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My Real-Life Ghost Experiences

Have you ever encountered any of these?

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
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Story 1: A Mischievous Ghost

‘That’s me, right?’ I asked myself.

I saw myself sleeping there on my bed in my room. When my soul (I supposed so) got out of my physical body. I was hanging above the corner of the ceiling.

‘Why am I hanging up here on the ceiling?’

‘How did my soul come out of my body?’

I was feeling weightless.

I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. I couldn’t move at all, but my mind was conscious. I could clearly see my room and hear the surrounding sound. I could feel my presence, but I just couldn’t wake up.

Who was so mischievous to bring out my soul up in the ceiling, but yet pinned my body on the bed?

I couldn’t remember how it ended, but I just woke up eventually like normal, albeit a bit later than usual. I could still feel the trace of these feelings.

Story 2: A Ghost Lover

My mind slowly became conscious from my sleep. I could feel that ‘someone’ was on top of me, doing some motions between my two spread legs.

‘He’ is making love to me!’ I was shocked!

‘Who are you?!’ This sprang into my mind.

I couldn’t see him, but I could ‘feel’ him, and what was he doing to me.

I only could see a vague white and transparent man's shadow (a soul?), but I couldn’t stop him. I couldn’t move at all, no matter how hard I tried. Neither could I talk nor ask for help.

I could only let him ‘enjoy’ making love to me passionately.

‘This is crazy!!!’

‘Who is he? My lover from my past life?’

Story 3: An Irritated Ghost

‘Whose fingers that’s scratching the back of my waist?’

These fingers were coming from under this sofa that was next to my foldable mattress on the floor.

‘Come on, cannot be...You’re overthinking!’’ I told myself.

‘It’s impossible! This small reading room on the third floor though it’s a bit messy and not frequently used, but it’s ok, our house is not haunted. No way…’

‘But… the scratch was real… It was not one time, but two times!’

‘I don’t bother… There is no ‘ghost’ if I don’t believe it.’

‘Plus, I never do any bad deeds, so even if there is a ‘ghost’ around, they won’t harm me.’

‘I’m exhausted and very sleepy. Mom has been snoring too loud till I couldn’t sleep well for the past few nights. This room is super quiet, there’s no more empty room.’

Yep… I fell asleep very quickly soon after that.

You see… the ‘ghost’ probably got irritated that I accidentally took over her spot, and I ignored her ‘warning’.

Was I sleeping next to a ‘ghost’???

Well, nothing happened to me. I slept soundly till the next morning without any distractions or nightmares.

The next afternoon when I entered the room, I saw the few photo frames displayed on the table dropped on the floor. It was as though someone purposely threw it out of a tantrum!

No one in my family could have done this! The windows were all closed, there couldn’t be possibly any gust of wind that blew in!

Well… maybe that ‘ghost’ was pissed off that I ignored her ‘gentle warning’ yesterday night and shared her bed. Now she was showing her displeasure by ‘sweeping off’ these photo frames!

Actually, that night I dared not turn around to check if there indeed was a ‘ghost’ there, fearing that I might see a scary ‘ghost’ as shown in horror movies!

But I had the courage to sleep next to a ‘ghost’! The temptation of the sleep was far greater than the fear.

Story 5: An Obedient Ghost

‘Hey, whose hand is that was ‘poking’ my leg from below in the middle of the night here?

‘I’m the only one sleeping in this room. There’s no one around in this room here except me and the newborn baby.’

Is it a ghost?

‘I’m here to care for the woman and her newborn baby. I need to get as much sleep as I can.’ I was thinking.

‘I need to talk to ‘ghost’.’ I told myself.

‘Hi Spirit, I ‘m sorry if I’ve taken over your place’. I only going to be here for two months as a midwife.’

‘Please bear with me during my stay here.’

‘I didn’t choose this room but my boss. I don’t think he knows that this is ‘your’ room, but he needs a room for me to take care of his newborn baby son.’

After my talk with the ‘ghost’, I was left alone and no more finger poking on my leg till I left.

‘Thank you for your understanding! Dear spirit!’

Story 6: A Naughty Ghost

‘Wait, someone is rolling on my body!’

I could see no one but the weight was real, in the middle of the night.

It was too dark to see anything under this dim light in the hostel room.

Judging from the weight it was probably a teenager.

It should be as this is a student hostel built in the 1940s.

I was told that this hostel was occupied by the Japanese soldiers during their invasion here during World War II. They killed a lot of local people here including teenagers.

‘Please get off my body!’

‘I’m getting harder to breathe as you are quite heavy!’

‘Don’t be mischievous!’

‘I know you could be feeling bored and you just want to play in this middle of the night.’

‘But I’m not your playmate, I’m a human, although we both could be of the same age.’

‘Please find your friends in your world. I’m not from your world!’

I could feel that he/she left and I could feel the weight being lifted off my body.

Final Thoughts

Are all these part of my spiritual journey? Or it’s the curse* from my thousand years of soul?

* * *

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