My Recent Spiritual Battle

I tell you this story because even though we are spiritual beings, I need to make it known that there are beings out there that want to try to take our energy from us and hurt our spirit.

My Recent Spiritual Battle

Welcome back New Age Thinkers! I’m so glad that you have returned to read another one of my articles. This particular article is going to discuss my most recent spiritual battle. It's a pretty long one but stick around, read, learn and enjoy.

One thing that you should know about my family and me is that we have a long bloodline of healers. My mother recounts stories of her great-grandmother, her grandmother, mother, her sister and herself. I was blessed with that gift as well. I also have the ability to see and feel energy. I can see when someone is sick or depressed and I can see when someone is healthy. I can see auras as well, which is amazing.

Recently my sister, who is thirteen, started acting extremely out of character. Like any teenager, she is moody, feisty, and talks back. However, her normal demeanor is sweet, kind, and extremely loving. My parents and I thought maybe she is going through something at school, feminine problems, or her hormones are raging out of control and causing her to seem depressed. All of these things that we talked about are common amongst adolescent teens. We noticed that she seemed to be getting worse. She was depressed, angry, and violent. She began to get into conflict with my mom almost threatening to hit her. I was shocked to hear that because my sister is the least violent person I know. I decided to skip one of my classes at my university to go see her. When I got to the house I looked at her and she looked sickly, depressed, and just had this overall energy of dreariness. When she talked to me she had a similar expression to what you see in horror movies when someone is starting to get possessed. I tried to talk with her about God, spiritual practices, and meditation. She was extremely disinterested in our conversation and wanted to go to either her room or the basement. I then asked her about the time she played the Ouija Board. Her friends and her decided last year that they wanted to go to the cemetery and play with the Ouija board to try to talk to the ghost of a boy who died in a fire fifty years ago. Which to me is an extreme abhorrent use of the Ouija board because it is a tool, not a toy. My sister told since then she has seen a shadow figure in the corner of her eye. She felt that she wasn’t safe at home, at school, or anywhere that she went. So I decided to take a day to assess that situation because I knew that it wasn’t hormones.

The next day I went to my parent’s house after work. When I got there she was pretty happy to see me but she looked like she like she was drained. I decided to take her into my room and discuss the chakra system because I knew that she has been interested in that for two years. When we sat down, we both noticed it was ice cold. This threw me off but I ignored it. I went through each chakra with her and noticed that each and everyone had either a blockage or I couldn’t see it. I asked her to sit back so I can observe her aura. When I closed my eyes and reopened them, my method of seeing energy and auras, what I saw startled me. I looked at her face and she had the face of a skull, which to me indicated that she was either really sick or something had attached itself to her. I focused in harder to try to look at her aura but I couldn’t see it. When I thought I was about to, I experienced actual blindness. Everything went black and I got the vision of some type of spirit, spiritual larva or demon. I’m actually not sure what it was. However, I knew immediately that we needed to pray. I pulled her close, grabbed her hands and told her to repeat the words I speak. While we were praying, I had the feeling that we weren’t alone. Something was there with us and it wasn’t happy. I asked God to send Archangel Michael to protect us and strengthen our guardian angels. What happened next sent a chill down my spine, even as I write this now. We both heard what sounded like moaning or faint screaming. I commanded the thing to leave my sister alone because she is a child of God and she is blessed and protected by God. My sister looked like she wanted to pass out. We continued praying and I asked God to remove the spirit from our home. I also invoked archangel Raphael to come down and send healing energy through me to heal my sister. After a few minutes I looked up and my sister looked at me and we both felt an immediate blast of warm energy that made us both feel safe. I thought that was the end of it.

When my mom came home from the store, she noticed that my sister looked happy, cheerful and her normal self. We decided to tell her what happened. She said that while she was driving home, she felt like something was stopping her and directing her away from the house and she wasn’t sure what it was. Her saying that gave me a feeling of reassurance that God was protecting my family. My sister then told me that while we were praying, right before we finished, that she heard very faintly, “I am not going anywhere.” As soon as she told me that I felt this urge to vomit, I got dizzy and I wanted to faint. My mom noticed it. We sat down at the table and my mom started to burn Palo Santo to clean the energy of the house. About ten minutes after my dad and brother arrived home. They were both in a cheery mood. They asked me if I could take the garbage cans to the front of the house. I said yes, I needed to get out of the house and go hug a tree. It always makes me feel better. When I grabbed the cans, like I have always done in the past, it felt like something was pushing the cans like it was trying to knock me down. I heard faint laughing and started to see shadow figures. I then started to laugh and say out loud, “You think that you are strong? You think that you can hurt my family and me? You are wrong! You are nothing, you are insignificant and weak compared to my God.” I continued to laugh and I felt this feeling of immense anger brush over me. I continued to tell the thing over and over that God is my protector and it had better run because God was going to remove it from this earth. After a few minutes of saying this and praying, I went to hug a tree for a little bit. I then started to feel safe and warm. I then went back inside and asked God to bless my house, my family, and my friends. I also hope that this is the last encounter with that being.

I tell you this story because even though we are spiritual beings, I need to make it known that there are beings out there that want to try to take our energy from us and hurt our spirit. We also need to remember that there is a higher being that is there to fill us with love and light. For me, it is God. For you, it can be the goddess, the gods, or whatever you deem to be the higher power. Just know that it is there for you to protect you and help you in your time of need and distress. You are not alone. You are blessed and loved.

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