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The Haunted Facebook Profile Short Scary story

be careful who you add online

By The Sinister PenPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Be careful who you add online

They always used to say be careful who to talk to online. They use to tell us don't talk to stranger online or meet with them. But now I am going to tell the the reason not to add random profiles online. Now this is not the story of a predator or killer, it's much worse than that.

This is the tale of the haunted facebook profile. The legend goes you wake up late at about 3 or 4 am for no reason at all. Then you grab your phone and scroll on facebook. As you are scrolling you will notice is spooky looking profile in the people you may know section. All of sudden a scary looking profile with the picture of a dead girl in ghastly pose appears. Most people would just ignore or delete the suggestion. But some people let curiosity get the best of them.

One night i let curiosity get the best of me. My friends on spooky forums has told me this story but I thought it was just some made up creepy pasta. Well I made the mistake of clicking on this haunted profile. At first I just wanted to take a look at the dead girls page. I had no intention of adding her. But I did. After adding her at about 4 am. She sent me a private message saying hello. I replied, and next thing I knew she came through the screen and haunted y room. She is still here with me till this day. I had not not sleep in days. This is so spooky and creepy! The worst part is she is not infecting and haunted Instagram , Twitter and every social media site.

if you ever see a spooky profile of a dead girl online. Do not add her! and if you do do not reply to her private message. It is the way she is able to come into this world and haunt the living. So remember if you're up late at 4 am. You are better off watching a scary movie than adding the haunted facebook profile!

I write this story to warn all who think about adding those spooky profiles on social media. They are haunted and there are more than one of them. So beware and do not any scary looking profiles, because they are evil and they are haunted.

The Haunted profile online didn't just pop up out of nowhere nowhere however. There there is an dark tale behind how she came to be. Well one night many years ago a girl was on AOL chat. She ended up meeting a stranger online and it cost her her life. She has now come back as a vengeful ghost late and night to get her vengence. Sadly many of the people she huants from the net are innocent and did not harm to anyone. Still she is angry abou tpeople who lurk late online and wants to make them pay.

This is why I warn everyone, do not add random scary profiles that look spooky. Anything with the pic of a dead person will be something you want to avoid. AndI know those profiles look interesting. And it's a thrill to click on them when it's very late at night. However for your own good stay away from. If you do for some reason add them. Do not reply to any private messages. If you do that if whne they haunt you. And let's just say once they come through the phone. Well that is when the real fun begins. Internnet use beware you're in for a scare!


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