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The Death Echo

Chapter 1: Memory Recall

By Amber FiercePublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Death Echo
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Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky.

As I ran for my life my eyes fell upon the metal shards I was balancing between desperately trying to get back to my Aunt and cousin. The purple clouds caught my attention and I relaxed into a memory; how this night was so peaceful a few hours ago. How I was gazing at the stars and watching them glisten against a glowing atmosphere. How I was sitting on the roof while a light breeze blew my thick black hair off the back of my neck. How I felt like like no one could touch me up there, on that roof I was safe... I was wrong.


It was a typical day for my aunt and cousin. However normal everything seemed, I started to feel eerie. My senses were heightened. I could have sworn I heard my aunt crying, though as she was pouring me a cup of tea, only her hands were shaking. There were no tears, or puffiness from crying recently. “Are you alright Aunty?” She must have been in a different world, I asked her again. “Are you alright Aunty?”

“Oh my! I’m so sorry dear. I think I’m okay thank you.”

I looked at my aunt, as she was cleaning up a spill, I could heard the weeping again. She spoke to me this time. “Are you alright?”

I quickly responded “I don’t know.” After those 3 words I heard a rush of heavy breathing, crying and screaming. There was so much worry in my head, but it wasn’t my own. I met my aunts eyes and I immediately knew she was hiding something from me. Looking into my aunts eyes I was taken through a labyrinth of locked doors and chests, but there were no keys in sight.

The tea was pointless, I stopped drinking it a while ago. I didn't care much for the food either. It didn’t bother me, not to be eating or drinking anything which is curious for a human. After a while there should be a pain from hunger or dizziness from dehydration, at least that’s what I remember… Maybe that tea was the issue, maybe my aunt was using the tea somehow, or her food to give me memory loss. Come to think of it I don’t even remember her name or my cousins!

With my emotions erupting from the core of my being I burst into my aunts room where she was kneeling on the ground praying. It felt rude, but I continued my intrusion with intent to confront her.

My aunt acknowledged I was in the room with her and shakily asked me, “w-what’s wrong dear?” She must have seen the fire in my eyes as she stood up and took two steps back from me.

I took, what felt like a breath and let hell fire out of my body. “What was in that tea! How could you brain wash me! I thought we were family! I don’t even know your name! Do you even know my name!?” There was nothing… just silence between the two of us. I repeated my self, a sea of sadness flooded into the room. “Do you even know my name?”

My aunt looked at the floor as if she was very disappointed in herself. “I’m sorry… I don’t remember your name. All I remember is that we are family and that you are my niece. I don’t remember my own name, but I know I care about you and my daughter so much.”

I exploded again, “how could you say that!? You don’t even know our names, you don’t know who we are!”

My aunt then found her own raging spirit. “I do know both of you! I love both of you! That’s why I-” she fell silent.

I looked at her concerned, “why you what? What did you do!? You did brain wash us didn’t you!?”

She shot me a look of furry, “it’s not like that!”

I couldn’t control myself, I lost all of my understanding in human kind in that moment. I grabbed her by the arms and pushed her hard into her prayer table. “Then what is it!?”

My aunt then gained inhuman strength and shoved me so hard that I was pushed out of her room. The door slamming hard in my face, and a booming voice commanded “THAT IS ENOUGH!”

After such an intense fight I had to clear my head, I thought about how much I would like to see a familiar black cat. How much I would like to see the sun set and the moon rise.

So I went to the roof.


About the Creator

Amber Fierce

I am a Canadian author. I get most of my inspiration from adrenaline spikes. From participating in extreme sports to going on dopamine enducing adventures. A lot of my ideas come from my dreams, and my songs come from my personal struggles.

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