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Humanity In The Eyes Of A Mother Dog’s Roller-Coaster Life

A beautiful dog’s life with the help of wonderful humans

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 6 min read
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

How It Started

A Chihuahua was limping in the street, wandering around looking for food. She stopped by a pet hospital, staring inside through the glass panel, where a lady staff was treating the wound of a German Shepherd.

The lady staff noticed her, moved by her sad face, she approached her after she finished treating the wound. Judging from this Chihuahua outlook can tell very likely she was a strayed dog.

She looked gently into this little creature’s eyes, and asked ‘ Yes my dear, what happen to you? Can I help you with something?’

Here is what she heard:

‘Would you help me?’

‘I know you are a good gal. You are not the evil one like some humans’

‘I have been wandering for long, have not eaten for days…’

My front left leg is broken — a man attacked me with an iron bar when I was trying to eat a little piece of meat that dropped in front of his stall. That explained my limping as I walk.

I hoped he could be kinder; I wasn’t stealing anything! All I asked is a little food! He could have just asked me to go away if he didn’t like me!

I’m pregnant. I need more nutrients for my babies.

I’ll be due soon in another few days’ time. I need a safe and warm place to bring my babies into this world.

Please excuse me if I keep scratching my body as it’s very itchy. I think I’ve developed some skin allergies. Can’t help it — I’ve not taken a bath for as long as I could remember since my human dad, Uncle Sam, passed away from a heart attack a few months back.

I used to have a very beautiful black and light brown coat, just like all my other blessed family members that have a family. I’m a Chihuahua mixed.

My coat now is not only dirty but my skin is also dry and flaky. This is because I‘ve been living in a dirty environment and always starving all these past months.

I’ve lost my beauty.

Chihuahua’s Prior Life

This is not my first time being homeless. I was dumped by a human at a pile of rubbish when I was two months old. When Uncle Sam discovered me there crying alone, He took me home.

Ever since then I was living a wonderful life, but recently I was being dumped again!

Uncle Sam lived alone in a small village while his only son lives far away in a city. His son never likes me. No matter how much I tried to please him each time he comes back for a visit. He found me a nuisance.

I beg him to take me with him to the city after Uncle Sam’s passing, but he never. He left without me after done taking care of dad’s funeral. Leaving this empty house to me all alone, without food and clean water.

What happened next really made me homeless. There was a new elderly couple who moved into the house. I thought I would have a new dad and mom like Uncle Sam, as they are around the same age.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, they chased me out of the house and didn’t even let me near the compound!

Out of no choice, I had to wander outside to look for food and shelter. That’s how I ended up here on this street in this small town.

I saw you were treating the wound of a German Shepherd, you were so loving and full of patience. I couldn’t help stopping by as you recalled my human dad how he ‘pampered’ me last time when my front right paw was injured.

Tears rolled down my eyes and how much I missed him and those days when my life was filled with tender loving care.

The Turning Point

I knew from my sixth sense you are a good human. You could see my soul through my eyes. I waved my tail to show how happy that I’d met you here.

You patted my forehead lovingly and invited me inside the pet hospital, bringing me food and clean water. Oh…I missed this food so much! You got your colleague to check on my broken leg and ran a health check on me.

You were relieved when you were told that my injury wasn’t too serious and I could recover after the treatment. My overall health was good, my babies inside me were safe, and my skin diseases can be treated as well.

You trimmed my hair and gave me a good shower. Oh, I’d never felt so good for such a long time!

You couldn’t bring me home with you because of your busy schedule. You knew I need special care, as I was heavily pregnant and could be due soon.

You convinced the pet hospital management to keep me there till I give birth. They had no objection since I was very obedient and well-mannered, they are all good humans!

As expected, I gave birth after a few days’ time. I’ve got three boys and four girls! Everyone in the hospital was delighted to see my beautiful puppies! You all ensured all our needs were met. I could never be more grateful for that!

You were arranging some foster care for us so that my puppies can grow up healthily before they can be adopted into new families. Of course, the adoption will not happen now, but after eight weeks, when they are a little bigger.

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

A New Beginning

I was so blessed that I‘d got Nikki as my foster parent. She is such a jolly and beautiful lady that loves animals! I bid you goodbye and you said you’ll come to visit me, I was so glad that I’ll get to see you again!

Nikki prepared a large room in her house for me and my little ones. This gave me the privacy I need during this special time. She’d prepared whatever thing that I need as a nursing mama.

Besides that, she was so sweet — she only introduce her best pet buddy — Cherry, to me after I got familiar with my new home here. This helped me to be in my best manner so that I don’t snarl at Cherry due to my sensitive nature during this time!

When my puppies were about six weeks old, Nikki brought them out for exploration at her house compound where we can run and play all we can!

She also bought us a lot of toys to play with. Sometimes she organized a pool party where my puppies can have the taste of swimming in the little inflated pool.

Life was full of fun!

A Forever Home

Time flies, my puppies were ready for adoption, and so was I! Although I was sad that I’d to part with them, I knew that this is for their good! Nikki was very careful in finding them the adopted parents, making sure they’ll love them just like a family member. You’ll never abandon your family member, right?

Soon, we all had got our new human parents! Nikki had us all spayed, neutered, and micro-chipped before our new human parents pick us up. After bidding them goodbye one by one, It was time for me to go as well!

Nikki found me a very loving middle-aged couple and I also have two playmates, Simon — a Golden Retriever, and Ferris — a Beagle! I will not be lonely anymore!

Nikki promised that she will arrange a meet-together party twice a year for me and my puppies every year. It was another piece of great news to me as I could never imagine that I still get to see my puppies even after our adoptions!

My new human parents have a large house with a large compound. We love to play and run around there. We celebrate all festivals together just like a family!

We had our Christmas costumes for the Christmas celebration! They threw parties for our birthdays and took us out regularly for walks; I made a lot of new friends there in the park! What more could I ask for?

I couldn’t believe that the lady of luck has smiled at me and blessed me with such wonderful people and family! I hope that many of my friends who are wandering on the street without family will get adopted soon into the loving family that they deserve.

Although there are some evil humans out there, there are also no short of wonderful humans around.

Have faith in humanity!

* * *

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