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Revenge of the cemetery keeper: Series of curses and blood

The Curse of the Pharaohs

By TEK TRIKPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Pharaonic tomb

I write these lines knowing that our days in life are numbered and that there is no way to escape. The curse has begun and will not end except with the death of us all...

Today is the twenty-sixth of August 1994. A whole month has passed since our situation that we all know will not end. It will not end until we end...

One year ago one of the strange guests came to my grandfather. It was the first time I had seen him, and he seemed suspicious to me.

It was There is something inside me telling me that nothing good will come from this man, but I have no help. I tried but could not do anything.

Let me first explain to you the situation of our home.

We are a large family living in one large house in the Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt. Of course you know this, so certainly you are here now.

My grandfather is the head of the family and has 3 sons and one daughter. This daughter died during the birth of her daughter - Me - and my grandfather decided to raise me and leave my father the freedom to marry again.

As for the three males, each of them is married and has children, and we all live together.

My grandfather loved me very much. I have no doubt about that. He allowed me, apart from the daughters of the family, to complete my secondary education and go to university. I am now in the third year of my university studies.

I spend my entire year with my father in Cairo, and when the holiday comes, I return to my grandfather’s house, where there is love, warmth, and beautiful memories. Which I lived as a spoiled child.

Minya Governorate is one of the governorates that is filled with antiquities, and it is known that most of the city’s houses have Pharaonic tombs underneath them.

this is precisely what was confirmed by the strange visitor who came to my grandfather, who showed him a number of maps, papers and papyri that confirm that under our house there is a Pharaonic tomb full of gold and treasures. That will make us rich.

I tried to convince my grandfather to change his mind, as we do not need anything, and we have everything we want, but my mother’s siblings had a different opinion. All they cared about was money, only money...

The strange visitor stipulated that my grandfather bring the workers and tools in exchange for 50% of what will be extracted from this cemetery full of treasures.

My grandfather was convinced of this, and the preparation began with great secrecy. The tools come to the house at night.

Every week a new batch of tools comes, and they are stored in a room downstairs. The staircase of the house, iron bars were placed on the doors and windows, and even the door leading to the roof of the house was closed with iron bars...

Preparations continued for months, and the first of August of this year was set to begin digging and excavation.

I was not feeling well. It was like a heavy stone that would not move above my heart. Nightmares began to visit me every night.

I would wake up terrified and screaming out of fear of what I saw, to the point that My eldest uncle accused me of doing this in order to deliberately frighten everyone in the house.

I tried to take tranquilizers so that I would not wake up like this every night, but the matter became more complicated.

All the children in the house confirmed that they heard someone talking, but they did not understand what he was saying. Everyone ignored all of this and began. Already digging...

Thank you for reading till the end.❤️

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  • TEK TRIK (Author)3 months ago

    * We will continue the rest of the story in the second part.. What do you expect to happen next??!!! * If you enjoyed the first part... I would love for you to share the story on social media platforms!!! * See you soon in a more exciting part....❤️❤️

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