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My Room is Haunted (True Story)

Yes this room is haunted

By The Sinister PenPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Haunted Houses are great

This room has been haunted for years ... no one truly knows why.

But maybe it's because very dark things and very bad things once happened here.

I sense a dark sinister energy in the air at times. Well this room has always been spooky. I fear it has always been haunted. I suppose dead bodies that once hung in the closet did not help things, at least it's the visions of the past that haunt my mind....

Then again one night I was singing in the dark, then I felt their footsteps run next to me. Two female spirits whispering creepy things in my ears. I ran for the light feeling so scared as a child. You can imagine why I no longer sing in total darkness. They are always watching and listening. And don't you doubt that! And don't tell me I'm crazy. people have heard and felt the ghosts in this room as well... or perhaps it is the house that is enchanted with ghostly magic.

One day while everyone was out, one family member stayed home alone and they claim they heard the door to this room slam with great anger and force. The thing is I was out to a movie, and not one else was home. So who slammed the door? Other strange things would often happen in this house, like doors opening by themselves. And door knobs turning with no one there to turn them.

People thought it was because of all the dark things, i read and watched, Or it was something else. Something more sinister.... something unknown. Who can truly tell. Well one night I was attacked by a demon.. but we will save that for another nights tale!

Back to this haunted room. Well some days I could hear tiny noises like papers rustling, or tiny feet running. It sounded like a tiny creature or perhaps it was a mouse? The strange thing is when you go to look nothing is there, but you can still hear the noises. Even if you tell someone else to come listen the noises would not stop, but you would not see what was making the noises...

Well I was able to get rid of these small strange noises. Nothing as bad as the hauntings years ago. But still a little creepy. I was able to get rid of them by banishing them into my evil jar.. and there they will stay in their prison!

Or so I thought until the other night... when I was informed the tiny feet ghosts were back... or what is it? Perhaps one of my friends who recently died trying to send a message from beyond the grave?

Now let's go back to about a week ago. Well I was singing in my room. I had a bit to much absinthe to drink, so I felt i needed to lay down for just a moment. Well i was thinking of just taking a short nap. But that nap turned into many hours...

I had left the tiny lamp in my room. But the rest of the room was in total darkness... well someone woke up and went into this room around 4 am. While I was still sleeping. They said they heard the tiny feet the ghostly poltergiest being naughty once again. it did not scared me. As I was worried leaving the tiny lamp on and then leaving the room alone at night was a bad idea... sometimes as night you can still things go bump in the night... I am not sure why this place is a bit haunted... I fear its the very bad things that once happened here long ago.. or the dark imaginations that were let behind but a lost soul once writing and thinking deeply ....

Till next time! I will keep you all updated about the haunted room... enter it if you dare. Pleasant dreams mortals


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