked the book at the last stitch, then began to write his will after his last manifestation spell.

To Alice and family;

As my eldest, my first baby, you were very special to me and your mother. Never forget your unique qualities. I am leaving you with my library, and all the contents within it. Let your boys run wild with their imaginations. P.S. Please don't break anything. I will hear the crack from beyond the grave.

To Luther and family;

As my second child, I know you have has your struggles. You felt like there was a weight crushing you. I hope you know how proud you've made me in this life. Your son and daughters are lucky to have a Dad like you. I am leaving you with my hot tub, sauna, and private massage room. Never forget how brave you are son. P.S. Please tip the massage therapist, or I'll walk over your grave and give you chills.

To Cadence;

As my youngest daughter, I know how much it means to you to be recognized. I hope the acknowledgement of your mom and dad was enough during the tough times. I am leaving you with my house. I hope it will give you the space you and your family need to be yourselves. I hope you never forget your ambition. P.S. Please keep things tidy. I will come back. I will haunt you guys.

To Willow;

Ah, my beautiful sister. When we meet again I hope your fighting spirit crosses over with you. Until then, I am leaving you with my paintings. You and I both know mow much they can be worth. Do with them what you will. P.S. I'm dead by this point, thus they might be worth more now.

To Ivory;

My other beautiful sister. It's been a long time since we've seen you. I hope all has been well. there isn't anything I can think of that you would want or need. Thus, I will leave you with positive thoughts from the beyond.

At the last page of the book, Levi wrote a special note for Willow's daughter, Kendra.

To Kendra;

My niece, you are the only one that believes in magic as much as I do. I am leaving you with my little black book. Treat it kindly and it will listen, and help you. It's too bad the rest of the family doesn't feel the same as we do about magic. They don't believe much in the spirit world either... Wouldn't that be something if this book ended up in the spirit world~-~


"OUCH! My nose, God damn veins all out of place. Constant bleeding CONSTANT!" Levi got up without finishing his thought. He waddled his ninety year old butt to his flowery bathroom, wadded up a piece of toilet paper, and rammed it up his nostril.

Realization struck, Levi hurriedly shuffled back to his study in his bunny slippers and pink silk pajamas. He whispered to himself "please be there, please be there." He turned the corner and watched his little black book fade away. He assumed it went where he sent it. "Bloody Hell..."

Chapter 2: Apparition Meet Corporeality

So, I've been here for about seventy years AND apparently I've been sentenced to 1000 years in The In-between. Unless I do something redeemable. Which is IMPOSSIBLE when a shade is stuck here...

Anyway, I'm headed back to my corner of The In-between. Which of course isn't actually my corner, I just prefer this area. I mean who wouldn't? Even in black and white it's a beautiful space. There's a café with walls of different kinds of beautiful flowers. Oh! Also there is an overgrown graveyard it's like a forest, but a small one. In fact, I think I'll go for a drift and visit some dead peoples bodies that I don't know.

Basically everything is a reflection of The Land Of The Living here, in one way or another. That could be literally or metaphorically. Oh look there's Doug. "Hi Doug!" He's a regular in the graveyard waiting for his family to come visit him. There aren't that many shades here right now, it's not the weekend so they aren't expecting anyone.

The graveyard is the way that the living can visit their dead. However, I don't know how the dead visit their living. I am still knew-ish here, so I'm still learning the ropes... That I can't use. Ugh! Being dead is hard! I~-~


My eyes are popping right now! There is a book in the yard and get this. It. Is. Glowing! In color! Oh-my-Grim, oh-my-Grim, oh-my-Grim. It's, it's... The color of blood. Now, what color was that again? Blue! Wait no, I must be thinking of a reference I can't remember. Hmm, I know it's the color of a marking pen... It's popular on Valentine's Day... It's the color of a cherry. Cherry-cherry-cherry-cherry-cherry-cherry. Cherry RED! It's glowing red. Pfft I knew that, ha ha.

Chapter 3: That Can't Be Important... Right?

Alright, I felt like I probably shouldn't be caught with a glowing book. I can't explain it, but I felt the need to keep it safe. Thus, I used piles of mulch to hide the book on top of my head. The glow kept seeping through though, so I used more and more until I looked like a pile of mulch myself... I mean let's be honest, most things here look suspicious, considering the setting is black and white. It's like I'm in a movie! My point is, I was being peeped by every shade on the block! and not just stared at. Eyes rolling to the backs of heads stared at. I mean, my eyes were probably doing the same thing, but that's besides the point. They were being creepy not me!

I've made it back to my solitude (the café). Technically speaking shades cannot claim space in The In-between, however most of the shades on the street have left me to my own devices. Speaking of which, It's time to dissect the blood book! MWAHAHAHAHA!

"Hey newbie, what have you got there?"

"AH! Holy wisp!"

"Nothing! I am just researching mulch during this eternity."

"Sure, sure. I'll leave you to it then."

"Bye Charles!"

Oh my Grim that was close! Back to the matter at hand. This book is insane! I can feel so much energy flowing through it. Strangely a familiar energy but I can't quite put my finger on it.

It feels like it's staring into my eyes and trying to take my soul. HA! Jokes on you book! I am already dead.

So far, I found that the two front pages have been stitched together. Also, there is a bodily fluid stamped on each page. That can't be important right? Right-right-right. Moving on, I found that the books contents are mostly what look like wishes. I think that's the proper word for that. Anyway, I skimmed through those until I reached the blank pages. Looks like someone was writing a will to their family. Hmm, I wonder how old they are. It's probably irrelevant but I can't help my curiosity. I do won~-~

"You found a book from the land of the living!?"

"AHHAHA! Charles! Stop doing that to me!"

"Ha, sorry... The glow gave it away though. It belongs to someone on the other side of our other side."

"Ow my brain. I get what you're saying though. How can I take it back?"

"Hmm, I know your new-ish, but have you ever heard of a vortex?"

"A vortex?"

"Yes it's how the dead visit the living."

"How the dead visit the living?"

"Yes in special, or corrupt circumstances."


"Yes! Oh my Grim stop repeating everything I'm saying!"

Chapter 4: Welcome Citizens Of The Dead, To The Land Of The Living!

So, Charles is showing me where a vortex will pop up in a couple of hours. Time works a little differently here though. It's a bit complicated so I'll be brief. There's no morning or night, we can't really sleep, and things happen faster here. That's why I'm still considered a new shade, as opposed to Charles who has been here for 300 plus years already.

I know he's pretty nice for being that old!

Oh, while I've been waiting I actually found the name of the person this book belongs to. Serves me right for not reading the back side of the stitched pages. Behold, the name LEVI... Now I think that's pronounced Levy or Leevy... I'm going to go with Levy.

Charles told me to meet him at a bowling alley. Yeah, that doesn't sound eerie at all. Wish me luck!

"Newbie! I'm glad you could make it, and early nonetheless."

"Thaaaanks. So, you said this alley is abandoned both here and in The Land Of The Living?"

"Yes! Now, vortex's open in different places all over The In-between. They also open at different times. However, it's consecutive. This one will be here in five minutes, our time. Does that make sense?"

"Sure, I think I'm following along...

"PPTHTHPP... Whoa! pardon me. sorry about that I'm a bit nervous.

WOW! where did your face go Charles? Charles? CHARLES! Can you hear me!? Guess I'll leave you alone for a minute... You know I didn't actually fart right? We don't have the bowels to produce methane gas... No? You still need a minute. Alright."

* * *

"Okay... That rumbling sound you hear is the start of the vortex. Once it opens you will have one second to jump into it. Wait for my signal, if you jump too soon or too late you could hurt your soul."





Alright made it to the vortex. I didn't think Charles was coming with me though... He didn't tell me how long the transition to The Land Of The Living was going to take going through a vortex. He probably thought that if he had, I wouldn't agree to go with him. Thanks Charles. We also found out that we can't hear each other in the vortex. Which, I actually don't mind as much as Charles does.

Wait, it looks like he's trying to get my attention. He's mouthing something. I can't quite make it out. B- b- bow- ball- BOWLING BALL!"


"Reaping scythe! Charles I thought you said this alley was abandoned!"


"It was!!"


"Well, you were wrong Charles! Hey stop thro-"


"Stop throwing bowling balls through us!"

"Hey! Newbie, they can't see or hear you remember? So get out of their faces."

"Oh right..."

"There she is!"

"Uh, you didn't tell me you had that serious of a sentence ghost-y. Why do you have to be so shady?"

"What? I don't have to tell you everything about my afterlife Charles. Just tell me who the new apparitions are."

"I don't have to tell you everything about this afterlife."

"okay... I deserved that. I'm sorry Charles."

"They are the ~"


"RUUUUDE! The GRIS which stands for; Grim Reaper In-between Security."

"Oh, heavens..."

Chapter 5: You Brought A Haunting To A Conjuring

Let me bring you back up to speed here, Charles and I found out that the GRIS is after me. However, I could not justify them taking me back to The In-between. I still have the book and need to return it to Levy.

I know, I know. Why not just give the book to Charles, and he can take care of it? Well, we found out another interesting detail. Let me tell you about our ghost fight first though!

So, we are back in the bowling alley and in a panic, Charles and I flew through the electrical system. This caused the glow in the dark bowling to start. It was sudden. Yes, there was screaming. Yes, there was crying from little kids, and yes, there was even laughing! All from the citizens of The Land of The Living. However, there was stress for me and Charles and angry determination from the apparition officers.

One of the officers got a hold of my bag and yanked me backward. He made 'the scream' face in an attempt to freeze me against my will. (Charles told me that after the fact). I closed my eyes and pushed back. I then sling shot myself through all the score screens, each one I went through gave me a buzz. Charles told me that when I went through each screen filled with tv static. So, that explains the buzz.

I then found Charles hiding behind the cash counter. I hopped over with him and set off the till. It made a cha-ching sound and the officers found us. Once they looked over, they both used a supernatural talent to lift all the bowling shoes. In an attempt to immobilize us, they then dropped them on mine and Charles' head.

Charles reassured me afterwards that they were only using haunting techniques on us. Thus, he and I would only be trapped if they scared us bad enough or, IF their freeze faces worked.

After the officers dropped the shoes on us, I somehow found a supernatural ability of my own. I conjured the bowling balls, pins, and shoes to life and sent them after the officers. The objects chased them around and into the pits, (where the pins are meant to fall). The objects trapped them there.

Charles seized the opportunity and took off outside. He grabbed my arm and pulled me through the wall with him. At first I was annoyed by the grabbing and by Charles taking us into the middle of a busy street. However, the officers got free and they were flying after us. Charles told me to wait, then a vortex appeared and the GRIS officers were back in The In-between. (Thank you Charles).

Now, back to the new development with the book. It's still glowing red, but now there is a glowing red line. Leading from the book to a specific destination. The only thing is that Charles can't see it. He can see auras of the living people around us, but not where the book wants us to go.

"Alright ghost-y lets get going!"

"Okie dokie. We could take 6th Avenue, or we could go the 3rd street way... Hmm. What do you think Charles? Charles? Where did you go?"

"Newbie! Look up here!"

"Ohhh, yeah I guess we could just fly our way there."

"So, What are you stuck in The In-between for anyway?"

"Hmm, good question Charles. I vaguely remember blowing up a building while I was alive. The Grim Reaper remembers though. He told me that I have 1000 years to make up for it. He explained that I blew up an abandoned jail. As an ignorant citizen of the living, I didn't think it would hurt anything. I was wrong . It's a bit embarrassing, but I ended up setting a few evil entities free.... okay, a lot of them."

"Oh, wow. that sucks! The Reaper must be mad at you. Who knows, maybe getting this book back to who it belongs to will help your case."

" Yeah hop- Oh no. It's a hospital. The book led us to a hospital."

We found Levy, he is in room ten. He's hooked up to an IV and he had a nurse with him. He looks like he's one hundred years old! Anyway, the nurse doesn't think he's getting out of the hospital anytime soon. She asked him about his next of kin, which was helpful for me and Charles. Also, his name Levy, is actually pronounced as Levi. You pronounce the I at the end. Neat.

Levi also mentioned that he lost a book. I'm assuming it's the one that I have. He said that it was supposed to go to someone special, there was no mention of anyone getting the book in his will though... Hmm what am I missing?

" Well, ghost-y let's start our scavenger hunt."

Chapter 6: A Living Soul Hunt

"Where do you think we should start Charles?"

"Beats me, you're the one who can see the line."

"Well yeah, but the line led us to a dead end. The book can't go back to Levi. We have to find his other family members; the line doesn't go to them though."

"Hmm, I could look for the people with that similar aura, and go from there?"


Charles found five other auras that are similar to Levi's. so we are going to go to point one and work our way across town. The first house looks like there is a female inside. She has- wow! Look at all the books in that house! This must be Alice. Why would she need a library? Oh well. Time to try giving her the book!

"Alice? Excuse me Alice?"

"She can't hear you. I already told you that the living can't see or hear us newbie. How else can I make myself any clearer?"

" Ha ha, we're ghosts, I get it. How should we get the book to them then Charles?"

"We need to try supernatural things, for example; we could shake some of her book cases then throw this book at her face?"

"I guess that's worth a shot..."

Charles was wrong, that did not work at all. The book just flew right through her and back outside. That felt rude of me too. I couldn't be an evil entity if I tried.

"Woah! Nice arm."

"Thanks Charles."

"Maybe we should just move on. She seems like the one for a book, but not this book. You know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, that's fair."

Charles and I have made it to the second house. It's another daughter I think. The book does say that he has a sister and a niece, I guess we'll figure it out. Oh, no yeah. It's his second daughter. How do I know? well Charles and I have just kind of been lurking like, well, ghosts. We've been spying through trees on her property. Her husband called her. This is Cadence's house.

"Any high spirited ideas this time Charles?"

"I'm thinking. Give me an In-between minute."

"Alright, maybe I can come up with something... Do you think possessing something might work?"

"Do you know how to do that newbie?"

"No, but I have to try!"

"Okay, start small and go for a coat."

"Woah, woah."

"Take it easy newbie. You're trying to go too fast. You know how sheet ghosts float? Go that speed."

"Okay, I think I got it. I'll just make my way over to Cadence and drop the book with the coat and she is sure to find it!"

Cadence and her husband started making themselves lunch, then heard a thud on one of their dining chairs.

"Hello?" Cadence called to the dining room. "Is anyone there?" She looked over at her husband. He nodded and went towards the sound.

"It was just your jacket falling." He said.

"That's odd, I could have sworn I hung it up on the rack at the front door." Cadence hesitated. She lifted up the jacket and took it back to the coat rack.

"OH COME ON!!! She didn't take the book. It must not be visible. It was right in front of her. Grim damnit!"

"Relax newbie it obviously isn't for her either. Lets go to the next house."

Charles and I floated to the next house where we found a little old woman who looked to be in her eighty's. This must be Levi's sister. Hopefully we will have more luck with her.

"Charles, do you have any ideas yet?"

"Well, she is a lot older, and babies and the elderly usually have an easier time sensing the dead. maybe she'll-"

"Hello spirits. I know you're there. You can- Oh my heavens! Is that you?"

Chapter 7: Sit...

"It's been a long time since we've heard from you. I'm sorry to find out that you passed away."

"She must be talking about you newbie, all my family are dead too, unless they're 300 years old."

"Ivory! Where did you disappear so many years ago?"

"Umm, I don't know..."

"Maybe I should do a séance. That might help us communicate better."

"Woah newbie, we are going to find out how you died!"

"How exciting!"

So, I found out that I am Levi's and Willow's sister. That explains the familiar energy I felt with the little black book. Presently, I'm learning how I died. Maybe through this séance, Willow will be able to help me and Charles find who the book is supposed to go to! I should probably listen in now.

"Ivory, how long have you been dead?"

"Seventy years..."

"Oh my gosh, so you passed away shortly after you went missing. I'm so sorry. You had such a short life... You know, we all missed you. You were so much fun. Life's been pretty hard without you around. We managed though, please don't feel bad! We love you very much. Do you remember anything before you died?"

"Awe, you're so sweet Willow. Also, no."

"That's too bad. Maybe we can help you figure it out. Was there water or forest? Were there other people around you or animals?"

"Now that you mention it I vaguely remember there being a forest."

"I can work with that. Do you recall what was in the forest?"

"There weren't any other people... I think there was snow though."

"Okay I only heard the word snow. Maybe an avalanche?"

"No that wasn't it."

"No? Maybe you fell in a freezing lake?"

"No, I feel like it was more embarrassing than that actually..."

"Oh! Embarrassing. Interesting lead. wait, I think I'm getting something from your memories. I see you walking up a mountain, there's a cave. You walked inside, you found a fire. You also found... Oh my god! There's a yeti! The yeti found you and, and. Oh, he's nice. He gave you a hug? Oh... He suffocated you in a yeti hug."

"Neat! I found a yeti!"

Hopefully I'll be able to ask about the book now, instead of her asking me so many questions. She seems like the kind of person who would use this.

"We have a book, it's got Levi's will inside of it. Do you know who this book is supposed to go to? It doesn't say anything inside on the matter."

"You have a book? It belongs to someone. You don't know who. If it's Levi's manifestation book, then I think he probably left it to Kendra, my daughter. Levi doesn't think I believe in magic or the spirit world. That was true for a while, but I do believe in those things now. Kendra always believed though. Did you check the back of the book? He also stitches the front pages together to try and keep titles secret, and he tends to mark pages with his blood."

"Oh. That was important... My bad. Thank you Willow. We need to go now."

"It was nice of you to visit Ivory! Come back any time!"

Chapter 8: Ding Dong Special Delivery From The Beyond

"Ivory! Why didn't you let me look at the book? These two days could have taken us hours."

"Sorry Charles..."

"You are forgiven... This time. I feel like we should do something for your niece. Something bigger than just giving her this book. What do you think?"

"We could use the manifestation book to give it back and maybe give her... Oh! Oh! We could give her another manifestation book of her own that isn't half used!"

"That's good. Oh! Write that she is getting $20,000 too. That's a lot of money these days right?"

"Yes, yes it is Charles. You're brilliant."

I've written down the things we want for Kendra before sending the little black book back to The Land Of The Living. There is just one problem though... Charles or myself have to use our soul essence to get it back. I don't want to put Charles through that. Basically our soul essence is the dead's way of bleeding. We kind of disappear a small amount each time it's used. (It's not the same as being see through). I'll probably only lose a finger or a hand in this case.

"Okay Charles, I'm going to send it back with my soul essence."

Levi's little black book landed in front of Kendra with a thump.

"Ahh!" Kendra screamed then took a breath. "Oh, jeez that gave me a fright." Kendra then picked up the book and scanned the inside where her uncle's will was inside, she found something directed to her and read aloud. "Dear Kendra, I don't know if you've met me, but I am your aunt Ivory. I'm from the beyond. A yeti suffocated me. Don't worry it was an accident. Anyway, a friend of mine and I decided that we are going to give you a second manifestation book of your own. He also thought it would be exciting to give you $20,000. I hope you put it all to good use!"

There was a knock at Kendra's front door. She put the book down and answered. There was a delivery man holding a package with her name on it. She signed for it and opened it up. It was her very own little black book with skulls and beautiful flowers in the corners. She thanked the mail man and then went back inside. Right before she sat down to finish reading the book she got a call. Kendra moved over to her cell phone and picked up. "Hello?"

"Congratulations Kendra!!! You won our lottery of $20,000. Where would you like your money deposited?"

Everything was so sudden and unexpected for Kendra she started tearing up. She mouthed the words 'thank you' to the book.

Chapter 9: Judgment Day.... The Second One

Charles and I headed home right after Kendra got the things we manifested for her. Now I have to face judgment with The Grim Reaper... Again.


"Oh boy, he sounds mad..."

"First, you leave the In-between after asking me why, and for how long you are here! Then, you assault my GRIS apparition officers! Not to mention you haunted a bookshelf, threw a book at a living person's face, possessed a coat and answered a séance! And you did it all without a permit!"

"I assume this means you'll be extending my sentence for another 1000 years? Mr. Reaper."

"I am very upset with you right now, but no. You used some of your soul essence, and just to get an object of the living back to whom it belongs. Then gave them more than that, so they can continue a comfortable life. You lost your entire arm. For your sacrifice, I am going to decrease your sentence to 200 years. You know how time flies here, 200 years will only feel like one hundred. Now get back to your friend."

Woah, my sentence got decreased. I've learned so much from this two day adventure. It's a good thing I've kept this journal the whole time. Just in case I forget anything. Thank you journal.

Wouldn't that be something If this journal ended up in The Land Of The Living?

The End


About the Creator

Amber Fierce

I am a Canadian author. I get most of my inspiration from adrenaline spikes. From participating in extreme sports to going on dopamine enducing adventures. A lot of my ideas come from my dreams, and my songs come from my personal struggles.

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