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***This is part of my new book Protector. I hope you consider buying it. I am an independent author. My books are all published on Amazon. This book is currently above $7, but trust me; it is worth the price.****

Holding their child in her arms, she stood her distance from all of us. Their child was not even near a year of age. His name was Zaccheaus, and he lacked hair and teeth. His eyes were white as snow; one would mistake him as blind. My brother and his family did not live with us all the time, they would rotate houses. One week they would live at Iris’ house. My mother did not like it, but she tried to handle her emotions. She did not want Aleron to know how upset she really was.

Aleron broke the silence. “Brother, what are your hopes for today?”

Before I could reply there was a knock at the door. Walking up to the door, I opened it to find a man standing outside. His was taller than me, which meant I must look up to view his face. I could not see his looks, because he was dressed head to toe in black. Confused, I looked at my mother and saw fear in her face. I knew then that this was not the one we were waiting for. Before I could shut the door completely, the mysterious man pushed me back. Entering the room, the man went after Aleron's child. My family went running after the man to attempt to stop him before he hurt the child. Before they could reach them, the man whispered something quietly. I could not hear the words he spoke, but I knew they were not good. After he finished whispering, everyone in my family fell to the floor. All but Iris and me. My mother, father, and brother started gasping for air. I knew this was happening because of the words he spoke. He made them do it. It had to be his power.

I ran to the man before he could harm Iris. Grabbing his arm, I shoved him back, making him stumble backward. He reached into his pocket quickly. Pulling out two guns, he pointed one at me and one at Iris. Iris was gripping onto her child tightly to protect him from what was about to come. She was hysterical, crying in fear. I thought to myself for a moment. What should I do? I was afraid at any move he would shoot my family or Aleron's. I practiced for war many times. Now a day like this, what should I do? I stepped forward. I had powers, I could grow plants, use them against him. I should be able to stop them. Sadly, my powers only worked under the light of the moon.

“Choose,” the man spoke loudly.

“What?” I looked at him, confused.

“Choose,” he yelled, “The woman and child can die. The men and fairy can die. You choose!”

I stepped forward, slowly making my way to the man. I spoke quietly, “the only one that may be dying today is you or me. They will live, I promise you that.”

The guy smiled. “Not the options.”

Before the mysterious man could react, I shoved his arms in the air, making him shoot at the ceiling. Aleron, my father, and my mother still lay on the floor. The infant cried loudly in their mother's arm while she clung to him tightly.

What you just read was part of my book that has been published on Amazon. Please support an independent author! Hope you enjoy!

Courtney Keller
Courtney Keller
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