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My Babysitter Was A Vampire

by Melissa G 23 days ago in monster

He Preferred My Soul Over Blood, Though.

My Babysitter Was A Vampire
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Babysitters. They’re seen as a necessity for the everyday working parent.

This was a strong factor in my single fathers decision to hire a multitude of babysitters for me growing up. This was so he could work his multiple jobs to keep a shelter over our heads and food on the table, of course. Just like so many struggling parents today.

If you’re looking for an actual vampire story, perhaps one consisting of romance and mystery, I’m sorry to inform you that this is the wrong page for that. Things are about to get dark, yes, but on more realistic terms.

This is the story of my soul, my innocence, my optimism- how they were all slowly drained from my childhood by those who were supposed to preserve it.

They’re not all to blame, though. Humans are imperfect, of course. Yet at some point those imperfections- some more particularly than others- morph the human into something else, in my opinion. Something inhuman.

All of these ladies I am about to speak on, while they had their flaws, they were human. These flaws made them human, and I truly forgive them for any mistakes made while I was under their care.

It was only one who truly and deliberately stripped me of my innocence and dignity for that of which I could never really forgive nor forget.

We’ll continue to refer to him simply as the vampire or something-of-the-like throughout this story. Sort of in a Harry Potter We do not speak his name” type of way, only out of my own personal stubbornness and others respect for my boundaries around the situation.

“We do not speak his name” - Photo from Wikipedia

Maybe it is considered unhealthy of me to acknowledge and embrace such hatred and stubbornness towards the matter. I’m not lying when I say I really do practice and implement empathy and mindfulness on a daily basis.

Yet, in all honesty, I still hope the soul-sucker rots in Hell with every other predator alike.

Enough of the introduction, though. Let’s dive right into the anecdotes, shall we? In order to understand the differences between the imperfect people and the vampire, you should have a little bit of background first.

They Live Amongst Us

By John Price on Unsplash

Tori, an older woman from my church, was my primary babysitter for years. She had some health issues and would occasionally take her frustration from them out on me, but was still most definitely not the worst of the lot. She taught me to appreciate puzzles, and the time and effort put into completing one.

However, her issues- both mentally and physically- worsened with time, and I was eventually found another caretaker.

Although she was without a doubt imperfect, she was one of the realest people I’ve ever known to this day. Despite her own personal issues, she had taught me the values of patience and virtue- something of which I am forever grateful for.

Years later I learned she had passed due to Cancer. May her soul Rest In Peace.

Next up was Natalia. She was younger, sweet, caring, playful- all the things I could have wanted from a babysitter. She would play with me, laugh with me, make food for me, help me clean- all in all she was pretty much the best companion I could have asked for.

This was especially due to the fact that I wasn’t allowed to have many friends, and my only sibling around at the time treated me as a complete nuisance.

As time passed my father eventually admitted to having feelings for her. While this excited me to no end as I wanted nothing more than for her to fill the spot of the mother I didn’t have, she sadly didn’t feel the same. She rejected him- and me- just to move cities without a second thought.

Still, she had her own life and family, and I later on came to terms with this. She was no monster, only human.

Last but certainly not least on the list was Julia. She was a caring mother of three sons, and would often take care of me and my brother as well. Her house was two-stories and full of endless fun to my child mind, and I loved it.

By Allen Taylor on Unsplash

Her youngest, Joshua, was like a best friend to me. Especially considering the fact that he was one of the first friends I was allowed to hang out with outside of school- never mind the fact that it was only due to circumstances.

His mother would give me gifts occasionally as well. Old Disney VCR tapes and the like, which were amazing to me then as I wasn’t allowed to do much other than watch TV in early childhood. As sad as it may sound, it was all like a dream come true.

Even more so, it was her older son that ruined the dream for me.

I Tried To Convince Myself They Weren’t Real

By Taras Chernus on Unsplash

My memories from then are quite foggy- in all honesty, they were completely blocked from my mind for the longest time. It wasn’t until around the seventh grade when I recognized him during a church event that my memories came flooding back.

He had violated me in ways I’d rather not describe, although I know that many others can sadly understand what I’m referring to. I had endured years of physical and emotional torment as a child, but that.. that was something else I had no idea how to cope with. Something I’m still learning how to cope with some days, honestly.

At the time of remembrance I admit that I had absolutely no idea how to deal with this seemingly newfound situation. I had felt so many emotions at once that I had absolutely no clue how to subside. Fear, shock, denial, disgust..

By arash payam on Unsplash

I decided to hide in the bathroom until the end of the event, and promptly persuaded my family to leave as soon as possible so that we could go grab a bite to eat. We had been there for hours, after all. Nobody had questioned my absence in part nor my eagerness to leave at the earliest given chance.

At this point, had I failed to mention, my father had remarried. To one of my babysitters, ironically- so it didn’t come as a surprise that my actions of which comprise a normal moody pre-teen went initially unnoticed.

In the beginning I had felt that I could only confide in my step-brother, as he was honestly my closest companion around the time. I just needed somebody I could explain the situation to that wouldn’t make me feel crazier than I had already felt.

As to be expected, he was shocked and even angry as well. Still, he complied with my wishes for privacy and provided the listening and understanding ear of which I will always be grateful.

Why, you might ask, did I so wish for privacy when I could instead reveal the prey-seeking devil for who he really was?

Well, this was simply due to the fact that I myself could not fathom the idea that I had truly encountered one. Not only encountered, but fallen victim to.

Photo by WikiCraze

I kept trying to convince myself that it was just a crazy dream. A crazy dream in which my imaginative brain decided to spring on me the moment I laid eyes on him.

Yet every time I would see him- in person or during my night terrors- it became more and more sickenly obvious that I could no longer hide from him nor the truth. This was a real life, soul-hungry vampire taking on the appearance of a normal young man- in the house of God, no less!

I could no longer live in denial of such things.

Not Everybody Can Believe In Their Existence

As time progressed and I began learning to accept things for how they were, I started to open up more about my experience with others. This was mainly for my own personal growth, but was also done in hopes of spreading further awareness of these monsters amongst men.

However, not everybody sees it this way. Some simply choose to deny that such evil could even exist there to begin with. Saying things such as, “Are you sure it wasn’t just a bad dream?” Or “He could never do something like that!” Swearing up and down that such vial creatures and their doings only exist in movies and the like.

By Samuele Giglio on Unsplash

Others, like another older woman from my church I had spoken to years back, do not believe such acts can create a monster. She believed that he was no vampire, but a normal human being with flaws just like you and I. You might even concur with her belief on the matter.

I, on the other hand, agree to disagree.

I do believe that people are imperfect, and can make mistakes from time to time that may consequently harm another person in the process. Just like my previous babysitters I described to you. While some of their decisions may have hurt me, I know they did not intend for such things. But there are still morals- lines that people do not cross- that differentiates them between being a person and a predator.

Murderers, rapists, cannibals- they are not people. Once they willingly decide to prey on another human life, whether it be through a quick attack or a more torturous, drawn-out one, they choose that path.

By Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Consequently, in my opinion, they end their own human lives in the process. This is what then creates the predator, as well as a final destination to purgatory along with the rest of Lucifer’s demons.

Or one can only hope, at least.

That Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out There, So Watch Out

Whether you believe or not, just know that they exist. They are out there, and can look just like you and me on the outside. They can even seemingly function as normal human beings, putting up a facade in order for you to let your guard down. Remember that it is always better to feel safe rather than sorry.

Wherever you are, whether at home alone or out on the town, have a defense plan ready. A can of pepper spray, a taser or even self defense classes can deter predators and possibly save your life.

By Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

Be careful who you trust. Be wary of strangers, of course, but be wary of people you know as well. Do not ever put you or your child in a situation in which your lives are in the hands of anybody you don’t trust completely. That means no first dates in private, no friend-of-a-friend house sitters or babysitters, and ultimately no chances for potential predators to be invited into your home life.

Almost no chances, anyways

Sadly, even with such precautions, these monsters can still find a way into our lives one way or the other. All we can do is continue to spread awareness and prepare ourselves as much as possible for whenever they may do so.

You Aren’t The Only Survivor

Once being made a victim of such tendencies, you may feel as if almost nobody can ever truly understand the depth of your pain and loneliness. I felt the same way for what felt like forever.

Yet, as I opened up more and the truth of what had happened with my vampire was revealed to the public, a case was opened up against him. It apparently wasn’t the first one, either. People were actually taking my side and defending me.

By julio andres rosario ortiz on Unsplash

Because of my ability to finally open up, I was given the chance to find others that could actually understand. That is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Yet as much as I would like to say our case won, that is sadly not the truth. Anti-climatic, I know. In the end it was simply my word against his, and like I said before, not everybody could believe.

However, just as evil survives, so does hope. Monsters may get to walk amongst us freely every day, but so do survivors. Lean on each other, help each other, and you will realize that you are not fighting these demons alone- and that you never really were.

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Melissa G
Melissa G
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