Rumored Plot Description Details 'God Particle' Connections to 'Cloverfield' Series

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A film called 'God Particle' will be the third chapter in the unusual set of sci-fi stories.

Rumored Plot Description Details 'God Particle' Connections to 'Cloverfield' Series

The Cloverfield franchise is expanding. A film called God Particle will be the third chapter in the unusual set of sci-fi stories, apparently linking back to 10 Cloverfield Lane, and possibly Cloverfield as well.

#GodParticle was originally scheduled for release early this year, but was pushed back to October, reportedly to give post-production more time. This new Cloverfield entry hasn't been talked about much, but that's not a surprise given how little we knew about previous films until just before they were released.

Even the basic story here is mostly a mystery; only a brief synopsis has been released so far. Now, however, an apparent leak might have let us in on the full story.

First, here's the released synopsis for God Particle:

Astronauts must fight for their lives after making a terrifying discovery in outer space.

'10 Cloverfield Lane' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

As for the unofficial synopsis, a user going by the alias Dratliff21 posted a screenshot of said details on Reddit's Cloverfield page.

The screenshot appears to be a full synopsis for God Particle, which should be good news for fans of Cloverfield. Here's the full text in the screenshot:

"The science-fiction horror film is the third film in the 'Cloverfield' monster universe. As a calamitious world war between the United States and the European Union rages, spurred on by an alien invasion of creatures that threatens all of mankind, a group of American astronauts are sent out to space aboard the space station 'Dandellion' with a very specific mission: to test out a Higgs "Boson" God particle accelerator that just might be the key to humanity's survival. But when the crew, under the direction from their captain Ava Hamilton, turns on the device, the earth seemingly disappears. Realizing their coordinates haven't changed, the entire crew including fellow engineer and Ava's boyfriend, Evan, the boyish Mika, the pious Monk, shaggy-haired ship screw-up, Mundy, and military agents Martinez and Cosbi now fear that they are truly lost in space and have to prepare to wait out the remainder of their lives (in) this self-sustaining space station.
Unexpectedly, they are soon contacted by an enemy European spaceship, giving them hope and concerns at the same time. After debate, they agree to let the crew onto their ship, a decision which almost immediately turns tragic when Ava's boyfriend is poisoned. As accusations fly amidst increased tensions, the American crew decides to imprison the European astronauts. But when Mundy soon turns up dead as well, Ava must figure out who the murderers really are...and who anyone can trust as the American crew must battle against each other, as well as with the new intruders, who are soon intent on getting the super weapon on board the ship for their own purposes back on Earth."

What We Learned From Rumored Description

That God Particle description shared in the Reddit screenshot is quite in-depth. Considering how much information was included, it is a major leak of plot details. Keep in mind that this information hasn't been legitimized yet, so the details might not even be related to God Particle.

For all we know, a fan could have drafted this up after reading the small synopsis released, and concocted this fake description for the movie. That said, if the description does turn out to be accurate, we can determine a few things from the description above.

'Cloverfield' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

For one, God Particle will probably take place entirely in space. When we account for the plot reportedly dealing with finding a murderer(s) on a space station, it's a safe bet to say the majority of the movie will center around a space adventure. Plus, the released synopsis hinted at a space adventure so these additional details would confirm that notion.

We also shouldn't expect to see \many of the aliens teased at the end of 10 Cloverfield Lane, or the first movie, Cloverfield. Since this film is presumably set in space, we probably won't see any aliens coming into contact with the human element in the movie... unless the astronauts spoken of in the leaked details run into an alien armada somewhere out in space. Then again, it's plausible that the aliens teased in the first two Cloverfield movies will take on another form in God Particle. Perhaps they might disguise themselves as people to infiltrate human installations like the space station Dandelion?

Until someone like J.J. Abrams or Julius Onah addresses or debunks the leak, the information provided should be taken with a grain of salt. The information does seem believable within the context of the Cloverfield monster universe, but we'll wait to see what the film holds.

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