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Chapter 1: Murder case 405

By Nguyễn Hoàng Bảo SangPublished 29 days ago 4 min read

The cold moonlight shone on Tuong Duc Hong's thin shoulders, making her feel cold. Spring nights shouldn't have this feeling. She chuckled and blamed herself for being so worthless: during her days in Guizhou as a young student going on a field trip, when she felt bored, it was normal for her to walk alone in the village in the middle of the night; Right now I'm in a very quiet university garden, why am I afraid? Is it really where I'm planning to go right now?

Bright moonlight covered the small two-story house not far from where she stood. It is a European-style building built in the 30s of this century. It is said that it is the oldest building in the Medical University, now used as an anatomy laboratory. The north side is the only entrance, which is a rather thick arch, like a stone cave; Its roof is a protruding second-floor balcony. Looking in at this moment, I saw the gray wall of the door illuminated by pale white moonlight, the shadow of the dome and balcony printed on the background, making the inside of the dome unusually dark, as if it contained something very strange. scary.

If she didn't have to take the mid-semester exam in anatomy tomorrow, she wouldn't have had to go into the building alone in the middle of the night, where inside were everywhere corpses of all kinds, along with long, short, and strong-smelling limbs. smell of formaldehyde. Duc Hong is a student of the last batch of workers, farmers, and soldiers who came to study here. She went through a lot of torment and anxiety during those seven years of "field work", and then the day came when she could realize her dream. mine. However, as the years passed, she was now 26 years old, her basic knowledge was empty, no matter how hard she tried, she could not match her memory and agility with 17-18 year old students. But Hong has a strong personality. She always wants to excel in her studies, so tonight she came to the anatomy lab not because she was afraid to jump, but because she wanted to improve the knowledge she already had. wanting to clarify every last detail that she was still vague about. The key to anatomy is to diligently study physical specimens to gain a multi-dimensional and specific feel, so the anatomy laboratory is the most ideal place to practice. In Jiangjing Second Medical University, there has been a long-standing rumor about a strange mystery about the anatomy laboratory. It often happens late at night, the main character can be a monster who likes to eat corpses, can be a cruel ghost, or a ghost full of resentment; The victims are all innocent medical students. For medical students, after self-study ends at 11 o'clock every night, this place becomes a forbidden zone. Tonight, Duc Hong and his friends came here to review, then turned off the lights before the bell rang, then they returned to the dormitory. Once there, Duc Hong was still wondering, she felt like she hadn't studied carefully enough, so she returned here.

While thinking, she then stood in front of the rolling arch door. Rumors about ghosts, are they true? Her heart beat gradually faster. Of course it's not real. She has experienced many ups and downs in her student life, of course she is not like the gullible young students who believe in these scary stories. Perhaps because medical students have too much homework, they make up stories to amuse themselves. But why do I suddenly shiver?

Her heart beat faster and faster, it could be heard clearly.

To calm herself, Hong gently closed her eyes and silently recited a few rhymes about the structure of the heart and the direction of blood flow that she composed for herself: "Up to the atrium, down to the ventricle, mitral valve, right tricuspid valve, right atrium pulmonary vein, left ventricle main artery, right atrium internal vein, left ventricle pulmonary artery....". She seemed to see the blood flowing strongly in her heart, flowing rapidly, constantly flowing back and forth between the atria and ventricles. However, she still walked over the high cement door sill to enter the anatomy experimental building. This door sill is one meter high and is also a topic that is always discussed by students of all courses. It is said that many years ago, there was a time when a large tank filled with formaldehyde in the anatomy laboratory broke and spilled out onto half of the school yard, reeking of a nose-breaking smell of formaldehyde. To prevent a repeat of similar incidents causing pollution, the school built this gate step higher, acting as a formaldehyde dam. But there is also another way to say it - a popular folk explanation: a door sill one meter high can trap demons in the house, and prevent corpses from jumping out. Behind the door are five quite high steps, then a wooden door. Duc Hong grabbed the bronze door handle and thought: "It's not too late for me to turn back now."

But is it possible that just because of a momentary fear, we miss this favorable opportunity to review?

Suddenly I heard melodious music coming from inside. Duc Hong stopped and listened attentively. It seemed like there was someone whispering. If you listened closely, you could also hear the clicking sounds made by slight collisions of glassware. It turned out to be a party.

Holding a party in the anatomy lab?

Probably a group of senior students


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    Nguyễn Hoàng Bảo SangWritten by Nguyễn Hoàng Bảo Sang

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