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Scary Story Of Two Brothers

Two Brothers

By Sophia LovePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Scary Story Of Two Brothers
Photo by Kevin Gent on Unsplash

David and his younger brother George were returning home from their uncle's house after spending holidays. Due to reaching home early, David decided to take the shortcut through the forest. But George was not ready to come that way because he had heard stories from elders about witches and ghosts in the forest. He said brother, I will not come through the jungle. Because there is a witch's presence there. David said why are you afraid without any reason. I am your elder brother with you. And this ghost and witch is nothing. These are just stories made up in the mind. And then we have to go home early. Somehow David convinced him and the car left the paved road and took a turn through the forest. After driving for about 10 minutes, he saw a hut. In whose courtyard an old lady was sweeping. David said, look, someone lives in the small forest.

George said, brother, he is definitely a human being, isn't he? Or a witch. David said, you idiot, you are not worthy of being taken anywhere. After saying this, David started laughing at him. After some time, they saw the same hut again. And the same old lady was sitting in the courtyard. George said David brother David brother look, the same old lady and the hut are here again. Looks like we are going to die today. David said, your drama is on again, there could be some other hut also. We have not seen the old lady closely. Saying this, he shut George's mouth. But after some time, the same hut was seen again and this time David was also caught suddenly. His face started turning pale with fear. And winds had blown on George's face. David said to George, give me your watch. George said while crying, why do you want to take my watch before dying? I told you not to walk on the forest path.

David said just give me the watch. And stop crying and I'll handle the rest. George took out the watch and threw it at David in anger. David looked at the time on the clock. It was 5 o'clock in the evening. He dropped the watch from the car at a place on the road near that hut and drove away at high speed. After some time, they saw that hut again but this time the old lady was not there. George said while crying, brother, now we are definitely going to die. David didn't say anything. When he reached near the hut and stopped the car at the same place, he found George's watch lying there. The time was 10 minutes past 5. David understood. That he had fallen into the trap of some deception. He gave the watch to George. She wore it while crying. David told him to stay in the car and I will meet the ghost. And walked towards the hut. George was shouting, brother, don't go there, she is a witch, a witch. Then suddenly there was a slap on George's cheek and a voice came. Came home, little one got up and George woke up rubbing his eyes and saw that the car was parked in the courtyard of the house. And David was taking out things from the car and when George looked at the time on the clock, It was 10 minutes past 5. David came and asked him whether he was sleeping well. Hey, today we are going to die—today we are going to die. After listening to David, George started laughing to himself because it was just a dream.

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