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Monster Movie Remakes Better Than the Originals

by George Nekilan 4 years ago in movie review

The monster films back in the day weren't so scary — more cheesy than terrifying, I say. But are the monster movie remakes better than the originals?

Who's a sucker for a good monster film? I am... I love monster movies. A great scary one will cause the blood to rush right through me and give me goosebumps everywhere from all the chaos. If I view a monster movie's trailer and just the trailer intrigued me, you know damn well I'm going to watch the full film in theaters in dim lighting and HD quality and sound.

As much as we jump in our seats while watching today's monster films, monster movies in the past decades would never have the same effect on me. The qualities of the monsters weren't the greatest and they were just too tacky to be frightening. But writers and directors wanted those old films to really have an effect on us today — leading them to recreate these classic monster films. But are monster movie remakes better than the originals? Or are remakes killing original movies?

You’ve been living under a rock if you’ve never heard of King Kong. As for the most famous giant, terrorizing gorilla on screen, the first King Kong film was in 1933 — a true classic.

Many of the older folks got a kick out of King Kong, but the kids around my age laugh at the 30s film — practically falling asleep from how terrible it is. King Kong looked like a toy gorilla in the original version. Even though it was an amazing film back in the day, the remake of King Kong is even better with more realistic gorilla quality, and is seen to be one of the best monster movie remakes better than the originals.

In between the original and the 2017 remake, there was a 2005 King Kong that literally made us believe that a giant gorilla actually existed.

But the most recent remake in 2017, Kong: Skull Island, is what had everyone raving once it was released.

It has a similar plot as the first King Kong: a rampaging ginormous gorilla ruling over an island and scientists, soldiers, and adventurers go to explore the mythical creature, yet after discovering the giant ape, they must escape from it.

Better quality, better effects, better giant gorilla.

From the list of monster movie remakes better than the originals, Godzilla has definitely outdone itself in the remake.

The first Godzilla was released in 1954 — it was huge in Japan when it was out. But let’s admit it, the first one looked like it was filmed with a toy dinosaur — like the first King Kong with a toy gorilla.

There was a remake in 1999 Godzilla 2000: Millennium and another remake in 2014.

While the original is the most legendary one, the 2014 Godzilla affected the audience even more.

The story takes place in Japan where Godzilla, King of the Monsters, is terrorizing all civilization. A Navy bomb expert is sent there to help demolish the giant monster before it heads to San Francisco, where the Navy bomb expert’s family is living.

There's a lot more details and emotion to the 2014 Godzilla, unlike 1954's Godzilla, where it could only move its limbs and open and close its mouth... like a toy dinosaur.

Know where the werewolf came from? It came right out of the classic monster film The Wolf Man back in 1941.

Even though the 40s film creeped out a lot of people back then, to me, the wolf man just looks like a man covered in excess hair. Nothing creepy about him, only strange and needed a good, clean shave.

But the remake of this iconic monster is definitely more on the monster movie remakes better than the originals side of the spectrum. Because this time, the monster actually looks like a werewolf.

The remake was released in 2010, and there’s a lot more action — including a werewolf vs. werewolf scene that will have you at the edge of your seat.

The 2010 remake has a similar storyline as the 1941 film. It revolves around aristocrat Lawrence Talbot who returns to discover that his brother went missing at the request of the latter’s fiancee. He then learns that a creature has links to an ancient curse turning people into werewolves when there’s a full moon out. In order to save the village, he must slay the beast, but he contends with a terribly family legacy.

There’s a lot when it comes to The Mummy. Despite the remake being different in storyline and monster quality, The Mummy is certainly one among monster movie remakes better than the originals — by far.

The first mummy film in 1932 was very tasteless — there wasn’t much to it other than archaeologists discovering mummified remains of an ancient Egyptian prince and after accidentally resurrecting it, the mummy escapes. Years later, it becomes a wealthy man searching for his lost love in Egypt… The story of this monster had to be remade better — and they did.

Throughout the years, they’ve recreated different films revolving around the mummy in different situations. Then, finally, the 2017 remake of the mummy monster is a female and her story is distinct from the rest.

The 2017 version is based on a soldier who plunders ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sells them in auctions. Once the solider and his partner come under attack in the Middle East, they fall into a battle against Ahmanet, an Egyptian princess who was entombed for thousands of years. Now the soldiers must stop the monster from terrorizing the streets of London.

It’s clear that there’s more adventure and action in the more recent mummy film — and action always makes for a better film.

Dracula is one of the most iconic monsters that’s ever been created. This blood-thirsty creature (who can be sexy, too) has been remade multiple times and now possesses a variety of looks and purposes in each film.

Let’s go back to the original vampire, Nosferatu, that was released in 1922. This 20s vampire branched out to various vampires throughout the upcoming years. However, the true Dracula is the one from way back in 1931, Dracula.

The mysterious Count Dracula takes up residence in an old castle in London where he feasts the blood of young women and turns them into vampires. Sounds like the cliché Dracula, right?

However, the 21st Century wanted to change that image of Dracula just a little — and make him into a warrior.

Dracula Untold is about a man who sacrifices his humanity to possess the power of a vampire to defeat the Turks and defend his family and kingdom.

Like I said before, action is always key when it comes to a good monster movie, making this film one of the monster movie remakes better than the originals. Also, this one will definitely cause the hairs on the back of your neck to rise.

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